Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Challenge

XMAS has been a rather mixed experience this year. The shopping was less painful than it's ever been. I haven't over-eaten as much as I normally do, and I feel quite good for that (although I desperately need to get back into a solid gym routine) and for a rare treat my parents are visiting for XMAS and New Year.

My parents haven't actually mentioned our relationship situation although they were made aware before their visit. And they have met Delilah and seem to quite like her from what I can tell (they are hard to read). They seem to be really just taking it in their stride.

The only down-side seems to be that it's much trickier to fit in our normal relationship dynamic. For one thing I cannot walk around without pants quite so much, or do as much overt groping as I'd like. I doubt it's good etiquette for us to pile onto a single lounge and make out either. And sex is extremely tricky to fit in un-self-consciously.

At one stage I was fucking Anna from behind in the bathroom with my hand clasped over her mouth to make sure incriminating sounds did not escape. Actually... I guess that's kinda hot in a whole different way. Maybe I've had this backwards and the limiting factors are actually an incentive to be creative?

There are lots of interesting and entertaining stories brewing at the moment, but nothing that I can actually write as a finished piece. I'll do my best to encourage Anna to post up a Wanton picture today too for your entertainment. This place has been far too blue lately; we need some pink writing!



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