Saturday, December 31, 2011

Busy Writing

It has been a busy time lately, full of things I would rather avoid. Nothing major, mind you, just lots and lots of little things and interpersonal relationships that have required a lot of mental energy to keep straight. Contrary to what this blog might suggest, I'm not very good with people. I try, but they are complicated. I suppose I can't complain too loudly, Delilah tells me that my head is an absolute jumble that constantly plays tricks on me, so I'm well and truly in the complicated basket myself. I just... for the most part, I know me, you know?

What I don't know is other people. I don't know a polite way to ask if someone would like to sleep with Arthur, or if they could possibly bury themselves elbow deep in my pussy, or even if I could just be their friend because they seem pretty darned interesting. I couldn't even guess at how people would react to such things. Are they questions you can ask? How are you supposed to ask them in a way that allows for a graceful response in either the positive or the negative? Is there ever a graceful way to discuss fisting? Is there an emoticon for "incredibly shy but desperate to know the answer" and if so, what the hell does it look like?

As it stands, I am persisting without the emoticon. I am emailing and chatting and hoping for the best. I am hoping that people will be kind with the parts of myself I entrust to them. I am hoping they will take my words in the spirit they are intended, even if the words themselves are muddled and rambling. I am hoping they like me enough to write back with some muddled rambling of their own.

People are complicated things that require a lot of energy, but I rather like them.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wanton Wednesday - Safari Stripes

I'm still here, mostly. I do not like this time of year at the best of times so keeping the sexy alive often gets pushed to the back of the line. Keeping the sexy blogging alive gets pushed halfway into the next suburb. This year I have decided that Arthur comes first. He gets cuddles, smooches, chats, and as much naked as I can manage. Today I called to him from from a particularly hot shower and, after he got over the panic of being summoned to my side, he snapped a few very pretty photos for me. Hot showers make me very itchy and there is nothing like a good solid scratch.

I have to say that even though I have obtained a few um, seasonal kilos I don't look too bad. It is the stripes, they are very slimming :)

Want to look at more skin? click on through, boys and girls. Don't forget to leave a nice comment or two on your way, especially for the beautiful boys that are participating. Hell, comment on them all! We all need some lovin' ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Challenge

XMAS has been a rather mixed experience this year. The shopping was less painful than it's ever been. I haven't over-eaten as much as I normally do, and I feel quite good for that (although I desperately need to get back into a solid gym routine) and for a rare treat my parents are visiting for XMAS and New Year.

My parents haven't actually mentioned our relationship situation although they were made aware before their visit. And they have met Delilah and seem to quite like her from what I can tell (they are hard to read). They seem to be really just taking it in their stride.

The only down-side seems to be that it's much trickier to fit in our normal relationship dynamic. For one thing I cannot walk around without pants quite so much, or do as much overt groping as I'd like. I doubt it's good etiquette for us to pile onto a single lounge and make out either. And sex is extremely tricky to fit in un-self-consciously.

At one stage I was fucking Anna from behind in the bathroom with my hand clasped over her mouth to make sure incriminating sounds did not escape. Actually... I guess that's kinda hot in a whole different way. Maybe I've had this backwards and the limiting factors are actually an incentive to be creative?

There are lots of interesting and entertaining stories brewing at the moment, but nothing that I can actually write as a finished piece. I'll do my best to encourage Anna to post up a Wanton picture today too for your entertainment. This place has been far too blue lately; we need some pink writing!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fantasy: Something New

It started on the lounge talking, as these things often do. Myself draped comfortably over the arm rest, next to Anna. Anna uncharacteristically coaxing our friend with more and more suggestive questions to see where her boundaries lie.

"So, what do you most enjoy?" asks Anna.
"Definitely blow-jobs."
"Hmm... yes, give me my oral any day."
"I like giving them."
"Not receiving?!"
Anna sounds incredulous; I know how much they make her squirm in the most wonderful way.
"I... uhm...", our friend turns scarlet, "never really got any..."
"You... never?"
She shakes her head slightly, blushing even more now.
"That just won't do!", and Anna gives me one of her meaningful glances. I raise my eyebrows and she nods.

"Would you... like to find out?" I ask with a purposeful hesitation.
Eager nod. Grin. More blushing.

I uncurl from my seat and step over to the other lounge. I kneel down in front of her and note that luck has brought her to us wearing a skirt. I put my hands on her calves, squeeze and slowly rub my hands up past her knees and under the skirt.

I find her barely-there underwear and as she briefly leverages her ass off the lounge pull it down to her thighs, and once again rub my hands, this time down her legs, to her ankles trailing the garment with them. Her eyes lock onto mine and look both eager and a little uncertain, but determined. She steps her feet out of her underwear.

My hands once again travel up, but this time they push the skirt along. When my hands reach her ass, I lift it towards the edge of the lounge and push her skirt up out of the way. Leaning back, she puts her feet spaced wide on the coffee table behind me. I can see a slight excited glisten on her pussy, and I look into her eyes once more "Do you want this?" Another eager nod.

I start kissing the inside of her thighs, taking in the soft feel of the skin, and the lightest hint of musk. Slowly my mouth makes its way towards her lips, and I let my tongue leave wet patches with every kiss, teasing the anticipation, slowing down my approach.

When my mouth reaches her lips, I suck wet kisses onto them before letting my tongue leave a trail of saliva to lubricate. My mouth closes over her clit and my tongue massages broadly over it. Big circles around, followed by tight pressure, followed by big circles. A moan escapes her mouth. I glance up and her eyes are closed so she can focus on the sensations.

Encouraged, I start sucking while moving my tongue from side to side. Lots of wet. I feel her engorged clit slip between my lips. I put a little more pressure on it. I can see her stomach muscles betray her excitement. I glance up again just as her head comes back from straining back against the lounge. A fiery flutter in her open eyes at me before they close again. Warm smells invade my mind and drive my hormones into a frenzy.

I keep changing the patterns my tongue traces. I start letting her clit slide in and out of my lips. I flick my tongue over the most sensitive tip. Then my tongue slides a little between her lips and back again. Her fingers tangle in my hair. Gasps and moans start flowing with more frequency.

I start using my teeth as a surface to roll her clit against with my tongue gently. "Oh god"s start escaping her mouth, and her hands have a death-grip on my hair. I barely notice because of the enjoyment I get out of pushing her further and further towards the waterfall.

I change the speed.
I change directions.
I change from sucking to licking and back again.

Finally her legs clamp around my neck, her feet interlocked behind me. She pulls me to her, and I give her clit all I've got left. She gasps and moans. Her stomach muscles have completely lost control. I can feel the rhythmic spasms. I feel a rush of pride and gratitude.

As she slowly relaxes, her legs let go of their death grip on me and I sit back and look at her. Her face glistens slightly in the afternoon light. Her eyes are a little glassy, but very happy. Her blush has turned into a rosy glow.

The look of a girl melted into a puddle; giving something new is a reward in its own right.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Age and Approximations

Society puts a lot of emphasis on age. In some ways, too much emphasis; it is used as a proxy for maturity and beauty. And an imperfect one at that.

As we get older we are assumed to get more mature and self-reliant. And as we get older we are assumed to lose our physical appeal. And on the whole that may be a fair enough approximation, but then there are the outliers; people that are just not captured well by this rule of thumb. Reality is fuzzy and messy around the edges.

On the other hand we have the legal system that is stark and rigid. Drinking age; 18 in most places, as low as unrestricted and as high as 25. Age of consent; in most western countries somewhere in the 16-18 range, as low as when puberty hits, or as high as 21. Voting age; 18 in most places, as low as 16 and as high as 25. But in every case, a precise cut-off, as if the age correlates with some special demarcation in a persons life, an on-off switch in our capabilities that gets flipped by nature.

Here in Australia, 18 is pretty much a safe threshold to use as a guideline in all matters to do with age, as far as legalities are concerned.

But as I said, reality is fuzzy. And therefore society builds its own norms on top of that. In the abstract, every one of us cringes at the idea of matching up pensioners with teenagers. Even when the law has nothing to say about it as such.

My favourite online comic, XKCD, dedicated a comic to the "Standard Creepiness Rule", which states you should not date under: (age / 2) + 7.

What is going on here is that society realises that in reality age is not an on/off switch for maturity. Society has implicitly "decided" that if you bracket a persons age, you get a suitable dating pool without anyone that is too immature for you or whom you are too immature to. Everything is juuuuust right... approximately. Still a blunt instrument on the whole, but a whole lot more refined than the codified legal approach of a single magical threshold.

Applying the XKCD rule, my dating pool would stretch from 25 (below which I'd be creepy) up to a rather over-optimistic 58 (above which my partner would be creepy). But you know what? At the bottom end of that range I'm not as concerned about age as my partner actually being mature, and at the top end (or well short) of that range I'm more concerned about when the physical attraction is just not there for me.

Still, I do a lot of soul-searching at the lower end. Elsa is young. A-bit-past-the-legal-age young. But honestly, I would not be able to tell when talking to her. She's so well-rounded and considerate and thoughtful that she puts me to shame in many ways. Who would I be to quibble over mathematics when an appealing young girl makes an appeal for me to follow her into the bedroom?

But I still keep hip-checking my motives every single time "young" comes up in any context. What am I after? Why am I building a friendship? Am I doing the right thing for her? ... And I know I'm doing the right thing, but society has derisive words reserved for big age gaps; both for the young (grave-robber!) and the old (cradle-snatcher!). And if only for my own comfort I need to be certain I can credibly defend my position.

And in a perfect world none of this would matter.

In a perfect world everyone would take care with all their relationships, sexual or just friendships, to ensure that the other partner is in the right place to be in the relationship. In a perfect world, everyone would hold off from dragging the immature past where they are comfortable going. In a perfect world, nobody would pay attention to age, but only to the actual things it is a proxy for.

Unfortunately, society and the law are stuck on age. Because it's simpler than looking at the whole picture.


Saturday, December 3, 2011


I think I can conclusively say that OkCupid is a much nicer place to make friends and meet new people. This is the story of one such person. Not the OkCupid-girl I have mentioned in the past, but another one.

She didn't want to be referred to as "another OkCupid-girl" for the purposes of this post, hence: Genevieve. On a side-note, it turns out that she likes the alias better than any of her actual names so she has been muttering it to herself (hopefully sufficiently under her breath lest she confuse her friends).

She's on the young end of the spectrum, but that's neither here nor there. What has me feeling particularly good about myself in this case is the advice I've been able to give. Recommendations on condoms, lube and whatnot. She's been reading the blog like it's going to wink out of existence any second now. No idea how far she has gotten, but I'm fairly certain she's made it into 2011, so she's past half-way.

It makes me feel good because it has proven that this blog is a worthwhile resource. It proves that beyond mere entertainment value, and beyond my desire to write, there is something in here that is genuinely helpful. Or maybe we are just genuinely helpful. Either way.

Hopefully I'll be able to report down-the-track how the advice works out for her. Provided she'll allow me to. Or maybe at some point she'll drop in and comment herself under her new-found alias. She doesn't seem to be the shy type; although maybe the prospect of an audience will change that. We'll see.

Anyway, I just wanted to report that I'm feeling particularly sex-positive right now. I'm going to bask in my own awesomeness for a while.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

SeBloWriMo Wrap-up

I cannot believe I made it through. It was quite a bit more challenging than I expected to write 30 distinct posts of 30 lines. It doesn't sound like a lot of lines, but it's pretty hard to come up with a topic every day that can stretch that far without feeling thin.

My original goal was 30 posts of 30 lines. Considering a line is about 12 words, that would have resulted in just about 11,000 words in total. I had hoped I could write enough to make 12,500 words. I didn't quite get that. The final count puts me well over 17,500 words.

I have already half decided that I might try the actual NaNoWriMo next year and see if I can cram together 50,000 words for a novel in November 2012. I have no idea what I might write about, but the fact that I'll only need one big plot rather than 30 little plots should make it a little easier to make it through.

I'd like to close this experiment with a top-5 of my favourite posts this past month.
  1. Shallow; because the vibrant collection of images covering all my little shallow attractions almost works as an instant aphrodesiac on me personally
  2. Ode to Anna; because without her there would be no point to all of this... I like to mention that as often as I can
  3. Mentally Stretching the Boundaries; because it captures the fact I still occasionally feel a little overwhelmed by it all
  4. Of Parties and the Night; because I really do love the night
  5. Fantasy: In Darkness; because it's the best written fantasy of this month I think... I dunno... I find them too easy to write to be worthy of a higher spot
I hope my choice of topics has not been too repetitive. One thing I have found is that writing a new topic every day has made it difficult for me to keep an overview of the month as a whole.

Time's been like... a blur... you know?

Now I get to relax.