Dramatis Personae

As time progresses names may get hard to keep apart; let this be your guide to the cast of this blog...

Female Characters

The female half of your hosting committee
Very good friend of Annabelle's with an infectious giggle and a fondness for dead things. They aren't each others' types, but that doesn't stop them from talking about everything.
Ex-partner of a friend, but now a friend in her own right. She's a little... overwhelming and best interacted with in small doses. She appears very innocent, but has proven to be all but. She loved our Sex is Fun book so much we got her a copy.
She's extremely affectionate and turns us both on ... and on ... and on. And she has a long smooth neck that is extremely hard to resist. It's hard to believe we have a girlfriend now. Also, owner of the blog: Defining Delilah
An adorable far-away Unicorn that we almost got to meet mere weeks after starting the blog. Although she lives far away, meeting her was a treat hopefully to be repeated in the future. Her calm collected composure is the sexiest thing I ever saw.
Oh, how to describe this enigma? She's a bouncy ball of roller-coaster energy (with some real depth, but don't tell her that because she'll deny it). Very uncomplicated and straightforward; you never have to guess what's inside her head, because it never stays there long.
Explicitly not "another OkC-girl", she was named at her own request, and has decided she likes her alias better than any of her actual names. She is an epic e-mail writer, and delightfully quick-witted to boot. May need to meet up with her sometime, time permitting.
The original OkC-girl, a delightful mix of shy artistic intelligence and fierce playful killer/kitten. Haven't managed to meet up with her since the first time, but schedules have been hectic. But we continue to live in hope.

Male Characters

The male half of your hosting committee
Close friend of Anna's since highschool, they're honorary brother and sister or something. Anna was around number 5 in his top-10 come-out list, and he's now living single and outside his closet in the city.
Friend of Delilah's, first person she has let into the Vault on the whole non-traditional relationship structure thing. I understand he knows about us.