Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sex Math

If the title led you to imagine that there might be some hot +1 action, or multiplication of pleasure, or even just two-some, three-some, four-some, more-some... you're a little out of luck. I am actually contemplating doing some mathematical modeling to get my head around risk profiles. I have some intuitive idea of what I think is true, but I have no facts to back it up, and this irks me, so I plan to try and work it all out semi-scientifically.

To this end... I would greatly appreciate input and comments with regards to any sex-related statistics anyone out there can get their hands on. Specific examples would be: stats on percentages of straight/gay/bi people across genders, STI infection rates, monogamy/non-monogamy stats if they even exist, relationship duration stats... basically anything statistical that may even remotely have an impact on sex-lives.

I intend to do update posts along the way as I figure out some intermediate results, and as I evolve the sophistication of the model. Also, I will try and keep tabs on the sources of the information that goes into the modelling... for the sake of credit and credibility.

Interested in helping me out? Please leave a comment with anything you know! Facts! Figures! Studies! Anything...


GaryE said...

Sounds like a great idea; however, I can not be of any help. If I come across anything I will let you know though!

Delilah said...

You really are the biggest (sexiest) geek I know Arthur.

Lust and Confused said...

Thanks Gary, anything helps, even just passing it on to anyone that might have details. :)

And Delilah, you know I live to please ;)

- Arthur

Anonymous said...

Man, I LOVE you guys. I wish we could be friends in the real. You're my kinda folk.

Lust and Confused said...

Glad to hear it Anonymous! ... if I ever see you about Sydney I will be sure to say hi!

- Arthur

JustANewReader said...

I don't know how I wandered onto this, but I did find a paper in the Journal of Psychiatry. The study was designed to see if there was an increased rate of non-heterosexual behavior in identical twins. The result was, as I remember, that there was an increased number of twins who were non- heterosexual vs. fraternal twins or siblings. But - directly to your question, in their questioning of several thousand twins and non-twins, there was about a 3% incidence of self reported homosexuality or bisexuality.
As I read this, I was thinking of your blog, and how I had been a bit jealous that I could not experience this sort of relationship. Now I know that, as you have said, you are lucky.
I am also curious, and the paper didn't answer this question, about how many women find other women's breasts attractive. I can certainly see a reason why that should be the case, after all, when we are babies, we all need food.
And, just for reference, I have to say that I have no attraction at all for male genitalia, but can understand at a very visceral level how anyone, male or female, can experience lust for the female body.

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