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SIN said...

i am a regular reader of this blog,and i salute and admire all the thoughts that are propounded here, but now for once i want some help from you and all the readers and subscribers of this blog, i am open to suggestions,advise,criticism,rebuke,..but help me in deep trouble and only someone on this platform can help, and i am so convinced about it..
I am in love with this girl who is younger to me by a few years, infact she is as madly in love with me as i am,but the twist is that when we proclaimed love for each other ,she told me that she was engaged to be married,we have been together for 8 months together and trust me,out hearts beat for each other, but she was not ready to marry me,coz her family had already solemnized some ceremony with this boy,and now the family's reputation was on stake so she cannot back out,and she does not want to leave me too, she (how do i say this?)proposed an "extra-marital affair" and is ready to give m e all the privileges of a partner ,a wife but outside the marriage,infact she got married 9 days back,and she is maintaining silence(no communication for initial days after her wedding) something that we mutually agreed to.she also confessed that so as to save her from the burden of being alone in the "extra marital fling", that i get married to someone else of my choice and continue inn this relation with her..we have cried together in this relationship,we have laughed together, and we have that sensitive feel for each other, we have even tried to breakup,but every time we try we come back strongly(this was just to check whether it was love or just lust..i laugh at the way we thought )but trust me every time we faught and tried to separate, we just could not stay away and as if our world would shatter, we came back strongly...her getting married to me was never an option,no i am confused,stressed,tense,in dilemma, as if my world is all gone,all i can do is wait so that she comes back,coz i promised not to call her or contact her,but i have all the means to contact her, mail,phone ,even her own place and her husbands place, she shared all with me,but just that i swore not to call her, i am restraining myself,till the eleventh hour of her wedding,the very day we were talking on phone,even when she was surrounded by people of her thing she told me that she is marrying just coz of her parents and if if she has to sacrifice her life,her happiness, she wont back out now, and coz i love her, i worship her, i have to trust thing i am aware is that the person she is getting married to is a very possessive person,jealous and a finicky bastard, i have been the audience to their fights and their verbal spats on phone,he does not trust her at all, and at times has also threatened her with stupid consequences, but she still has married her, and every time i asked her to back out she would not do it..citing her families commitments and the bad name it would bring to her family and the kind of shock her parents would get...i can go on and on..
i hope you must have got what i wanted to i want help,suggestion..advise from you, coz i know your thoughts are so bloody right and i subscribe to them blindly...
one thing more,she belongs to a very conservative society and family where all this is a big "no-no"..
i don't know what else to write,but would appreciate any thing u want to know that will help you to give me some sincere advise,as to whats going on here,i want someone to think as her and advise me,whats going on in her heart and soul,not saying that i don't trust her,and as far as the wait is concerned, i can wait for ages,till the day i am no more...but still want to have opinions..please help ASAP
looking forward to a divine help from you..please help me ease this pain,hope u will understand

Lust and Confused said...

I think it would be much more helpful for your cause if I can paraphrase your comment into a post so that others can comment on it... if that is okay by you? ... a thread of comments is really not the right place to give advice.

- Arthur

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