Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arthur 2012

I've really been too busy having a holiday to do much reflecting on the past year, and the new year we're hurtling into.

The year that was.
All in all a very satisfying year, but not as many new adventures as I might have hoped at the start of the year.

The year that (hopefully) will be.
  • One post in November already reflected on Paths Yet Untraveled
  • I hope I get a chance to meet my new friend Genevieve (this sounds odder than it actually is)
  • I hope I get a chance to meet Harmony again
  • I hope we manage to go visit Elsa ourselves at least once this year
  • We've been talking about things beyond our current boundaries and I hope we'll get a chance to blog about some of them, and possibly even try some of them (and then blog about them some more!)
  • I hope Anna has a very fun-and-pussy-filled year

And I hope 2012 brings everyone their fantasies and wishes!