Saturday, August 27, 2011

Of Love and Exhaustion

It's been a while since I posted. As Annabelle already alluded to, I've been over-worked around the home and my energy levels have been in the toilet until recently.

Anna's body had decided it needed extra rest, and I've been having to force her to take it easy. Part of that involves making sure chores are done before she gets a chance to do them herself. She's stubborn you see... adorable, but stubborn (you should see her in pigtails; it all makes sense).

Overwhelming this all may be, but it's all part of a good loving relationship. Sometimes it means your sex-life takes a backseat and you carry the world on your shoulders instead and make it look easy.

Now, I didn't just want to explain what had happened. I also have a very important public service announcement to go with it.

When you are overworked, caffeine is the devil.

I've made it through the alleged 12 days it takes for caffeine to let go of its grip, and I feel a lot better for it. Apparently it doesn't actually give you energy or perk you up; it simply masks your body's ability to recognise it is tired. And for obvious reasons, this combined with an excessive workload is a recipe for disaster.

Now, without the caffeine, I can once again make it through the day without mentally dipping. When I leave the gym after tough exercise I don't feel like I might fall asleep on my way home. And when I wake up in the morning I actually feel rested.

Combined with Anna being on the mend and taking back some of the tasks around the house I'm once again discovering my libido.

Now where are my girlfriends... I'm sure they can't have gone far.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cat Nap

So. Sex. We haven't had any in a while.

Arthur is exhausted. I'm injured and sleeping excessively long hours at the moment. All of the things that I normally take care of around the house are now in Arthur's hands, along with the added joy of chasing me around and shooing me back into bed when I try ever-so-helpfully to get up and do housework.

It is not the fun kind of back to bed.

At the moment, my beautiful Arthur is sound asleep and I am curled up under some blankets in another room with my laptop and a selection of furkids. I want to be with him, to hear him breathe, to watch him scrunch his nose up and rub his hand over his face as he rearranges himself on the pillow. I want to sneak my hand under the covers and feel the heat of his body close to mine.

I miss actually sleeping with him.

And the sex. I miss the sex too. It has taken me a fair bit longer than I thought to even think about being naked in front of people again, let alone having them touch me and whatnot. *grumble* See? Whatnot. Not the most evocative of sexy language. Ohh, ahhh, whatnot! I may still have some work to do in this area...

I'm hoping for a spot of whatnot soon. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

e[lust] edition #28

Photo courtesy of Delilah

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

What makes me a woman? - It’s a stumper, this question. There must be something that makes me a woman. Something more than how I am perceived by others as I walk down the street. But what is the answer?

Baggage: An Inventory - Everyone brings bags with them. My goal is to carry my own bags. I’ll let people help me shed them, but I will never let them carry them. Those bags are my own to, well, own.

There's pain and then there's pain (and then there's pain) -Part of what I crave in the second type of pain is the selfish sadism of the partner who continues despite my pleas. He does it because it arouses him, and he does it because I'll endure it for him.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

What Is Gender? - Playing with dolls and preferring the color pink doesn’t make you a girl anymore than chewing on a bone makes you my dog.

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Sex Toys: Single or Partnered, there is no shame in owning them - There’s no fucking shame in owning your sexuality, in taking control of your own damn orgasm. Can you PREFER human contact and partnered sex to sex toys? Sure. You can prefer whatever the fuck you want. But don’t insinuate to me that owning a lot of sex toys is somehow bad or shameful.

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