Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Want In

I want a cock.

Don't get me wrong, I am very fond of my own equipment, but recently I have felt the need for more. There are places I want to be, things I want to explore, people I want to, well, fuck.

I've never really felt this way before. I've always found the idea of strap-ons and prosthetics a bit awkward, fake. I never really understood what the giver would get out of the whole thing. Why would you want to fuck someone with a piece of plastic when you have fingers and mouths and all manner of real live body parts that could be used for giving pleasure? The concept of being so removed from a partner, separated by silicon and hardware, seemed like something for other people, not for me.

Things have changed. A few days ago I found myself weaving back and forth around the heart-shaped ass of a beautiful bound woman, almost desperate to find a way that I could get inside her. Anywhere. Everywhere. Now. I wanted to watch myself slide into her, feel her move against me, imagine myself filling her completely.

Where do these thoughts even come from? Right there, in the moment, they were so strong it was like I existed in a thick fog of desire. The only times I've felt that way before have been where I was submissive. Very submissive. I'm pretty sure that strapping on a cock and fucking someone until little beads of sweat shiver down their side, I'm pretty sure that isn't counted as being submissive. I'm not sure what that is. I'm not sure I care.

I just want it.


Elise said...

I used to feel strap-ons were awkward as well, then I discovered that drive of which you speak. Nothing compares to that feeling. Enjoy.

Kit O'Connell said...

You should definitely investigate the Fun Factory Share. In my experience it seems to do a good job of giving cock like feelings to my lovers when they wear it.

sleepykitten said...

there are a few women out there who i'm sure could be persuaded to let you experiment with them.. =^_^=

Lust and Confused said...

@Elise I am so glad I am not the only one who felt that way. Thank you. It isn't something I like admitting because it feels a bit... well, snobby? Not quite the right word, but yeah, not good. It was almost like someone flipped a switch in that moment, and now I can't wait!

@Kit I do like the idea of cock-like feelings! I haven't tried anything from Fun Factory yet but I hear positive things. The Share is the one that looks similar to the Feeldoe, yes? The angle on the Share looks much more comfy to me. I'm not sure if my PC muscles are up to the task though!

@SleepyKitten *grin* I can be very persuasive ;-) I'm also afraid I'll be a bit unco-ordinated and rhythmless so this may not be the best deal for them :P


GaryE said...

I came over here after seeing your comment on curvaceousdee's blog. You skirted around an issue here that is near and dear to my heart. Being dominant or submissive and the thought of strap-on's. Now I am about 80% Dom and 20% switch. The thing is that I am a straight Dom guy who loves getting anally penetrated. A lot of folks will automatically say that the person getting penetrated by the strap-on is by definition the sub (they will usually go on to say that if said person is a male that he is almost certainly bi at least if not gay).

I for one disagree as I said I am not gay (or bi) I am not attracted to men. Yes I admit that I have had a few fantasies but they are just that fantasies that I would never want to act out. The point here (at least to me) is that the bottom (the one getting penetrated) can be the dominant partner the whole Dom/sub thing is about who is in control in the relationship as a whole not in who is in control in one particular instance.

When my wife gets out the strap-on (well feeldoe in our case which is the strapless strap-on) and fucks me in the ass it is done because I have told her that is what I want. In fact it is not something she really enjoys herself she only does it because it is something I want. That sounds very much to me like she is the submissive one does it not?

The bottom line here is that as you said it does not really matter. Yes we all want to put labels on things but as long as no one is getting hurt do what feels good. If that means getting out a strap-on and "fucking someone until little beads of sweat shiver down their side" so be it. Do not worry about the label.

Again this is a hot button subject for me. I for one believe that I can be and am Dominant as I am being fucked in the ass with a strap-on so there is no reason (in my mind) why you can not be submissive while doing the fucking. I realize that I am in the vast minority here (I have had the discussion many times in many chat rooms etc) but do not get all wrapped up in the prevailing wind there is nothing necessarily non-submissive about giving someone a great deal of pleasure while wielding a strap-on.

Finally I want to say very clearly that your second to the last sentence speaks volumes to me. "I'm not sure I care". To that I say good for you!


Lust and Confused said...

Hey Gary :)

You make a good point and I agree. Topping does not necessarily equate to being dominant. While the action of penetrating is generally accepted as a dominant action, the action and the headspace are two different and seperable things.

I suspect that we are somewhat wired to recognise actions as either dominant or submissive, but that is based on way too many nature documentaries and days spent watching animals interacting. Some positions/actions, by their nature, put one person in a more vulnerable position than the other. Assuming we are wired to recognise that vulnerability in ourselves and others then most people would just fall into the role dictated. Using these positions/actions would probably also serve to reinforce any pre-existing roles.

That completely disregards the headspace aspect though, and to me the headspace is the most vital part. I can totally imagine keeping myself in a submissive place while fucking someone I considered dominant. What goes where doesn't really matter IMO, you just have to keep everyone in the right headspace. :)

And just because it irks me no end - being male and enjoying being anally penetrated does not make you bi or gay, it makes you someone who enjoys getting anally penetrated. Liking other men makes you gay.

Thanks for the comment :)


GaryE said...

You are welcome for the comment.

I see that you and I are of the same mind on this whole thing. Which is rare in my experience. So cool ;-) . Thanks for the well thought out articulate response.


Lily said...

I use a strap-on with my girl and always find it to be a wonderful, intimate experience. Getting the right equipment matters and might take a few tries, but that kind of experimentation hardly qualifies as work in my regard :)

Anonymous said...

i like it 2 much

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