Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fantasy: The Road to Maj'Dul

Not all of you are going to like this equally, but with this experiment I'm taking my chances on a certain geek-quota among our readership. Hopefully the sex scenes are just as enjoyable for the fantasy setting. For those of you not familiar with the originating game world there are some hyperlinks, but I'd suggest not letting them distract you on first reading.

He was staring straight through the signature at the bottom of the page. She was back. After three years researching and excavating the Sundered Frontier his partner, Sel'Quar, had returned to the court of Maj'Dul from where she had been commissioned. A whine from innkeeper Twiggy about his branches brought him back to reality.

"Should I tell Liana you need more teak oil, Twiggy?"
"Oh, if you could please. What's the letter about Sharor?"
"I'm leaving. Sel is back. I need to get to Maj'Dul"
"Oh, you must give me an hour to get your rental credit"
"Thanks, but keep it. You've earned it for renting to me when everyone said it was a mistake to let a Dark Elf in"

And with that Sharor ducked through the door into the trunk, climbing the stairs to his small room to gather his belongings into his backpack. No food left, so before departing he'd have to go by Joleena's Restaurant to get provisions. Besides, he owed the barmaid a farewell for keeping him company from time to time. He knew she was attracted by his ill repute more than his charming personality, but that was no excuse to be rude and sneak away in the night.

When he got back onto the tree platforms of Kelethin it was noticeably darker already. He really should wait till morning, but he couldn't bring himself to. After a final goodbye to Twiggy, and with a spring in his step he dashed to the restaurant. Right inside he almost tripped over Bettina; no time like right now.

"Betty, I'm leaving for Maj'Dul"
"When did that happen? Are you sure? Can't it wait the night? I'll make it worth the wait..."

He briefly hesitated as his memory provided him with the feeling of wings caressing his shoulders and sharp nails digging into his ass. But in the end he decided to forego the empty pursuit that'd merely keep him away from Sel for one day longer.

"Sorry, I really just want to be off"
"Your loss, darling"

The smile around her lips and eyes almost made him reconsider. As he bought his provisions from Brizeyl, the owner, Bettina kept brushing her wings past his cheeks as she brought over his purchases one by one. She was a skilled temptress.

As he started wandering the final platforms to leave Kelethin behind, he felt a momentary pang of regret at having to leave. Walking down the bridge onto the Green Knoll he breathed in deeply to catch the smell of untreated wood, the rolling grassy hills and the fragrant leaves of the canopy that had sheltered him for the last two years. He wriggled his toes in the long unkempt grass of the knoll, springy beneath his feet. Maybe he'd bring Sel back here. Surely there must be something worthy of research in this corner of the world. If nothing else he wanted to share the feel of Fae wings with her.

Lucien was a little disgruntled about being called from his evening meal. Standing in the doorway of his mushroom-shaped abode his face looked sour, until Sharor started stacking gold coins in his hand. Minutes later he was riding Hubert the horse into the deep canyon leading into the Butcherblock Mountains where the main port was located.

Although his eyes were screaming for sleep, he didn't give in until the canyon opened out into the highlands above the port. The dwarves of the Irontoe Brigade had some sharp questions for a Dark Elf coming out of Fae country, but a minor bribe had their eyes gleaming in the other direction. He didn't want to hang around, so the only choice was to immediately rent a Griffon and fly straight to the port. It took him less than an hour to glide along the cliffs high over the entrance to Kaladim, and along the steep drop down into the cove where the emerald water glittered the moonlight back at him. So many places he'd not gotten around to visiting in the last two years. Too busy forgetting Sels absence to really enjoy himself.

It was a good thing the only part left was the steep path down into the cove. Normally he'd have put some sandals on to protect his feet from the sharp gravelly stones, but he was too tired to think straight. Too caught up in little regrets to think much at all. It was still well short of morning light, but already he had missed four hours of what normally would have been sleep. By the time he reached the building of the docks his feet were leaving slightly bloodied smudges on the pavers.

After a brief exchange with the harbour-master regarding departures for the Commonlands, he decided to walk out to the beach for a few hours sleep before he'd have to resign himself to a creaking vessel that he'd only be able to bring himself to half trust.

"What did you do to your feet? They look like a mess", a red halo covering the sun told him as he tried to rub his eyes awake.
"They are all scraped up and bloody, you'll get an infection"
"Will rinse in seawater. What's the time?"
"Noon, why?"
He jumped up in alarm, "Has the ship for the Commonlands left yet? Won't be another one for weeks!"
"I wouldn't think so, but it'll be off soon"
"Thanks for waking me..."
"Cordelia, and you?"
"Well, Sharor, let's get to the ship so I can tell the captain we're all set"
"What do you mean?"
"I chartered the ship to take me to Kylong Plains on business"
"How did you know to wake me?"
"The harbour-master pointed you out to me. Now, let's get on the ship and I'll see what I can do for your feet"

After a truncated attempt to rinse in the ocean, ending in nothing but stabbing pain, he gingerly followed her along the docks onto the expedition ship standing by. Two days of open water ahead of him. By the time Cordelia was wrapping bandages around the ointments on the soles of his feet, the ship had cast off and was slowly bobbing towards the rocky pillars obscuring the cove from the open ocean. It didn't take long for a steady sway to set in, rolling from side to side.

He had feared the crossing was going to be an awful ordeal, but it didn't take long for Cordelia to make her intentions to share his hammock clear. This was the first Half Elf that'd ever approached him. And eagerly at that.

She tugged off her boots and stepped out of her clothing with a grace that defied the movements of the ship. He stared at her pale blemish-free body highlighted with her bright fiery hair.

She climbed into his hammock and started stripping his clothes off running her eyes and fingers over each inch of dark grey skin as it was exposed. Her hands felt like the midday sun on his naturally cool skin. The warmth her fingers were tracing across his skin and the look of her pale gorgeous breasts were conspiring to make his loin cloth catch as she took it off. He winced slightly and she immediately brought her hands around his big cock, soothing him with her tongue and mouth.

He tried to help her maneuver, but she deftly pinned his hands as she shifted to straddle him. Her legs clamped to his sides by the curl of the hammock.

She put his hands on her breasts and showed him how to squeeze them, then took one of her hands to her clit and worked herself up until he felt her dripping onto his balls. His cock felt like it was going to burst out of its own skin.

He tried to move his hand to his cock to guide it, but her eyes gave him a quick fiery flash. He put his hand back on her breast as her other hand gripped around his shaft and brought the tip towards her pussy. She rubbed it slowly along her lips, front to back to front. He felt her moisture slicking up his cock, and twice he almost slipped into her before she backed off again.

By the time she pushed herself down onto him her moisture had already covered his entire shaft. She slipped down until he could feel her lips at the base of his shaft, and his tip pushing lightly against resistance inside her.

She found a slow sensual rhythm sliding up and down and swaying to the sides in perfect unison with the rolling crests of the ship. He imagined himself as the ocean and her as the ship, trying not to wash over her. When she began to fuck him more vigorously he saw his chance to put his hands on her hips and drive himself deeper into her. Sweat glistening on both their bodies.

To his surprise her orgasm came before his. Flowing along his balls and dripping through the hammock, followed by his semen in a big mixed stain.

He had never imagined he'd be able to sleep this well on a moving ship. Cordelia had wrapped herself partly around his naked body and had cradled him throughout the night. They spent most of the day sitting on the deck together, keeping a lookout for the first signs of the continent of the Enchanted Lands which they'd have to pass before his destination came up.

It wasn't until late in the afternoon that they started following the coast of that continent. They brought out a looking glass to examine the long stretched-out beach blending directly into underbrush and forests. Suddenly Cordelia gasped and dropped the looking glass to deck.

"What is it?", Sharor asked.
"Something snatched a deer and tore it to pieces"
"Where?", he went to follow the looking glass rolling along the deck until a boot stopped it in its tracks. A fierce looking Dark Elf female handed him the looking glass with a disapproving look on her face. He accepted it with a perfunctory thanks and went back to the side of the ship.
"Right there!"
He immediately spotted the burning eyes of the Nightbloods in the underbrush.
"Those lands aren't pleasant. Everything preys on everything else. Best not to think about it" and he put his hand on her back.
"The weak die for the good of the strong"; the Dark Elf female had walked up behind them and addressed Sharor, "but you should remember that, surely?"
He caught the quick flick of her eyes to Cordelia.
"Do you think I have gone weak?"
"Your choice of mate seems to suggest you might have"
"That is none of your concern, please just leave us alone"
The female Dark Elf shrugged and walked off again.

That night he set up a mattress of blankets on deck under the stars. Tomorrow he'd have to get off and leave Cordelia behind, and he wanted to experience her on a more sturdy surface before then. He showed her what he had set up and they both got naked under the stars.

They spent some time talking before hands found their inevitable way on bodies, and mouths their way onto necks and shoulders. Before long her legs were resting on his hips, but he pushed them off and turned her over onto her knees.

He pushed her knees a little wider with his own and ran his hands up and down her back slowly. The fingers of one hand found her pussy long-since wet, and he slowly pushed his thumb down towards her G-spot, pushing in firm circles, drenching his hand. Moans escaped her mouth, but were shielded from the rest of the ship by a wall of crates. He caught a flick of motion somewhere in the shadows; a brief glint in the moonlight.

He got out his thumb and pushed in with his cock, slowly but forcefully. Another moan. He was aware of faint heavy breathing near the crates somewhere, but Cordelia seemed to be oblivious. He started fucking her harder and faster, occasionally casting his eyes towards the noise at the crates with a little grin on his face.

Cordelia had noticed too now, and sat up on her knees grinding her hips into him, breathing heavily, and asking the crates "Who's there then?" After a fraction of a second that seemed to last forever, "V'Tal" came back to them in a cool level voice. The Dark Elf from earlier that day seemed to blend out of the shadows, barely clothed beyond an almost-transparent black night gown. Her cool voice betrayed by the way her deep breaths were making her nipples push against her gown.

Cordelia motioned her closer while her hips started to trace figure eights, squeezing around his cock, rubbing it in an exquisitely delicate pattern. V'Tal took slow even steps, making a formal show of contempt, but never faltering in her approach. Cordelia put her hands on V'Tals hips; Sharor knew they must be glowing on her cold skin as they had on his when he spotted the small tremble in her next breath.

Cordelia let her hands caress the dark cold skin of V'Tals hips till slow circles put her hands on her ass, which she squeezed as her head ducked under the night gown. Her lips were brushing noon sun across the lower abdomen in wide zig-zags steadily moving lower and lower. Finally her tongue slowly and graciously wet V'Tals lips before her mouth and teeth found the clit and started working furiously.

At the same time she didn't skip a beat clenching and releasing on Sharors cock as he steadily pumped in and out of her, mesmerised by the view of V'Tals face towering over Cordelia's head. Her eyes were almost closed, but the eyelashes fluttering as she was absorbing the burning hot sensation in her groin.

When she almost stumbled, lost in the sensations, Cordelia pushed Sharor back to make room on the blankets, while V'Tal dropped her night gown and lay down on her back. Cordelia felt wetter and wetter around his cock, even more so than last night, but before she could get back to eating pussy V'Tal changed her mind and got underneath her in 69 and started sucking gently on his balls.

Suddenly the cool voice from below moaned, "Oohhh, ... fuck this weak little half-human so I can taste you on her". A deep animal urge churned in his stomach, as he grabbed Cordelia's hips and thrust violently into her. "That's more like it... make her bleed for me". Cordelia moaned at that suggestion, and he dug his fingernails sharply into her hips, and adjusted the angle of her hips to thrust even deeper and harder inside. After a slightly malicious chuckle and an "Oh, yes!", V'Tals tongue was flicking along his swaying balls. Her nails joined his, digging into the delicious pale ass of the half-elf. As he saw little droplets of blood form at their nails, the heat in his groin started flowing into Cordelia and he pushed in hard and deep and then slowly pulled away. His cock was greeted by the greedy mouth of V'Tal who made delighted noises as she licked him clean.

His head swimming he staggered to the railing and stuck his head into the breeze. He had never been that aggressive before. In what seemed like moments Cordelia stood at his side, wearing some of her clothes and bringing him his.

"Are you okay?", she asked.
"Yes," he said slightly breathlessly, "are you? Did I hurt you?"
"I'm fine, don't worry... that was amazing"
He looked around.
"Where did V'Tal go?"
"After she cleaned me up, she got back in her gown and rushed back to wherever she came from"
"Did she hurt you?"
"No, it's really fine. Nothing that won't heal soon enough. You should sleep... we're arriving early tomorrow"

He tried to protest, but his eyes were indeed heavy and his mind was overwhelmed and tired after the earlier release. Cordelia tucked him into his hammock below deck and disappeared.

The next morning he couldn't find her. As the cliff-like coast of the Northern Commonlands came ponderously into view he made two laps of the ship before he gave up and gathered his belongings topside and admired the view for the rest of the way.

He was first off the ship, swaying slightly in the absence of the motion of the ship, and headed straight for the harbourmaster to get some local information.
"Good morning sir, what can I help ya with?"
"I need to get to Freeport"
"Can hardly miss it! Just get up the ramps to the plains and follow the road signs"
"I need to get there as soon as possible"
"Ahhh, well sir, best bet is to have a talk to the camel herder up top. Might be able to buy one off him, Otherwise ye'll have to walk"
"Thanks. How long will it take me to get there?"
"If you get yerself a camel you'll be there well before noon. Otherwise I suggest you head for the Crossroads for lunch and maybe ye'll get to Freeport before dark"
"Thanks. Camel by noon. Crossroads otherwise"
"No problem at all sir. Enjoy our beautiful continent"

With that he started the long climb up the ramps leading towards the plains of the Commonlands. He spotted D'Vey walking some twenty metres in front of him, but he was in no mood to catch up with her. Her stature oozed chilled composure. At the top he found the camel herder and started haggling for a beast. D'Vey was already along the path to the Crossroads. He didn't haggle too hard; no intention of risking having to go on foot himself.

He spent the whole morning on the back of his camel, slowly swaying in the pale honey sunlight, lost in his mind mulling over his feelings about last night. There weren't many turns to pay attention to. Twice he looked up to a signpost and nudged the camel in the right direction. The city was drawing close when he swayed between half-toppled guard towers. The big central tower of Freeport was slightly aslant to the right. That was new. But he couldn't bring himself to any real curiosity. He never cared much for the city of his birth.

Approaching the gates he quickly sold the camel at a loss to a trader sitting in the shade of the high walls and towers of the gate complex. His feet slapping on the warm cobbles he walked past the guards through the towering gates into the city.

He had no interest in the west of the city, he wanted to be in the harbour to find a carpet to get him to the Sands. The market stalls along the road were briefly considered for a snack, but that plan was also discarded. Instead he made his way along the promenade past the base of the slanted tower where labourers were toiling under whips to remove the rubble from the road. The only thought in his mind was that whatever had happened it was probably deserved. Ducking through the building of the traders coalition he made his way into the harbour quarter of the city.

Running down towards the docks he could already smell the salty breeze. When he turned the corner at the bottom of the steep sloping road he was right across from Seafarer's Roost. Just the place. People knew people in there, and anything could be arranged. He scratched Shadow the cat on his way into the building and directly made his way to the barman.

"A cold beer and a meal, please"
"Be there in ten"
"Where can I find someone?"
"Anyone specific?"
"I need a carpet for the Sands"
"I know someone"
"Two gold coins on top of the meal?"
"Sure, I'll get to you after, wait upstairs"

He climbed to the upper floor and sat down at an empty table. Ten minutes later a Kerran woman put his meal in front of him, keeping her eyes down-cast. He tried to thank her, but she was already off. All the other staff looked slightly despondent, unhappy with their jobs, but unable to leave. It was the way the Roost had always run. He could barely stand it, but this was the easiest place to find what he needed. When his meal was barely finished, a dark-skinned woman in fine dress sat down across from him.

"I hear you need passage?"
"I am looking to fly to the Sands and from there up to Maj'Dul"
"I might be convinced to take you directly to the city"
"How much will it cost me?"
"How can I negotiate with a man whose name I do not yet know?"
She gave him a disapproving look and called over one of the waitresses and ordered two Everfrost Coffees.
"We will have coffee, and then we will be introduced, and then we will talk about an exchange"
The coffee arrived quickly as if it had already been prepared in anticipation. She took a sip from her cup.
"My name is Danaria. It is a pleasure to meet you"
He was going to speak, but her eyes flashed. He took a careful sip before continuing.
"Sharor. It is a pleasure"
It apparently passed muster. Barely.
"You would like me to lend you space on my carpet"
"What would I like in return?", she prompted.
He felt slightly lost without a map to this ritual.
"And you would like ... me to gift you gold?"
She sighed.
"It will do. Twenty for the flight, and two for the coffee"
"I can do that". It was steep but he didn't want to argue. He felt like he had barely scraped through getting what he needed as-is.
"And I will make up my mind how you can repay your rudeness"
And with that she got up to leave. "Tomorrow morning, one hour past daybreak on the North dock"

Tomorrow. More waiting. He decided he better get a room and get some extra sleep. After a quick negotiation he arranged a room for the night over the back deck looking out on the harbour. He went up and got to an immediate fitful sleep.

When he woke up it was still dark outside, but he couldn't sleep any longer. He padded down the stairs and went out onto the dock behind the Roost. There were scattered tables for outside dining in the salty air. He decided to sit on the ledge over the water, dangling his feet well shy of the waves. His mind was still not at ease. He had worked so hard to escape his violent heritage, yet he had so easily slipped into aggression. And enjoyed it!

A muffled sound behind him drew his attention. Something around the side of the building between the barrels and crates of supplies. He silently made his way around the corner and came upon a scene that made the bile rise in his throat.

The Kerran woman that had served him was being assaulted by a drunkenly slurring man wearing ragged clothes. Sharor couldn't contain himself. He pulled the man away and cast one of the few spells he knew how. The man immediately tensed as he was wound in invisible bonds. "Unless you want to go swimming like that, you better keep your mouth shut!" The man appeared not to be too drunk to let that sink in.

Sharor went to comfort the Kerran woman who was by now sobbing.
"You mustn't, I'll get in trouble"
"My debt. I've been stuck at the Roost for years"
"What does this have to do with it?"
"Fichman, " her eyes flicked to the bound man, "he's the owners brother"
"That's no reason to allow this!"
"I can't, I must, I'm... they are going to kill me"
Sharor wasn't sure what to do. He couldn't get in the middle of all this. He couldn't kill everyone.
"You have to run away. Here, take the rest of my gold and just run"
"He'll catch me"
"Fichman won't tell anyone anything before an hour or two past dawn; trust me"
She looked at him, then the gold. Before dashing off to gather her belongings she looked him in straight in the eyes.
"Thank you. You are unlike most of your kind"
And with that she was off.

He looked at Fichman, and carried him to the edge of the deck, over the rolling waves.
"How deep do you reckon it is here?"
Fichmans eyes went wild with panic.
"Those bonds won't dissipate until I'm outside the harbour. I won't be outside the harbour till well past morning... do you understand?"
Fichman made a little strained nod against his bonds.
"I am going to put you upstairs in my room, and then I will leave with the dawn. You won't make a noise or I'll bring you right back here. If you don't try to escape you'll be free to go as you please well before anyone even knows you were missing."
He carried Fichman carefully inside the Roost and up the stairs to his room. He put him down onto the bed while he packed and then he sat in a chair at the window, waiting for the morning light to come in over the harbour.

When the light came he waited just shy of another hour before looming over Fichman on the bed and then leaving without a word. He made his way straight to the north dock where Danaria was waiting for him with her carpet. He quickly paid her the agreed sum and they were off shortly after. As their carpet left the harbour he could feel the magic dissipate behind him. He hoped for the best for the Kerran woman.

The carpet was making very good speed. Before long he could see the cliffs of the Jarsath Wastes in the far distance to the left before Danaria turned the carpet in a big arch straight towards the middle of the open ocean.

She sat cross-legged facing him.
"We have a few hours before we are over the Sands."
"That quick?"
"Long enough to show your appreciation that I did not let your rudeness get in the way of our bargain"

As he was about to ask how, she was pulling up her dress showing a completely bare pussy. "Show me". He kneeled down and breathed in her musky smell. His mouth wet her lips, and then he flicked his tongue over her clit. He sucked gently and then licked her lips again. She was playing with her own breasts and making appreciative noises.

He decided to step it up, and suck a little harder on her clit. He could feel it was more engorged now. Gently pushing his tongue between her lips and then sliding it up and over her clit repeatedly, he set an unpredictable rhythm. When he got back to sucking a little harder still he heard her first soft moan as her legs wrapped around his upper body and her ankles intertwined, holding him in place.

He started drawing rune symbols on her clit with the tip of his tongue, interspersing phrases with long drawn out sucking. He started off writing slowly and precisely, but as his speed increased and whole epic tomes started flowing off his tongue onto her clit she started shaking her hips as her stomach muscles fired angrily.

Carefully he placed his teeth around her clit, and slowly rolled it inbetween while sucking hard. Then more words flowed into her. The dirtiest things he could think to promise her, straight from his brain through the tip of his tongue into her body. Her legs were wrenching his body down in spasms and he went back to gently sucking on her lips till she quieted down beneath him.

Breathlessly she whispered, "I think you over-paid me"

And with that she pushed him onto his back and greedily pulled at his britches and loin cloth till his cock was exposed. Her tongue found his cock and slowly traced the length of his shaft. The carpet was undulating gently underneath his back. It felt like a waterbed with a mind of its own. The air was rushing past his head, and he was struggling slightly for oxygen. He felt euphoric.

Her tongue came back to his tip, which promptly disappeared into her mouth. She climbed over and straddled him, completely obscuring what she was doing with her bulky bodice. She was gently sucking while her tongue rolled around his shaft from side to side. He felt like his heart was throbbing in her mouth. Her mouth worked on the tip for a while, and then she took the full length till her lips were touching the base of his cock. He felt his balls spasm in surprise. She briefly played with the tip again before once more taking him all the way, and he could no longer hold himself. He felt himself emptying straight down her throat as she skillfully sucked it all down.

He couldn't move.

She was well and truly dressed and remarking that the Sands were already on the horizon before he could bring himself to move.

Just as he had pulled his clothing back in place, she swooped down between the heads of the double-cobra docks of the Sinking Sands. The sand of the deserts was wafting off the cliffs in a fine mist stinging his eyes, until she pulled up above the cliffs and the desert was finally running beneath them.

She had slowed down somewhat from the rushing speed she had made over the ocean. The sun was high in the sky. Barely half a day had passed.

Looming in the distant dunes he could already spot the tall pillar the city of Maj'Dul had been built upon. He imagined he could see light glittering off the golden domes from here. As they got closer they made a spiraling path along the pillar and landed on the gated ledge that was the entrance to the city.

"Do I owe you anything else?"
"No. You paid me handsomely for everything. Go in peace"
"I think I got the better end of the deal"
"I can assure you, you most definitely did not"
"Which way is the palace?"
"Past the tower up the stairs, you really cannot miss it"

So close now. The bustle and noise of the market was around him, but he could barely notice. He ran straight past, up the great stairs lightly dusted with fine desert sand. And he found himself right at the foot of the palace. He turned right, and ended up having to run an entire lap around the palace before he found the entrance.

Sel'Quar was waiting for him at the gates. He had barely noticed that he had been able to feel her presence since he landed. She clearly had been more alert. He rushed to her and wrapper her in his arms.

"Too long. It has been too long. I won't let you go without me again"
"Nor do I want to go without you"
"I have missed you so much"

They went back into the palace to her assigned quarters. He asked her about her research, and paid careful attention to all the details that he barely understood. He even managed to ask a few intelligent questions along the way. They spoke of lovers as they always did. And he spoke of his dislike of the aggression he had found in himself.

"Where are you going next?"
"What do you mean?"
"Wherever you go. This was my last commissioned research trip"
"Why? What do you mean?"
"I have enough money to go anywhere. Pick somewhere. I'll find my own research"
"Where did... How? Where did the money come from?"
"The last one was dangerous. I didn't want to worry you. But it paid off"
He wanted to be angry, but all he could feel was relief.
"I don't want to be out here anymore. This place is too unforgiving, and Freeport is rotten through and through. Can we go to Kelethin and stay there?"
"Wherever you want to be"

She led him by the hand.
Through the corridors of the palace.
Out into the night.

They walked along the terraces.
Between the night-dwellers of the city.
Shuffling around, keeping to themselves.

When they got to the edge of the city, she climbed.
She motioned him to follow.
They sat together looking down onto the Sands,
miles below.

She coaxed him to strip.
And so they did together.
Their clothes floating down into the desert winds.

She looked at him and smiled.
Embraced him as they stood together on the outer wall.
They jumped together in the night sky.

Floating down gently.
The pressure of the magnetic field,
against their innate ability.
Drifting naked through the sky.

She wrapped her legs around him as he slid inside her.
Freely roaming hands and arms exploring each other.
Changing places, top and bottom, without friction or effort.

Their toned bodies and muscles providing leverage to fuck.
To change positions.
To make love inside the starry night.

They floated slowly and passionately down into the desert of the Sands, towards the oasis of the Twin Tears where they eventually landed in the refreshing water.
They washed each other and lazed on the shore.
Ready for the future.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Self Improvement

I am starting to spend some time thinking about what I want my next year to look like. Getting a feel for my new years' resolutions to-be.

I tend to frequently reflect on what I am doing and why I am doing it. I'm not sure where I picked up the habit, but it has saved me a lot of wasted time more than a few times. Sometimes what I need is to step outside of what I am doing and think about whether it needs doing at all. And sometimes it gives me a new perspective on a completely different approach.

Today is a day for reflection on ways to improve myself. Not because I'm broken, but because there is always room for improvement. Ways to make myself more interesting to both myself and others. And as a bonus it's a great way to have new topics to talk about to strangers; new things to connect with people over.

Time; on my wishlist I indicated I'd like to get extra time... but more practically I should really do more to make the most of my time. I'm already watching a lot less television; I've ruthlessly culled shows that didn't leave me breathless... why watch yet another episode of CSI: Miami, when all I'll end up with is 50 minutes that I'll never get back? Also, I'll have to see if I can limit the amount of time I spend refreshing web-pages that aren't changing anyway. Between TV and internet I could probably salvage an extra hour a day. I'll just need to be careful that I don't sink it all into the next single distraction (*coughvideogamescough*).

Health; I do a lot already at the gym, although it has been a bit patchier due to time pressure over the last few weeks, but I'd like to get at least two hours of cardio in even if I don't do anything else. When I get my regular cardio I can pretty much eat whatever I want. On the other hand, I really need to avoid eating for the sake of keeping myself busy. I snack too often. And chocolate should really be severely restricted from my diet.

People; spend more time paying attention to the people around me. I can be forgetful about details. I really should do better at remembering names, faces, personal details. I don't do too badly, but I think I can do a lot better.

Knowledge; I want to study and think deep thoughts on topics that interest me. I'm really overdue getting to the studying that I've been putting off, but I have taken the first few steps to prepare for it. To a large extent it's just a matter of logistics now, but I reckon by writing it here I will force myself to push through it and get it done.

What do you put off?
What do you spend so much time thinking about that you could have finished it by now, if only you'd just started?


Monday, November 28, 2011

My Wishlist for Christmas

This year I am making a Christmas wishlist that is totally impractical. Some items are not mine to ask for, some are too grand and some are simply unattainable. But they are all things I'd gladly receive as presents.

Universal STI testing; where everyone over the age of 16 gets routinely screened for everything, no questions asked and at government expense. I don't think it's that people don't want to get tested, they just don't want to ask for it. Just looking at some statistics for curable STIs, it amazes me that we haven't (virtually) eradicated Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis yet. They are curable, and yet 2.7% of the Australian population were infected in 1999 (these stats haven't changed much in the last decade or two). The only reason these diseases get to still be around is because they aren't being caught before they spread to others.

More time for everything; more time to relax and lounge about with Anna and Delilah, staring out the window at the passers-by on the street. More time to play a video game or two; there are so many I haven't gotten around to yet, sitting in Steam tempting me with their existence. More time to write; write on this blog, write on my own blog, write posts, stories, perhaps even books. More time to exercise. More time to study. There are always more things that I want to be doing than I have time available for.

New replacement bodies for Anna and Delilah; it's really not as bad as all that, but they sometimes joke they wish they had ones that didn't get so many aches and sprains. And I wish I could give it to them. *sigh*

More friends-with-potential-benefits; we could always do with more friends that fit in with our non-monogamy, either to be able to talk to, or as the case may be to fool around with. More friends that are as health-conscious as we are. More friends that live near us. And not necessarily with the aim for anything to happen, or if it does for it to not necessarily be as big a part of our lives as Delilah is (although that'd be wonderful too, we just don't have much spare time left). Or maybe if I get my wish of more time, then just bring it on! ;)

Do all of you have your impractical wishlists done?


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paths Yet Untraveled

We have explored and discovered a lot about ourselves already so far. Just witness the page "Catch Me Up" (must make some updates soon!) at the top of our blog. And although it's impossible to say where things will go next, I thought I'd write up a few (likely and unlikely) possibilities for the future.

A Man For Anna; right now, Anna is mainly toying with the idea from what I gather, and totally uncertain of what she wants or doesn't want. She playfully keeps blaming me for disallowing men, but that's not quite true. It's more a case of not being bisexual myself makes it tricky to decide if/how I'd want to be involved. And if I'm not there, I think Anna is more nervous about the whole idea. We'll see how this develops; Anna gets to set the pace, and I'm sure we'll have some conversations about what and how, when the time is right.

More-Some; how this works out depends a bit on how A Man For Anna ends up unfolding. Regardless though, Anna has mentioned to me how arousing the idea of playing in a "pile of girls" sounds to her. I'd love to hear her retell how that works out for her... we just need a couple more girls for the occasion to classify it as a "pile".

Having A Party; this one is unlikely to unfold in the near future. As we've blogged about in the past, open-invitation parties and gatherings are very incompatible with our personal safety standards. But at some point in the future we may have enough sexy friends and friends-of-friends that can be vouched for that we can have our own party. I doubt it'd ever be a frequent occurrence, but there is something to the concept that Sex Is Fun has discussed in the past of an annual invitation-only gathering. What they called it escapes me right now.

Having A Baby; not so much a possibility as an eventual certainty. But it'll be an adventure to see how we integrate reproducing with being polyamorous. The tricky part will be to figure out what to explain and how and when as it grows up, since there are few if any manuals to guide us. But on the other hand, it's likely to be very spoiled with all the extra attention it'll probably get.

Separate Encounters; we are very comfortable sharing and playing together like good partners. And although we've kinda-sorta played separately while the other was in ear-shot, we've never really been completely separate. We're not sure if this is something we're comfortable with, but who knows. There must be plenty of girls out there that'd be interested in Anna but not so much myself, so there could be something to it.

We would never rush into anything, so there'll be plenty of signs in our writing in the lead-up to any of these actually happening.

It's just good to know that there are many more things over the horizon, regardless of whether we decide to sample them or not.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

"We Do" Indeed

Yesterday, under the provocative headline "Australia is not ready to say 'we do' to gay marriage" I found myself faced with the most ill-informed opinion piece I've read in a while. I was expecting this to be written by your average Joe Blow to draw some attention to their pet cause. But then I saw the byline, and it all made sense: Chris Meney, director of the Life, Marriage and Family Centre in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.

Had there been the ability to leave comments, this'd be one of those stories with hundreds of them within the first hour. Since I was unable to leave a comment, here is my critique of a grab-bag of his arguments.

Let's start with the polling data the article bases it's conclusions on. It cites "a recent poll of more than 1200 adults conducted for the Ambrose Centre for Religious Liberty", and ... no wait, that's the only poll cited. Which is strange considering there is plenty of additional polling available on the matter; a December 2010 post on Crikey neatly collates a number of them into a nice little graph and several tables. And none of it agrees with his conclusions.

I have some reason to doubt that even the poll he cites agrees completely with his premise. An interesting feature of the article is that it cites only three percentages presumably derived from the actual poll.
  1. In fact, while 49 per cent support changing the Marriage Act, it is by far the least important of the six significant social issues surveyed.
  2. Nearly 70 per cent of Australians believe that marriage between a man and a woman and their having children together is an important social institution that should be upheld.
  3. If a major party advocates same-sex marriage, they could lose about 2.2 per cent of their total primary vote.

Number 1 sounds like it was a leading question. Of course, if you ask people the ominous sounding question "Are you in favour of changing the Marriage Act?", that is going to garner far less support than the more benign "Are you in favour of same-sex marriage?".

Number 2 sounds like the originating question could even have been "Do you believe that children from married couples are crucial to our societies future?". The premise of the statistic sounds so bland and uninspired that it cannot possibly have come from a question making a value judgement about marriage.

Number 3 seems to primarily be there to give him a route to make a case that politicians better beware from touching this subject at all, lest they damage themselves in the polls.

But rather than poking fun at the seemingly shaky statistical foundations the article is built upon (as much fun as that would be), I want to get to the tendentious heart of his argument; a classical "Won't Anyone Think Of The Children" if I ever saw one.

A few quotes from the article to get me started:
  • The survey ... also about the responsibility of society to always act in the best interests of children.
  • A clear majority of people feel that ... it is the best way to ensure that children are raised by their mother and father and that a child will usually grow up happier if he or she has a home with both a mother and a father.
  • Respondents were less likely to support ... consequences such as a greater severing of links between biological parents and their children, more children growing up without having both father and mother role models...
  • Even one-third of those in favour of same-sex marriage are concerned that a significant social change is involved and agree that we should not rush into this without knowing the real impact, especially on children.

I am wondering which children he is so concerned about being impacted? Children of a married heterosexual couple are not in the least going to be affected by this in any way. I can think of only two categories of children that could be impacted.
  • Children adopted by the same-sex couple
  • Children for whom one of the same-sex partners is the parent

In the former case he would be arguing that a kid up for adoption is better off doing without parents than with two loving parents that happen to be the same gender. Sure. I find that very credible.

In the latter case he is suggesting that allowing such a child to be born is an act of cruelty to the child. And he might have a point, but for one thing... same-sex couples cannot have a child by accident. Every single child to a same sex couple is by definition wanted. I wish as much could be said for every child born to heterosexual couples.

And if my reasoning is not compelling in its own right, then we can all once again cite the recent study that showed lesbian parents produce smarter and better adapted children.

Quoting the key finding: Compared with a group of control adolescents born to heterosexual parents with similar educational and financial backgrounds, the children of lesbian couples scored better on academic and social tests and lower on measures of rule-breaking and aggression.

So, if we are in fact all so terribly concerned about the well-being of children in our society, then the best thing we could do is just leave it solely up to the lesbians.

I'm sure that data-point didn't fit his premise though.


Friday, November 25, 2011


Today I'm diving deep into a shallow topic; turn-ons that go only skin-deep, or possibly not even that far. There is nothing wrong with having shallow turn-ons, as long as they aren't all there is.

First a quick disclaimer; this post relies heavily on pictures, all of which were sourced from Tumblr. Every image is linked through to the place I originally found it. And some of the images I found didn't make it onto this post. If you want to look through the rest of my haul for this post, go to our Tumblr feed.

Body Parts

Feet are fascinating. Feet are very good at expressing pleasure. I love the way toes curl and feet flex as visual feedback to my efforts. I love running my hands around the heel and sole. I love playing with toes and intertwining my fingers with them. There are so many contours to follow. I don't believe looking at feet should be just for foot-fetishists.

Although I am not a leg-man as such, there is something irresistible about outstretched legs. It's almost impossible to stop my eyes wandering all the way up and down. Everyone always focuses on the calf muscle (and there is definitely something about its curve), but it is nowhere near all there is. I love runners' legs with all their definition. I love long legs that look impossibly thin. I love legs that feel soft and comforting, and I love legs chiseled from stone that can crush like a vise.

There's nothing quite like a well rounded ass to draw the attention. I find it impossible not to grab a nice ass, if not physically then at least mentally. Smaller asses are great for getting really close, but rounder asses are great for cushioning. And all of them are great to hang on to for leverage. Also, I have to resist the urge to bite particularly nice asses (I fail only occasionally).

I'm definitely a flat-stomach kinda guy. As much as Anna complains about hers, it's about the same as the left-most picture. I don't require well-defined abs, but I wouldn't say it looks un-feminine either (in most cases). As much as my hands like grabbing asses, they like caressing abs even more. I haven't had any partners with washboard abs, but I enjoy watching them around the gym.

I really love watching backs. It may have something to do with why I like doggy-style as much as I do. I know Anna really likes when the spine shows like a little ridge down the middle, but personally I get chills when it's a little gully dividing the back in two. It invites my hand to run along the back and rest my palm between the shoulder blades. A bit dominant perhaps?

Hands are easy. I like all hands. I like cool hands that give me goosebumps, and warm hands that softly caress my skin. I like soft hands that feel like they mold around me and firm hands that feel like they manipulate me into shape. I like strong hands. I like long slender fingers. I like all kinds of nails. But all hands demand exploration, fingers intertwining, rubbing along each other, trying to be everywhere and everyway at the same time, but never quite succeeding.

I neglect arms. I didn't realise so until I wrote this post. I don't caress and hold and feel arms as much as I should. They are similar to legs; long and slender, the muscles shifting their curves a million different ways. Arms definitely deserve more attention.

Shoulders invite kissing. And licking. And some nibbling. Sometimes I have to run my fingers along collar-bones and around the semi-sphere of the shoulder and back again. I love the way water beads on them in the shower. I love holding on to shoulders during doggy-style.

Okay, necks most definitely are for nibbling and biting. I enjoy watching the muscles and tendons move along the neck when the head moves. There's so much going on there. As much as it's an aggressive gesture, I've really come to like putting my hand around a neck during sex. Gently of course, but still there... in control.

Body Decorations

I believe there are some theories about the significance of jewelry. Something to do with slavery. And although I am sure that factors into it for some out there, for me it's more about how a little bit of body jewelry emphasizes how naked everything around it is. An anklet or a toe ring draws attention to the naked foot. A belly chain draws attention to how naked the body is. A choker draws attention to the long graceful neck. In a way it feels to me like a girl is even more naked with a few strategic items about her body.

The same goes even more strongly for body painting. Maybe it is because the art work gives license to examine the body more closely than we otherwise would. Maybe it's the suggestion of being both covered completely yet completely naked at the same time. One day, I'd really like to fuck in full-body body-paint. I'm sure the mess'd be worth it.

And tattoos again do the same. But even more so, it brings something about the person out onto their skin. It reveals something deeper about the person right on the outside. Unfortunately for some people all it reveals is that they're wankers, but still... call it a warning label.

Body Control

I know dancers come up in my fantasies a lot. Dancers are appealing not just for the sake of flexibility. What amazes me is how much control and accuracy it takes to be truly good at it. Just look at how all their limbs are precisely just there where they want them. Every line exact. Every muscle firing.

Yoga is a little bit more accessible to me personally. I love it when my yoga classes involve poses that require all muscles tensed, everything active. It is incredibly hard to keep every muscle doing what you want it to all at the same time. But that's also why yoga is amazing to watch. And excellent for body condition and toning. It's about total control of your own body.

Just like dance and yoga, there is something appealing about everyday graceful and precise motion too though. Some people seem to be born with it, gliding through the world perfectly balanced. I usually don't even notice it until I work out why I'm turned on.

Skin Colour

I've talked about this plenty of times before. There's nothing more beautiful than red and green Irish girls, or svelte African girls, or cheeky Asian girls, or seductive Indian girls... except for multiple simultaneously. No, not a threesome. Multiple in the same person.

All the images above are of multi-racial girls. There is something incredibly compelling about multi-racial faces. It may be something about the unique-ness of the individual combinations. The endless possibilities outside mono-culture. There is something beautiful about genes mixing themselves wherever they may.

I don't feel bad about shallow turn-ons.
I enjoy them greatly and in moderation.