Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hot on the Web - NYE Edition

You know how it goes with XMAS and NYE... busy all 'round leading up to the day, and then the party starts and before you know it you don't know where you are or how you got there.

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As the night falls the cozy lighting draws you to that person you find attractive. You wish you could talk to them, but you cannot quite figure out what to say or to bring up the courage.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Then the blender is fired up and the cocktails start flowing. At some point you don't quite remember the ingredients so you just start winging the quantities. You've had a few already at this point, so it clearly is the best idea in the world.

Image via Art-or-Porn

You find yourself increasingly bold and talkative. And you may have flashed half the party guests at one stage. This doesn't worry you because you're still floating around on a little alcoholic cloud.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Next thing you know it you're in bed with the person you could barely talk to earlier that night. You wish you could remember your moves because you didn't think you had any to start with.

Image via Art-or-Porn

And then the next morning you wake up wishing the world would stop spinning. And making noise. And blinding you. And you have that uneasy feeling that you may have had all kinds of fun that you cannot completely remember.

All this just to say...

We're not quite awake yet after NYE... hope you enjoyed your night as well. We'll do our best to be back tomorrow, but if we're not you'll know we are still trying to reconstruct what exactly we did.


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