Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Terrible Thing to Waste

Some nights my mind just cannot help but wander. Tonight it is wandering about the house and inspecting furniture and fixtures in an attempt to figure out all the places and configurations suitable for sex. My legs are still tired from the Attack class earlier tonight, but all my mind keeps telling me is they'll hold long enough to have some fun before they collapse.

There's the coffee table that still needs to see some good action sometime soon. And the bathroom has the irresistible lure of a huge mirror to face. Heck, even the chair in the study that I am currently occupying has a certain promise of possibilities about it. And then there are the various flat surfaces about the house at just the right height.

It is a little distracting to say the least.

Now what was I trying to actually do again?


Some things just blend into the background of everyday life. They become a part of the scenery so to speak, and then one day you may suddenly look at where you are standing and see all kinds of beautiful things hidden in plain sight. Our relationship with Delilah has become so natural that it's hard for me at least to notice the individual tweaks and changes we have made in the past months.

One important change is that we're getting better at being our various separate sub-sets of ourselves. Anna and Delilah went on a sex-toy shopping trip with Brandi a while back, and rather than come along I decided I'd stay home. I knew they'd be looking at a few things I might like too, but the main thrust (har-har) of the trip was to do window-shopping for a harness and some suitable insertables. And I had a great time cleaning and relaxing at home, whilst contemplating what they might be looking at. And they evidently had a great time trying things on and buying some items. No harness yet... but I think they have made some choices for later purchase.

Last week, for the first time, we went on a date together. All three of us. To dinner and the movies. I think we actually were fairly discreet... horribly discreet even. I was promised grabbing of my ass which never materialised. But maybe that was a bit of an over-reach. Dinner was delicious, and all of us sitting huddled together through a (fairly average, if I may say so) Pirates of the Caribbean movie made for a great night. I didn't feel stared at, but I didn't particularly try to keep an eye on anyone but Anna and Delilah, so maybe we were... who knows?

And then last weekend, after my morning gym and breakfast, as we were getting frisky, Anna gave me a wink and wandered out of the bedroom. She'd mentioned being okay with the idea of me having alone-time with Delilah in bed, but the casual way in which she handled it made me glow all over. Turns out that she went outside to clean the front porch... we were a bit mystified, until she explained that she could much better hear and enjoy the moans from there. Have I even mentioned how awesome Anna is? ... She is, you know...

And this brings me to a little secret... shhhhh... don't let Anna know...

Next weekend I'm going to sneak out of the bedroom so that Delilah can have her wicked way with her by herself. I'm probably going to be in the next room where I can enjoy the sounds just like she did last weekend. It's going to be awesome ;)

And next time I have an interstate trip for work, I fully expect them to keep each other company in my absence. And tease me with pictures and tellings of goings-on. To make me wish I were there. (Not that it takes much to make me wish to be with them).

These things have all just become part of everyday life. And I can't quite explain how happy it makes me; for me... for Anna... for Delilah.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wanton Wednesday - Annabelle's Quickie

Just a quickie this week, I'm afraid. A grainy, wet-haired, heavily cropped quickie.

I'm going to call it a tease. Look, there is half a nipple there!

After something more substantial? An entire nipple, perhaps? Two? Click on through to see this week's participants!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

e[lust] edition #26

Photo courtesy of Sapio Slut

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

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If you are monogamous can you learn to be polyamorous? - Do you think that someone who is monogamous can learn to be polyamorous for a partner, or do you think they are courting disaster?

Hot Wax - I detached myself from what she was doing to me. *breathe* She pulled again. I came from the pain, motionless, silent, and helpless to stop it. She continued.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Spring - My eyes wide, there was no time for reaction as another crowd was wandering down the path. Our eyes locked and Daniel smirked, attempting to find something innocuous to say.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot on the Tumblr

Well, I think we've finally succumbed to the added convenience of Tumblr. It is really a much more suitable platform for my occasional "Ooh, I like this" kind of posts anyway.

That's not to say that there will be no more hot pictures here... all our personal hotness will make its first appearance here still. And per my last Fantasy story, there will be times I use something off the web to emphasise the content here.

But if you enjoy following what I am looking at and then thinking about it, please refer to our lustandconfused.tumblr.com feed. But do keep dropping in here as well of course ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fantasy: Hop On

An early autumn evening. Two figures walk along the street, hand-in-hand. Their progress is like a shy dance; he walks backwards smiling, pulls her to the side, staggers into the wall and kisses her.

Giggling echoes through the deserted street.

They reach the bus stop, and sit down in the light. Side by side. Two flushed faces. Talking at each other in hushed voices. Stealing kisses. Waiting for a ride to a warm shared bed.

Her hand plays in the back of his neck, rubbing through his hair, twisting and clasping, pulling him closer. Lips cover lips, and lost to the world they sit as their bus pulls up, goes unheeded and takes off again.

Moments later, their heads swiveling around, looking at the time; it should have been here by now. Stupid bus company, they never run on time. He wraps his arms around her while she sits in his lap, to ward of a mild chill, or so he tells her. His hands on her hips, his fingers wriggle and find the small strip of skin between her shirt and her long skirt. Savouring the feel, his lips find hers again.

More minutes pass, and he realises it will be at least another twenty minutes before the next bus will come by. He whispers in her ear. Her head tilts down and a flush creeps over her cheeks and into her neck. A little shake of her head. He whispers again, and his mouth sucks on her earlobe. Her head turns, her eyes lock on his, moments lasting forever. She bites her lip and her eyes gleam. He grins.

Together they frantically bunch up the back of her skirt. His hands find his zipper, her hands find his cock. She slowly rubs along the already hard shaft as he fumbles her underwear to the side, his fingers slipping on her moisture. She shifts her feet and slips him inside.

His hands slide eagerly past the strip of exposed skin under her shirt, on her hips and the small of her back. Hot skin against his cool palms. Her glowing ass against his exposed lower abdomen. Time stretches as they drown in slow deliberate strokes.

Light catches the corner of their eyes. The next bus. Two blocks down the road at the last stop before theirs. She starts to pull away, but he grips her back. They share a glance. They race the bus.

She grinds and squeezes. His ass flexes. Thrusting together as frantic as they ever have. A brief reprieve as the bus gets held up at traffic lights, but only for a moment. As it pulls away from the lights she closes her eyes. He pulses into her, gripping her hips and pulling into her. His abdomen a fluttering flurry of spasms against her back.

He lets go. She opens her eyes. The bus pulls up. The doors open.

Flushed faces look into the bored face of the driver. He tries to zip up under the cover of her skirt. She gets up and awkwardly tries to hide the fact she's adjusting her underwear.

They get all the way on the back of the bus as the driver shakes his head and grins.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anna Likes Porn Too!

I like porn. There. I said it.

I've been trying to write this post for a while now but it seems that, while I'm perfectly at home with liking it, I'm not at all comfortable talking about specific likes and dislikes. Well, that isn't true, I'm perfectly happy to tell people what I don't like. What I do like is a completely different story.

I'm not a huge fan of stills. Pornographic stills seem to miss something. I'm not sure if it is the movement, the sounds, or just the artful composition that I think a good photograph requires, all I know is that 90% of them haven't got what it takes. They are glamourised or badly composed and/or exposed, and all I can think about is ways they could have adjusted the lighting or changed the shooting angle. I can't seem to get excited by a pretty woman or a hot guy. Beauty is great, but for some reason that isn't enough for me. I need more. I need indications of thoughts, of personality, of how they would interact with me should they bounce out of the photo and spring to life.

Image from Mariux
In that sense videos are better, though I think the sound and movement make up for a lot. Sound. Ick. Ohh ohhhh OHHHH fuckmypussy fuckmypussy... I mean, I'm pretty vocal and I know I'm not all that original in the heat of the moment, but surely not every adult actress in the world sounds identically pornstar-ish? I occasionally catch myself slipping into repetitive exclaimations and I get well and truly distracted by myself. It is annoying when I do it and it is annoying when they do it. Sometimes I long for a grunt or a squeak or a yelp, anything that tells me that there are real people doing real things right there. I feel a bit strange saying this seeing as how I'm pretty typey with people I personally find visually attractive, but it really is about the attitude, the personality, the way that the people act and interact. I'm just not that visually driven, I guess. I'd much rather hear the sexy noises than see the act itself.

And with that, we move away from porn and into my old favourite - erotica. Imaginary porn, I suppose. Good writing paints an incredibly powerful scene, and one where I cannot be distracted by bad lighting, gratuitous oohing, or hollywood pornstar body enhancements (lily-white genitals confuse me, why are pinks and purples and browns seen as undesirable?). I can concentrate on thoughts and actions, on the little movements and gestures, and on how all of that ties together to create an experience. Of course, I can only concentrate until someone pulls out their steel manmeat and tries to jam it into someone's ravenous love tunnel.

I suppose we all have our limits.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Wishes

I am looking forward to the weekend. Surely there shall be sex, but that's not really the reason. Or at least, not directly. This weekend we are doing some shopping, and if we manage to find items to our various tastes it'll be a very exciting weekend indeed.

For one thing we will be looking at harnesses together. This does not directly affect me, since I will neither be wearing one, nor have it used on me. But oh, how hot-and-bothered does the thought of Anna and Delilah using it together get me.

I would not have thought this aspect of threesomes would be the part that'd have the biggest influence on me, and yet it does. Looking at girls playing together right there where I can touch can almost make me come all by itself. It's strange the things you can discover about yourself when you explore.

And then there is the matter of browsing various rope. I desperately wish I'd been to boy scouts now, but I guess there's no time like the present to learn new skills. It looks deceptively simple, but that usually means there are things to consider that you don't even realise, so best to tread carefully. Luckily Brandi has been filling us in with some basic instructions as those following the tweets already know.

A very exciting weekend indeed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wanton Wednesday - Doodlebug

Sometimes I see things that look pretty darn fantastic. I love colour and shapes and I'm a big fan of doodles. I'm terrible at doodles. Some people seem to be able to create amazing little works of art on the backs of envelopes while on the phone to the electricity company, but all I ever managed were a couple of jolly flowers and some sub-par cross hatching.

I think I've discovered the problem though. It isn't the fault of the artist, it is all about starting with good materials. Arthur's back is much better than any scrappy bit of paper!

[HINT: Clicky to see in full colour glory!]

We had a bit too much fun graffitiing our dear patient Arthur. He's a bit of a face down artist though (much like a back seat driver) and he kept suggesting things that should be drawn. My birds weren't angry enough, Delilah's empty section needed sharks with weaponry, and we were required to sign our work.

Overall I just love the effect and am quite sad it all washed off.

Why not see who else has gotten a bit artistic with their Wanton Wednesday shots this week? You won't be disappointed.