About Us

Annabelle and Arthur share a house in a Sydney suburb under the animal land lords that own the place. They both work with computers, they both watch just a little too much television, they both like certain girls at certain times.

Why Blog?

Annabelle and Arthur had been together for about a decade before suddenly deciding to start blogging about their intimate personal life. This oddly coincides with about the same time they realised that there were things in their heads they weren't sharing with each other.

What this means for you dear reader is that you get to peer voyeuristically into what goes on from this moment forward. And perhaps that in some small way is also a little turn on for either Annabelle or Arthur (or both).

What Are Their Stats?

The Dynamic Duo, Painted By Numbers.

Kinsey Scale11200
Lorax Scale22223
Favourite PositionCowgirlDoggie3
Measurements32 / 25 / 3439 / 32 / 38
Favourite ColourPurpleRoyal Blue
Max. Land SpeedWill run for buses25 km/h
Max. Alhambra Score162158

1 Kinsey scale goes from 0=heterosexual to 6=homosexual. First column is based only on actual current activity (traditional Kinsey scale), the second column indicates how far we go.
2 Lorax scale goes from 0=Monogamous to 6=Polyamorous with the same column subdivision (see SiF forums for detailed explanation).
3 If only a single answer can be given.