Monday, January 31, 2011


We've never gotten dressed this fast before... ever. It started with a rumbly sound outside the house. Confusion. Then Anna's dad is at the door... whilst Delilah and Anna are still curled up comfy in bed together.

I'm not a fan of surprise visits at the best of times, but this was quite an adrenaline rush. I have no idea what thoughts he might have had at Delilah hanging around that early in the morning whilst Anna was still in a dressing gown. But there was a tactful ignoring of such topics, so for now we assume nobody is any the wiser.

(Secretly I think we are all deluding ourselves, and half the people in our lives probably know already but are just humouring our modesty... or something)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Update

Dearest readers, followers and random-droppers-in; we know it has been a little quiet around here over the last two weeks, but I think we needed a breather to re-discover our energy and our purpose. Call it a holiday if you wish.

Doing a blog post every single day is quite hard work, and I'm proud of us for keeping it up almost non-stop for seven months or so. Yay us! I have however been feeling the quality of my own posts had become a bit more hit-and-miss lately.

Over the past week, Anna and I have taken some time to think and talk about how we want to proceed from here, because there is so much more to share and explore together in this adventure. But we also want to write material we can feel proud of.

What this concretely means is that our blogging will change a little bit from here on in. We may not quite make 'every-single-day', although if that happens to be how it turns out that will be a happy coincidence.

We also didn't want to completely abandon anything outright, because every single thing we have posted so far has been something we put thought into and have stood behind.

Having said that, most of our posts will stay off-the-cuff, but will become shorter and more to-the-point (as opposed to the rambling I have fallen into once or twice recently). On the flip-side the posts where we are trying to make a specific point will get some more thought put into them and hopefully will show the extra effort that'll be going into them.

I think this will mean that all posts will end up better for it, more focused and more enjoyable.

And please, keep commenting whenever you think of something to say. We value all feedback, and we continue to hope this is blog adds something of value to all your lives as much as it does to ours.

Arthur and Annabelle (on her behalf).

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have been taking a step back and trying to figure out how I'd like to improve the blog further. And I keep ending up going in circles. I keep coming back to the same question.

What do our regular readers want?

The first way to find out, I can take care of all by myself. The stats overwhelmingly point to the fantasy stories being favourites. And I will be digging deeper into the stats to see what needs strengthening.

But it seemed silly to go into this exercise without giving the readers themselves a chance to vote for what they want more, or less, or added, or differently. So, if you read regularly, please take a moment or two to leave a comment and tell us just three things:
  1. What specific post (or category) did you enjoy the most?
  2. What specific post (or category) did you enjoy the least?
  3. What other kind of post would you like us to write?
Feel free to embellish beyond that in any way you like, because more feedback is always better... but if you don't do anything else, just leave a quick anonymous comment answering those three points if you could (saying 'dunno' for any of the three points is perfectly valid too).

One thing I am toying with is slowing the pace of the posting a little bit so that we can delve a little deeper in the posts that we write. Daily posting is making it a little hard to reflect at times before finishing and hitting 'publish'.

Anyway, ... have at it! We only bite on request.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hot on the Web

This one has been sitting in the drafts box for way too long. I'm not sure what I was waiting for exactly. I love seeing girls play with each other. Even without being directly involved it is just the most awesome thing to witness.

So here... a little tribute to women-at-play.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Sharing tender kisses... makes me feel weak and fluttery inside. The tantalizing anticipation. Even while knowing where it leads, there is a sense of anticipation in the air.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Wet girls, playing in the water. Showering together. Swimming together. Maybe it's the visual simulating perspiration that gets me going. I just wish water was a better lubricant, because it looks like it ought to be.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Totally engrossed... feeling their way. I can almost imagine what it'd be like to be in her position. Close my eyes to empathise, then open them again to see all this... awesomeness...

Image via Art-or-Porn

Or how about three playing in the water... three is one more than two, so it's gotta be better, ... right? Wait, I think my libido has just hijacked this post. Sorry. Next slide!

Image via Art-or-Porn

Not really likely to feature in any F/F play, but somehow it just captures the essence of the feeling so well. Lost in total abandon. Enjoying the moment together and separately.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Careful mutual exploration of every centimeter of exposed flesh. Writhing in eachothers' grasp. This would be somewhere near the point the urge to join in would be strongest. At some point I just want to add to the experience, yet fear I may somehow detract from it. Hold still... or go for it?

Image via Art-or-Porn

And post coital bliss? Not sure. It definitely has a sense of "we're done and now we don't want to move" about it. Although I'm not sure those recliners would be particularly comfortable in that direction. Heck, it symbolises, okay? ;)

And now... I get to go to bed slightly horny. My own fault for not writing this earlier in the day I guess.

Think About the Children!

I'm not quite sure how it came up... we were sitting around talking with Delilah, and then the topic of kids rears its head. I think it started with an admission of feeling clucky by Annabelle. And the next thing I know Delilah suggests we'd need to get rid of her if that were to happen... and... why exactly?

I definitely have no intention of getting rid of anyone. There is nothing wrong with how we choose to live, and although some aspects of it will need to be kept away from kids until they grow up enough to ask and answer the right questions; but as long as we keep things nicely out of view it shouldn't matter... should it?

We're not in any hurry to have a kid just yet, but sooner or later we will. And I for one relish having aunt Delilah in our lives all throughout... (and anyone else we might gather along the way before then). But is this something that needs to be desperately hidden from other parents? The authorities? I'd like to think not, but for the sake of pragmatically avoiding conflict there may need to be some trade-offs of principles against comfort.

What I'd like to know is; are any of our readers in a non-traditional relationship situation whilst having (young or otherwise) kids? What are the issues? How do you deal with it?

I refuse to believe it is an insurmountable problem, but it's something we'll have to think our way through before having a kid. It's one of those prices of admission to this awesome way of living we find ourselves in. Well worth it, but an added burden most parents do not have to worry about.

Leave a comment if you are in a situation like that... we'd love to hear anything you got!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Papers, Please!

So what exactly is the ettiquette for enquiring about someone's STI status? I mean, most everyone wants someone who is clean as a whistle but once most people hit their early twenties it gets harder and harder to imagine that they have not been exposed to any crotch nasties.

Until recently, Arthur and I existed in a relatively closed environment. We entered the relationship clean and it has stayed that way mostly because we only played with each other. This seemed safe. This seemed to add some extra level of security that made me feel relaxed and comfortable when it came to sex in general.

Now... now I'm gunna die! Or at least get very itchy. I just know it! *flails*

Most people think that the biggest issues with being non-monogamous are the emotional ones, and they are not wrong, but for me that is only marginally ahead of the physical. Adding one extra person seems fairly safe, but adding one extra non-monogamous* playmate can be like adding a small army of unknowns. You trust your playmate and your playmate trusts their playmates, but the longer that chain gets the higher the risk is for everyone involved. You are essentially sleeping with your playmate's playmate's playmates.

Horny people can suffer from acute cases of bad judgement from time to time, and sometimes the result is more serious than waking up without your beer goggles. One night stands, forgotten barriers, people who swear black and blue they are clean but refuse to go through the hassle/embarrassment of getting tested, people who lie about known infections because the other option is not getting laid - it all happens, and it could end up increasing the risk to Arthur and I.

Is it polite to ask for their most recent STI test results on the official clinic letterhead? I have mine. Arthur has his. We have the laboratory tick of approval. We'd show them to anyone who asked, or who even sounded like they were trying to ask but didn't quite know how. I get the feeling that suggesting that you need to see documented proof is seen as a bit offensive, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable having anyone near me that couldn't or wouldn't willingly provide it.

I suppose this is a bit of a gloomy look at things what with the availability of safer sex gear and quality STI education materal. It is just one of those things that serial monogamists only really think about once per relationship (if at all) and all of a sudden I'm having to think about it much more comprehensively and potentially much more often.

So if you want to play... can I see your papers please, ma'am? :)

At first blush it feels awkward to ask for STI-test results. It feels confrontational. It feels like you are saying you don't trust the person you are asking.

But let's look at it from a slightly different angle. We may very well trust partner A, but our other partners B, C and D would probably not know A from a complete stranger on the street. What reason do B, C and D have to trust A?

It'd be great if our word is good enough for B, C and D... but we can only swear that we trust A, we cannot provide any evidence. If however we ask A to see the STI-test results, then we can tell B, C and D that we saw them with our own eyes, and they no longer have to trust someone they do not even know. They just need to trust me, which is a requirement already anyway.

Translating this into a way to non-confrontationally asking for STI-test results could go something like this:

Me: "Do you get regular STI tests?"
Other: "Yes" (if "No", then "You have to be this tested to get on this ride"!)
Me: "I know it's personal, but would you mind showing me?"
Other: "Why? Don't you trust me?"
Me: "I do trust you, but my other partner(s) don't know you from a complete stranger, and if I want to be able to sleep with them again I have to be able to look them straight in the eye and say that I saw the results myself."
Other: "I guess."
Me: "This also means I can look you straight in the eye and truthfully say that all my other partners get tested regularly and I have seen their clean bills of health."
Other: "That's actually kinda good to know."

And everyone wins! Of course, the dialogue might not always go along those lines in which case you have to feel your way through. But ultimately, do you really want to sleep with someone that gets awkward and cagey about STI tests? It may be better to gently back out with something along the lines of "I'm sorry, but I have the health of all my partners to think of. As much as I'd like to sleep with you, I'm going to have to decline."

It really isn't a lot to ask for and I'm sure anyone that takes this seriously and gets tested regularly is likely to be delighted that you asked, and knowing that you check out everyone you sleep with. Because that also will make them feel safer about sleeping with you. It cuts both ways.

*and yes, I realise that can't be the right word, but you know what I mean

Thursday, January 20, 2011

e[lust] edition #22

Photo courtesy of Lady Grinning Soul

Welcome to e[lust] - Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #23? Start with the rules, check out the schedule and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Erotic asphyxiation: treatments of kink in therapy and the media - Kink and BDSM practitioners often come to an enhanced understanding of their own desires through the emphasis on personal boundaries and communicative consent which arises from a responsible approach to power and pain play.

Mirror, mirror - I found myself back there again, perched on the edge of the white expanse, spreading myself shamelessly in front of the glass

Worry - I’ve been thinking about rape culture more than ever before. On the outside, much of K’s and my play looks like sexual abuse. It’s not, because consent is always central.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

gender and misogyny: responsibility and erotic writing - I spent a good portion of my adult life being gender fluid myself ..., and have partnered with several gender fluid folks as a top. Creating representation of us and our eroticism feels so vital to me, so important.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Help End the Backlog - Speaking out works. Taking action works. Silence doesn’t. Politicians on every level need to hear your voice saying “this is unacceptable”. 76%. 3/4. That’s how many rapists get away with it on a national level.

See also: Pleasurists #111 and #112 for all your sex toy review needs

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dialogue: Spooning

Art: I'm not entirely sure where to start here... what's our lead-in?
Anna: Some trumpetty fanfare?
Art: Oh, ... I see... someone let the clown out ;) ... I meant, how do you want to approach this topic?
Anna: Lets just hit it straight between the eyes and go from there.
Art: Okay, so... sometimes you have recurring bouts of what we could safely call significant fatigue... and I understand there may be spoons involved in a non-sexual way
Anna: I am currently very low on spoons. Not the metal kind or the sexy kind, the measurement of available energy kind of spoons. And pyjamas, for that matter, I'm low on pyjamas.
Art: Sorry, I shall remedy that next time I'm doing a load of washing. But yes, very low levels of available energy suck... I try to do as much as I can, but I tend to feel a bit guilty I cannot do more.
Anna: I know about the guilt. I see piles of dishes and things that need doing and here I am, sitting on my backside and not doing any of it.
Art: I'm also still guilty of suppressing sexy thoughts; it's very difficult for me to stop doing that subconsciously when I worry about how you are holding up. It's just tricky when there is not a great lot we can do with them at the moment.
Anna: Yeah, I know about that one too. When things like standing and getting food become difficult, sex slips way way down the list of priorities. I still have sexy thoughts, but they are few and far between and most are way beyond my current capabilities.
Art: It's tricky, because if I don't just push it into the background as well, I end up having to worry that I end up getting sex at the expense of your health, and that's not a happy thought for me either
Art: (Not saying that lack of sex doesn't suck in its own way)
Anna: Ignoring the need for physical intimacy does bad things for my mental health, but indulging it can be a bit hit and miss. Even thinking sexy thoughts right now is a bit of a challenge. I just feel entirely unsexy and broken.
Art: Is there actually anything I could do for you (or any Unicorn for that matter) if you were so inclined? Is there anything that is relatively low-energy/high-reward in that respect from your own experience?
Anna: Skin. Skin-on-skin contact is probably the thing I'm craving the most. Cuddling, touching, just playing around a bit. If it developed into more, that'd be fine and dandy, but it would probably take a lot of effort to get my head in the game.
Art: That's just so undemanding of you... I'm sure physical contact isn't likely to become a problem at all.
Anna: Maybe not, but it feels like it is a big ask. I see my whacked-out exhausted features in the reflection of my laptop screen and I see the body that just won't do what it is told, and I feel like asking anyone to do anything with me is asking a little too much.
Art: Oh no... don't think like that... we have plenty of energy, and if spending just a little on you makes all the difference to you that's more than worth it. I'm sure Delilah will say exactly the same. I feel much more guilty about the idea of us having all the energy to be able to do stuff.
Anna: Well I guess it is a good thing that I discovered my voyeuristic side! wink Seriously though, I am kind of torn between guilt, jealousy, and relief knowing that you do not have to entirely put your urges on hold because of my health. It is such a strange mix of feelings about the situation.
Art: Ah, I think the 'jealousy' is the part that actually needs the care... I don't see how you should feel guilty if you enjoy it... it's all the better for me. It's me that feels guilty I have someone with spare energy to play with.
Anna: Emotions are funny things. Sometimes what I think I should feel and what I actually feel are miles apart.
Art: As long as we keep being careful we should be able to navigate safely I think

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot on the Web - Singles

Currently we are on a little break from our usual routine. It won't be long, I promise.

Image via Art-or-Porn

In the mean time chill... and there will be some pre-written posts over the next few days to keep you all entertained.

Miss you... Annabelle & Arthur

PS: Could you water the cats and feed the plants in our absence? Thanks.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HNT - Arthur Strips Off

Arthur went a bit more than half nekkid... he went fully nekkid. He also left a little trail of discarded clothing in his wake.

I'd show you Arthur but, as I said, fully nekkid.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sexual Dreams

A recent post by the lovely Rockin' on Light Switch made me think about my own sexual dreams. There is a brief passage near the end of my Fantasy: The Beach, where I try to capture a little what it feels like when I have a dream involving sex.

I do not actually recall my dreams very often at all, but when I do the big narrative gaps always surprise me. Not the fact the gaps are there, but how I was completely oblivious to them inside the dream. There are moments where one sequence of events will suddenly shift into another without an elegant transition; my location will change from one moment to the next, or what I am doing.

A lot of dreams involve running in one way or another. Running from something, or towards something. Sometimes both. Sometimes running from the guards will instantly turn into chasing a girl.

When sex gets involved it doesn't become any less strange, but it adds a sense of immediacy and urgency. I've had instances where in my dream I thought I was building up to sex with someone I knew from my past, but then when I wake up I realise that the person in the dream wasn't anyone I've ever known at all. Just someone my brain made up and then told me it was so-and-so... "yep, sure, cool". I'm so gullible when I dream.

The strangest sensation are the ones where I am still dreaming, and then I am fucking a girl, and as that starts happening I become aware that I am dreaming, but the dream goes on. This is very intense. When I was much younger this used to be a common wet dream... it came to the point where I was aware it wasn't real, but it felt so good that I didn't want to stop... and I'd know that there'd be a mess to clean afterwards, but I just didn't care and I'd let the dream run it's course.

Dreams can be an awful lot of fun. But these days, I'd say reality is even more fun... don't get too caught up in pleasant (day-)dreams lest they prevent you from talking to your partner about making reality more enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Sucks...

... and not in the good way either!

I think I am rapidly approaching the need to recharge my batteries. Normally I have some leave around XMAS and NY, and by mid January I feel ready for at least a few months again. This year I didn't take any leave, with mixed results.

My reasoning was that normally leave around XMAS just gets sucked into the big time void that is shopping, preparing and visiting. It seemed that I could just as easily do that without leave, and save up the time for when I can actually get some benefit from it. Call it an experiment.

Now, on the upside, it looks like it hasn't drained *that* much more than I normally am over XMAS, but it also means that there hasn't been any recovery yet.

I notice it in the general lack of hot, horny and/or sexy thoughts over the last week. There are other reasons that I may expand on in the upcoming week, but the lack of leave is a major factor. Luckily I should have some time off soon now, and if it pans out as I hope I'll be much more recovered after that, than I normally am at the start of the new year.

Does anyone else have a tried-and-true approach to get through XMAS season without feeling run down? If you do, I'd love to hear about it, because as much as I think my new approach is better overall, it does kinda such in the first few weeks of January.


(Sorry about the grumpy post... I'll find some more cheer for you for my next one).

Monday, January 10, 2011

Casual but Meaningful

I had to take a train to get to and from the Lasering this past weekend. That isn't worthy of a story in and of itself, but sometimes you encounter interesting people on trains. There was an incredibly cute Asian girl with her friends that kept staring at me; she smiled once or twice, and I tried to smile back... no idea how much I succeeded, but it kinda makes the day.

And then there were those guys. You know them. The kind that makes you cringe as you listen to them talk about their conquests from last night. The sheer objectifying language made me wish I had earphones to listen to some music. And then on to the girl they had last weekend, and then some.

It made me wonder about the damage that social norms are doing without anyone noticing. See, what occurred to me is that these guys clearly aren't ready to settle for the "one and only girl", but the only way they know for sex to be meaningful is in a long-term monogamous relationship.

They didn't seem to even realise there is absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of having friends that you have sex with one week, and just watch a movie with next week. Something that doesn't demand you see nobody else, nor that you pretend it didn't mean anything on an inter-personal level.

But clearly large chunks of teenagers do not get to absorb this lesson, because nobody taught their parents it. It doesn't have to mean casual-yet-meaningful has to be the norm... or even for everyone, but surely we can all agree that in the wide spectrum between one-night-stands, serial monogamy, and long-term committed relationships there is also room for casual friends fucking on occasion?

It didn't feel my place to try and educate these guys, nor do I think they would have been receptive to the lesson. But I wonder if they realise what possibilities they are missing out on? I wonder if they realise there are girls out there who'd be just as happy with an arrangement where they can see other guys as well. I wonder how they eventually will do at monogamy.

It isn't really my problem, but it'd make the world such a nicer place to live in.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hot on the Web - Singles

I have been a very naughty boy... a very very naughty boy... over XMAS and NY my gym has barely seen me. And now I can feel it. I normally take my classes in doubles to make the most of any travel time involved.

This time I just couldn't do the second. I could already feel I was going to be aching. And curse my luck; this time there were a host of cute new girls lining up to take the follow-on class. I briefly debated just pushing through, but common sense prevailed (dammit).

Image via Art-or-Porn

So, for now I am comforting myself imagining she might be in my next class (albeit with a bit more clothing) making flexibility work look like it's the easiest thing in the whole wide world. I love how she so casually sits there, body only slightly folded forward between her legs... nothing too straight or overtly difficult. But trust me; it's a lot harder than it looks.

Anyway... this will be my motivation to keep going until my fitness level allows me to stay for any class I damn well please again. Give it a week or two.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lasers... Again

So, today was the day I went back for a second helping. Yes, I had lasers shot at my crotch again. Some call me mad. Well... everyone that knows about it calls me mad actually. But first time the hair didn't come back for weeks and now it was a lot thinner before even starting. I reckon another treatment will finish 'em off for good.

For those that have never looked into getting lasers shot at themselves for hair removal, just a quick run-down of the facts as I know them:
  • It stings... a lot... but generally no more than plucking or epilating, so if you are de-hairing already you have a fair idea of what to expect.
  • It ideally requires dark hair and light skin because the laser super-heats the hair to burn out the follicle basically. Less contrast can work, but the more the better.
  • It may look like hairs are growing back... but hairs have a cycle that includes a dormant phase. After the first and second treatment new hairs may come up that had been dormant during the earlier treatments.
  • Oh, yes... if you're a guy... there's this hormone burst in your 40s that allegedly can cause some of these follicles to regenerate and start producing again. This is a once-off and may require some re-treatments. Again, all part of how this goes.

All in all, it's quite strange how some parts of the treatment are far less painful than I expected again. The balls and shaft are far less sensitive than you end up imagining. But then there are a few spots behind the balls and along the midline underneath that are just *very* sensitive. Just keep breathing deeply (it really helps!) and remember that it only takes a few treatments before you'll never have to pluck or shave again.

This time around I let the cold towel soak my balls a bit longer afterwards and that helped a lot too. Less chafing afterwards on the way home. And quicker recovery.

Oh, and as much as the glowing radiating "after-pain" may feel like sitting on them is going to hurt really badly... that actually doesn't add much to the discomfort at all. It is essentially comparable to a sunburn.

Hope I haven't discouraged everybody completely. It's a bit of an investment, but well worth it I think.

Friday, January 7, 2011

No Big Plans

I think this is the first weekend of the new year where we haven't had any big plans. Finally, back to normal.

Tomorrow morning, it's back to the gym early in the morning. It's a little distressing to realise that despite my best intentions to fit in some gym at different time slots, the changed XMAS/NY schedule has foiled all my attempts so far. Luckily I can fall back into my former routine now, albeit carefully so as not to injure myself in the process.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am off to the city to get shot with lasers again. Yes. Down there again. So far the one treatment has worked wonderfully at thinning out my hair, but some of the inactive follicles have started producing hair, so an ideal time to slash those too. For the past few months it has been wonderful at how little effort is involved in staying groomed. I can heartily recommend going through the pain of lasers for the pay offs.

Other than that I think we have no concrete plans. Play it by ear. Have a nice casual-ish weekend. Maybe work a bit on my personal non-sex-related resolutions for the new year, and maybe work on another fantasy story, or at least come up with some ideas.

Now, if only we had sunshine at the same time.

Assault And Other Disasters

We're not in America as most of you will know, so there is nothing we can directly do about the following other than giving a shout-out to Lilly and her awareness campaign.

Apparently in the US when a rape-kit is collected, in many states it ends up in a big untested back-log in some cases until the evidence deteriorates beyond usability. In some states the law doesn't require these kits to be tested immediately and in other states the labs are just too over-worked to get to them in an expedient fashion.

Lilly from This Could Be Dangerous has posted a much better post than mine containing details about what you can do to help to change the law where needed and to provide resources or awareness where possible.

Rape should never go unpunished.

HNT - Annabelle Wakes Up

I'm spending a lot of time in bed at the moment. Most of it is spent sleeping or laying propped up on a small mountain of pillows with my laptop on my belly. Some of it, however, is spent staring down the tiny gap between my knickers and my belly.

And taking pictures on my phone, just because.

It is not just me, is it? That is definitely cute.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It isn't about the destination...

My body is a funny thing. For the most part it moves about and does the job just like anybody else's, but when it comes to all matters sexual it can be a bit troublesome. Orgasms, for example, seem to throw it into an absolute tizzy.

It can have them. I know. I've tested it many times under controlled conditions, with and without toys, in and out of bed, morning and night. I'm convinced that this body is fully-functioning. The problem is that it refuses to function in company. Every so often I can feel it teetering on the edge but as soon as I think about the impending burst of pleasure, poof! Gone. I think it gets stage fright or some such.

Arthur has had a few doggedly determined sessions where I think he has nibbled the little devil into submission, but I don't even need all the fingers on one had to count the times orgasm has occurred in the presence of others. I'm not afraid or embarrassed, at least I don't think I am, but I am a chronic overthinker and quite clumsy so there is a very good chance that my head is just getting in the way of my body doing its thing. The problem with heads is that it is incredibly difficult to move them out of the way.

When Arthur and I first started talking about having other people in our bed, I wondered if the sheer amount of things going on would eventually just overwhelm my senses. I thought of hands and mouths and whispered thoughts and the sensation of suffocating warmth speeding up my spine. I thought of touch and sound and drowning in a wave of pleasure. I completely failed to think about doubling the performance pressure. The extra set of eyes. The extra 'try'.

There is also that awkward moment where nobody outright questions, but very inquisitive eyes start wandering over my skin trying to figure out if my latest round of squeaking and growling was the result of anything extraordinary and I feel this incredible desire for the bed to swallow me up whole.

No, I didn't and it wasn't your fault, or mine, but it sure feels like it is my fault and I really wish I could let go enough to really show you how much I enjoyed that.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hot on the Web - NYE Edition

You know how it goes with XMAS and NYE... busy all 'round leading up to the day, and then the party starts and before you know it you don't know where you are or how you got there.

Image via Art-or-Porn

As the night falls the cozy lighting draws you to that person you find attractive. You wish you could talk to them, but you cannot quite figure out what to say or to bring up the courage.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Then the blender is fired up and the cocktails start flowing. At some point you don't quite remember the ingredients so you just start winging the quantities. You've had a few already at this point, so it clearly is the best idea in the world.

Image via Art-or-Porn

You find yourself increasingly bold and talkative. And you may have flashed half the party guests at one stage. This doesn't worry you because you're still floating around on a little alcoholic cloud.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Next thing you know it you're in bed with the person you could barely talk to earlier that night. You wish you could remember your moves because you didn't think you had any to start with.

Image via Art-or-Porn

And then the next morning you wake up wishing the world would stop spinning. And making noise. And blinding you. And you have that uneasy feeling that you may have had all kinds of fun that you cannot completely remember.

All this just to say...

We're not quite awake yet after NYE... hope you enjoyed your night as well. We'll do our best to be back tomorrow, but if we're not you'll know we are still trying to reconstruct what exactly we did.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dialogue: The Upcoming Year

Art: First of all, welcome to 2011 everyone! ... Hope you got your resolutions sorted, and are having a nice long sleep in today.
Art: I guess first of all, I'd like to say that if this year works out as well as last year, you won't hear me complaining at all. Having said that... are there any relevant resolutions or intentions for the upcoming year?
Anna: I'm all for another year as good as this one, but if you want specifics, I guess I'd like to work on getting a bit braver around people in general. It is also probably going to become necessary to "come out" as non-monogamous to a wider group of people.
Art: That's an interesting point. I think sticking to as-needed is still the best way, because it gives each additional person some time to get used to the idea and make us more comfortable in the process. Although I must admit I'm not very concerned myself.
Anna: Well I have the additional complexity as bisexual, and I am aware that there are a small group of people that are likely to treat me differently. On top of that, generally speaking I think women are more cautious of allowing other women into their bed, so I'm expecting a bit of resistance there too.
Art: It'll be interesting to see how that pans out, really... I'm kinda looking forward to something similar... finding someone suitable along the way this year to tell; I have no idea who that could even be, but I'd love to try and find a non-threatening way to segue into explaining subtleties to someone that may not be aware of "everything out there" ... maybe I'll start with something more general than "what we do"
Anna: Well if we are at a gathering and that opportunity arises, I'll leave that space open for you.
Art: *lol* ... I'll do my best to recognise the opportunity
Anna: I'd also like to talk to some more people, and hopefully meet up with a few more of our internet friends. I don't necessarily want to tear their clothes off and go at it hammer and tongs, but it is nice to see what people are like in a real world situation.
Art: That's a good point... as much as the adult dating site hasn't worked for us (yet?), I felt really bad about the way it was worded. I've now adjusted it to sound a bit more in line with our quest to find comfortable-friends-with-maybe-benefits... I guess that's another one for 2011; maybe there'll be at least a single success story from that angle to report on.
Anna: I am still a bit on the wary side, but who knows, there might be good friends to be had out there. At the very least there might be an interesting conversation or two.
Art: That's my thought exactly. I'm not entirely sure yet how to accomplish it, but my plan for 2011 definitely involves more open-minded friends that we can just talk to about all this stuff. Somehow.
Anna: I have a funny feeling we already have a lot of those, we just haven't gotten to the part where we just talk about stuff yet.
Art: So, I guess to sum up the future is more bravery, more talking to other people and more finding of new other people that we may or may not already know a little bit. Did I miss anything important there?
Anna: Have fun and keep being awesome?
Art: Excellent... everything should just be awesome.

Hot on the Web - Happy New Year!

Welcome to the start of the new year all. If this year turns out half as well as the last one has for us, I'll be very happy indeed. And I'm sure Anna will agree.

Image via Art-or-Porn

I chose this picture for today because it looks like she's walking into a place she has never been before. Exploring somewhere new, without fear but with curiosity. And I think that is the best way to approach the future.

I hope this year turns out as exciting for all our readers as it will for us. May you Live In Interesting Times.