Saturday, October 30, 2010

Complex Sex: Language

To get started you may want to read the companion posts to this one dealing with "Society" and "People". This is the final part of the thoughts I was trying to put together.

Now let's say we don't care too much about what society thinks, because we have understanding friends, and when push comes to shove few if any will be too judgmental. And let's assume that we're not afraid to make the first move, and that we wish to do so in a way that avoids embarrassment or pressure on the object of our desire.


The biggest hurdle I find is language. There just are no good words to navigate this space I think. First of all, how to explain our relationship exactly?

"Well, we're kinda in an open relationship. But we don't do anything without the other, so it's basically a threesome that's on offer here... but we're not exactly ruling out that we might do some things separately somewhere down the track, so if you're not into threesomes I could let you know when other opportunities might arise. But maybe they won't... oh, and if you're not available by then that's also cool... I'd really like to stay friendly either way without it being weird for you if that's okay..."

Does anyone have a word that sums that up, because frankly I think most people would stop listening after "open relationship" and probably draw the wrong conclusion from their assumed general definition of this term.

See, a lot of the words that exist in this area may have very specific meaning to those that are part of the in-crowd, but for almost everyone else there are subtle differences in interpretation from one person to the next.

Heck, "bi-sexual", "bi-curious", "bi-comfortable", "experimental" ... I don't even dare assume what someone means exactly when they use anything except the first one. I'm not sure I have the "right" definition in my head, and I dare not assume the person I am talking to has the exact same one in mind as I do. Hence, lengthy descriptions and circuitous monologues that make eyes glaze over feature in my internal run-down of what I might say.

The same goes for propositioning. There just is no good way to concisely express that you'd really like to have some sex without getting into a relationship, but a friendship would be nice, oh and can my partner watch too please? And perhaps eat you out? If that's okay?

"Making love" is definitely not it, "Fucking" sounds too mechanical and devoid of any feeling whatsoever, "Have sex" sounds like something passive that you might put on the mantelpiece.

I think part of the problem is that this is not a topic area people tend to talk about. And for language to evolve, enough like minded people need to discuss it. For words that are universally understood, a large majority would need to be talking about it.

I'm sure enough people would be interested but there is no way to easily express the kind of fun we'd like to have, so we're all stuck being circumspect and feeling like we're sneaking behind the world's back.

Maybe a word-smith of greater skill than my own can craft some new words that evoke the content of their meaning. Something that can be used and then explained if needed. Something that might spread. Something we might all use in the future to be a little more open with each other about all the wonderful ways in which we can relate.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fantasy: Mine

I feel your body beneath me, but only in that vague distant way. My hands are pinning your wrists to the bed and the weight of my hips pushes your ass into the mattress. I know you were begging before, but now you are mine and I am inside you, drowning in your pleasure.

Your legs of their own accord wrap around my ass. One ankle hooked behind the other, pressure spurring me on harder, deeper, now. I adjust my rhythm, long deep strokes pushing at the end. I know you like this; your body betrays you with a shiver at the tip.

Your eyes briefly flash open, but you aren't really there anymore. You look into me and I can tell you only see the guy fucking you right now. Hunger. Your eyes roll a little and then close again. I change again; less pressure, but now more speed.

Your legs have dropped back next to my hips. They clamp slightly to the sides. I feel my hips sliding through our sweat against your legs. I feel my balls bounce against you with each stroke. Focusing on the feelings I get hypnotised... more speed... smooth rhythm. And then I falter.

You are now grunting and groaning. You seem completely gone in the sensations. It makes me ache. I know I'm about to come. I shift my legs underneath you a little. Lever your ass onto my legs a little. Grab your hips. Force myself in with frantic forceful motion. I can feel the pressure building and I just want to be inside as far as I can be.

Then I come. Hold. Pull you on me. Push me in you. Your hungry eyes locked onto mine. You groan with satisfaction each time I pulse inside you. You got what you wanted. Mine.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot on the Web - Singles

I have to apologise. This is clearly not your regular scheduled HNT. Due to insufficiently foreseen circumstances (Halloween preparations) we are a bit short on time to compose a titillating picture this week, so instead... something in a bit of a Halloween spirit instead.

Image via Art-or-Porn

I wish we had a friend this black... and naked... and dressed in cowgirl getup... like this. I love the glossy look of pretty black skin like this. The lovely little highlights on her shoulder blades. The dark dimple of her lower spine. The glance over the shoulder "Come get it, cowboy". And the hair draped seductively over the other shoulder.

Is it bad that I wish we had a black unicorn as well? We have to be multi-cultural, surely? ;) 

e[lust] edition #21

Photo courtesy of Evocative Abyss

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D/s Without the D/s? - This is one of those situations in a real time D/s relationship where much of the “fun” aspects of the D/s needs to be stuffed in the closet for a bit. And for us, it’s not a great time to be either a masochist or a sadist. We can deal with that.

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Truth or Dare

I think it's time to dare myself to write some truth. Be vulnerable. Show the icky insides of a disaster that set us on this path. In a sense.

About a year and a half ago there was trouble brewing. I love my Annabelle, and she loves me. Always have, always will. But we had not been coping well in our relationship. I'm not sure I can really explain. We weren't communicating. We were flattening off. Taking the edges of ourselves. Getting dull, to each other and to ourselves.

Through all of it, the relationship was fine though, but that's the most insidious kind of trouble. The kind you cannot see because it hides behind everything being fine as-is. Because in reality we wanted things. Things we didn't have. Things we had forgotten about.

You see... I was re-discovering fantasies I'd lost. Turn-ons long forgotten. And to make matters worse, they were coming out talking to the wrong person; not Annabelle. Things got really complicated, and although there was technically no adultery, it wasn't very far off the mark. Betrayal, bad. Bad communication, bad bad bad!

Now, clearly we recovered. We're here. We're happier than ever.

I would not recommend this as a goal for people in trouble in their relationship, because the reason this worked out for us was because we weren't aiming for this as a solution.

What our trouble did do was teach us quickly how to communicate. We were desperate to fix it, so we talked about everything ... not fantasies to start with; that was too perilous considering the circumstances. But we started with feelings. It felt really good. It felt liberating. We discovered what we had been doing wrong, how we had gotten lost.

And then we discovered we could communicate about sex too. Hesitantly at first. Carefully. One little step at a time. This is where Sex is Fun saved us. Listening to the podcast opened up the door to talk about topics that might have been too scary to dive into cold.

We re-discovered that we actually liked a lot of the same things. Including girls. We re-discovered that this was fun. And we discovered not to be scared. And that is where you would have found us at the start of this blog some 6 months ago. Recovered from a collapsing relationship, and toying with the idea of leveraging our new communications skills to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I wouldn't say I'm grateful for the betrayal, but I'm glad that it shook up the state of our relationship so that we could fix it, rather than have it crash and burn. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that. Dive in the deep end. Scary... but liberating.

We are now where we should have been back then. We've been together long enough to trust. And I think now we can trust better than we ever have.

It is kinda scary to write this out to the world. And I wouldn't hold this up as a shiny example of anything. Or a reason for whatever. It just is. It is part of who we are. It seemed right to write it out for everyone that is following along. It's important to acknowledge that not everything has always been easy for us, and I think it enhances the message that if you are prepared to put the effort in you can pretty much make any kind of relationship work for you.

And on balance... I wouldn't change a single thing.

Neither would I.

I'm glad this is now out there. Over the last year or so I have developed this rather overpowering desire to tell the truth and talking about our now flourishing sex life without giving any background seemed so... unfair. I don't want to give anyone the idea that we are perfect. I don't want anyone to think they have to be perfect to have what we have. I always thought that, I always assumed people who were in long-term non-monogamous relationships must be some kind of perfect. I don't want to let our little blog be part of that myth.

Even though I do pick on Arthur for being such a Sex Is Fun fanboy, he is right. They helped us prepare for this amazing adventure by talking about the things we were just never brave enough to discuss with each other. Those conversations kick-started our own and we discovered so many things about ourselves and each other that we just assumed we knew. It was amazing and wonderful and one of the hardest and most painful things we've ever done.

It isn't about the sex, though that is a whole lot of fun, it is about what lets us have that amazing sex over and over again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hot on the Web - Singles

Tonight... just a gorgeous picture of a gorgeous girl. Not sure I'd call this art, certain it isn't really porn. It probably is somewhere in between.

Image via Art-or-Porn

It's actually like she's glowing; it may be all the white sheets around her, or the light reflecting off her skin, but it looks like there is something else too. I'm a sucker for pretty faces; I think an earlier post already kinda indicated how eyes and smiles affect me. This is quite awesome.

Add to that the relaxed pose; she's just lying there near the window on the weekend, doing absolutely nothing. Maybe she came off the beach, because there seems to be a bit of a beach-shell theme in the bracelet and waist chain there from what I can tell.

There is just something really compelling about her. I dare you to disagree.

The Most Fun

I honestly forgot all about them. It wasn't that I made a conscious decision to leave them on, or that I was depriving myself of nakednes, I just kind of forgot that I was still wearing them.

It took until we were lying in a happy little puddle that I noticed I was still in my underwear. They weren't even sexy knickers, just everyday cotton fare. It amused me so much that I made some crack about it being the most fun you could possibly have with your pants on. As it turns out I was wrong.

After getting over their surprise at my state of dress, next thing I know I was being thoroughly restrained by Arthur while Delilah took matters into her own hands. I tried to be still. I tried to stick to the standard acceptable range of sexy noises, but several hours of teasing caught up to me and I thrashed and twitched and I do believe I may have made some sort of grunty noise.

My pants stayed on. I didn't care. I barely even noticed. My entire body was so incredibly sensitive that even trying to lay on the bedsheets was sending me into fits of pleasure. Part of me wanted to curl up and hide, bodies are not supposed to (over)react like that, but the rest of me was riding some incredible high that kind of overpowered any self-conciousness I might have been feeling. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't speak. I could feel absolutely everything.

It really was the most fun I've ever had with my pants on.

Monday, October 25, 2010

All Night Long

We were supposed to be going to sleep. It was already late, and it had been a long day. A bit of cuddling, turning into a lot of cuddling, all in good fun. But when cuddling becomes kissing, and things heat up to the point where the blanket needs to come off we realise that we're still no better at not getting all over each other... every... single... time.

Actually... that's not a bad thing I think.

I'm not quite sure how I got there, but it didn't take long before my face was between Delilahs legs. I love running my tongue over her clit. Rolling it along my teeth. Flicking my tongue over it and watching her abs jump and her body squirm. She was very enthused this time because she couldn't help grinding into my face a little, and why not? Positive feedback if ever there was any. All the while Anna was hovering over near her head, whispering things at her and kissing her. I couldn't make out what was said, but I was enjoying myself too much to wonder.

After Delilah begged to be let go, she ended up rolling around on the bed with Anna. Her on top, grinding her hips into Anna. Anna squirming now. I was just off to the side playing with my hard cock, but again, I cannot say I had anything to complain watching the show in the almost-dark.

At some point the girls decided it wasn't fair for me to be left out, even though I was really enjoying myself anyway. And since it seemed a blowjob was on the menu I was hardly going to complain. The feeling of Delilahs mouth on my cock was amazingly naughty in my head. I don't know how much the tongue piercing added physical sensation, or if it was just in my mind, but it definitely worked. After a while I was put into the middle of the bed with Anna and Delilah on either side of me and working on me together. Oh My God, it is hard to do justice to the feeling of having your balls and shaft sucked at the same time, and hands everywhere over my body... so many hands. I could have easily been lost right then and there had they not backed off a bit, followed by some merciless teasing with their hands.

I didn't come then. I wasn't too concerned; I just proceeded lobbying at every opportunity.

In the end it was when Delilah lay on her stomach next to Anna. I thought I'd just test how wet she was. I wasn't quite prepared for the soft wet give I found. My thumb slipped inside before I realised how close I was... and immediately found her clit again in the process. She shivered when my thumb slipped over it, so I decided that'd be fun to do again. Slowly sliding my thumb out, along her lips, back to her pussy and then inside over her clit. Shiver again. Every repeat I slid in a little further putting light pressure along the wall.

I heard her plead something, but since I couldn't make out words I moved on to another repeat. More pleading, clearly asking to be fucked now. Turns out she was asking Anna if I could fuck her, and Anna by now was nudging me to do so. A quick hop of the bed. Put on a condom. Back onto the bed. Check wetness again. All in order.

She was still flat on her stomach on the bed, but she was getting up on her knees to allow me to get in I think. In the end I slid in when her hips were already lowering again, and I let my weight push her back into the bed. Damn she was wet. Damn I was feeling hot and bothered. Damn, this was more comfortable than I had imagined.

It took us a few strokes to find a rhythm that worked. I think we bumped to the edge a few times there at the start, but that was soon forgotten when she begged me to go harder. I had to adjust a little, trying to find more leverage with my legs. Trying to find the best trade-off between depth, force and speed. It felt amazing to be flat on top of her, so effortlessly, so wet. And Anna moaning along beside was an even bigger turn-on. She was getting hot enough to explode just being there riding the high with us without even touching as far as I was aware.

I have no idea how long I was there, but I could hear myself start getting grunty and I knew I would soon come. I think Delilah was well and truly off the planet already by this point. I recall her moaning my name a few times along the way I think. I remember feeling big and strong. I'm not sure whether the two have anything to do with each other.

And then I collapsed on top of Delilahs back. Whispering at her. Her whimpering back. Anna squirming besides us. And every single touch would send Anna off into fits and spasms. She was more sensitive than either of us after that. It was simply amazing.

I sat up, and was grinding my hips into Delilah some more, but I could feel my cock was not up to much more at this point. Usually he's up for seconds, but I think the hours of foreplay left us all a bit worse for wear. We all had a quick shower, one after the other.

Anna and I quickly replaced the sheets while Delilah was showering. There was an immense wet spot right where Delilah has been on the bed. No need for us to ask if she had enjoyed herself. I think Annabelle was particularly pleased with the physical signs of her pleasure right there on our now-discarded sheets.

We didn't get much sleep after that, but that had more to do with the fact that morning was almost on the horizon already. I think time had flown by quicker than any of us realised, but I cannot say that a single moment was wasted.

I think we'll all be riding another high for the better part of this week now. If this feeling came in tablet form I'm sure it'd be an illegal drug.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shot in the Balls

I thought I better report on what I have been up to today. I've tweeted cryptically once or twice today already, so here is the detail.

I got shot at with lasers. That sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Or maybe it doesn't really.

Normally I will either pluck or shave my cock and balls. Plucking takes a lot of time and effort (and tends to make my neck sore from bending over in a weird direction), and shaving makes me itchy. Lose/lose.

Now recently I had my neck de-haired with lasers, and that went so well that I decided to be brave. It was at once so much better and worse than I expected.

It actually didn't sting any more than my neck for the most part. Heck, there were even some parts on the balls that apparently don't have as many pain receptors as you'd expect, because on parts it just didn't hurt at all. Then there were a few parts that were OH MY GOD SO MUCH MORE SENSITIVE.

The laser technician was very nice and professional. She said that people tend to get weird once more private parts get involved. I decided right at the start that I'd go with "this is the most normal thing in the world, and she's a professional, so there!" And she played along wonderfully. It was a completely comfortable experience (well, other than the pain).

Now, if it works out as well as the other hair I've already had removed, then I'll be forever smooth from now on. And that in my mind is worth a brief amount of pain. And it only took the glowing sensation a few hours to settle down. And now I'm horny. Maybe that's related. ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sex on the Beach

I have been daydreaming lately. I have been browsing hotels and interstate holidays. I have been imagining what it would be like to be somewhere far away. With my Anna. With our Delilah. With nobody to worry about.

The idea of arriving at the airport, taking a taxi, out in the sun. Looking at all the other tourists that we are about to blend in with. Looking at everyone having fun. Leaving their lives behind for a little while.

Next we'd spend some time exploring the surroundings of our hotel while we wait for our check-in. Shops and cafes. Pools and beaches. Sun, sand and a fresh ocean breeze. All the while starting to get more and more excited by the ideas playing through my head.

White sheets on a perfectly made king bed. A pristine living room with sturdy lounges and an inviting coffee table. A kitchen with a polished bench, just begging... begging... to be used. And perhaps a balcony... high enough that people on the beach cannot make out identities, but close enough to see what is going on.

I doubt I would wear more than board shorts or nothing during the entire stay. Just naked in the apartment, and minimally clothed when out in the streets and on the beach. Recovery outside, and hot steamy sex while inside.

Outside, giving in to the abandon of I-don't-care-who-can-see-us. Scandalously flirting and kissing. Trying not to grin like an idiot at the jealous stares of the guys on the beach. Trying not to blush at the kisses and bites in my neck.

And then when back in our apartment; bend her over the side of the lounge, put her on the edge of the kitchen bench, lay her on the coffee table, spread her legs while she leans on the edge of the balcony. Fuck slow and fast, gentle and hard, and touch all over their bodies.

And then at night curl up under the pristine sheets with the window open. The sound of the waves rolling in. The feel of two girls at my sides. Heads on my chest. Basking. Remembering what we did today, imagining what we'll do tomorrow.

As you may imagine I've been having trouble getting work done today.

HNT - Well Read

Arthur is extra-super-wonderful today. I mean, Arthur is always pretty darn wonderful, but today he outdid himself. Around lunchtime a large box of books arrived at the door, full of study-worthy goodies and readable delights for us to share. As if that wasn't enough, we now have a splendid piece of organisational furniture that has seen me spend the tail end of the night unstacking and repacking our pantry. I am in a special sort of new-booky canned-goods-sorty heaven and I blame Arthur. Bless his little cotton socks!

Among the books ordered was this little gem, Sex At Dawn. I'm rather looking forward to getting my hands on this one myself but for now Arthur seems to have a very firm hold.

I'm not quite sure, but I'm hoping this is a how-to manual on awakening your sleepy girlfriend in unique and pleasurable ways. Maybe? Pretty please?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WTMFI - Week 25: Would You Rather...

Question 1: Would you rather eat berries from between someone's toes OR eat beans from between someone's toes?
Why toes... oh god why? What a strange question to start with. I'd have to say berries, because the idea of beans is just not erotic in any way... and toes + foodstuffs definitely need something seductive to balance out the image.
Berries, definitely berries. Who would choose beans? I don't much care for beans at mealtimes, I can't ever see them being a sexy food.

Question 2: Would you rather have sex laying down OR have sex sitting or standing?
I guess doggie counts as laying down, technically. But the idea of sitting with a girl on my cock has a certain lazy appeal about it. And it leaves my hands free to wander, which is a definite plus. But can I quote Anna here and say I'd really just like a little bit of everything?
I'm lazy so this one is easy. I'm also quite uncoordinated so as much as I like the idea of sex standing up or rocking around on Arthur's lap, it would probably end in disaster. I'm safest as a laying down girl.

Question 3: Would you rather be caressed OR grabbed?
Definitely caressed for me. I like gentle touches, but not too gentle. I'm not sure where the line exactly is, but I can get very ticklish and jumpy if the touch is too tentative. Touching all over my back... or my chest... or my ass... or... well... my cock. Anywhere really. I love how it draws my mind around through my body with the touch.
Depends on the day and the person. Sometimes I love to be caressed, to feel soft fingers tracing my curves. Other times I like to be grabbed, held and pinned. Often, I like a combination of the two.

Question 4: Would you rather have someone pull your hair OR scratch your back?
I just cut my hair. I don't think Delilah is pleased. But it will grow again. I like her hands tangled in my hair more than I expected, so some pulling is nice I think. Not that there is anything wrong with nails on my back. Gimme both! I'm greedy!
Gaaah! I have to choose? I suppose if I absolutely had to pick, fingernails on my back would come out ahead. Hair pulling is good too, but I do love a wild passionate scratch. I even like the pretty marks I have afterwards. Girl nails leave such pretty pretty marks. *shudder*

Question 5: Would you rather have sex in the wilderness OR in a completely public place?
Wilderness is not generally likely. I don't like bugs much. They bother me. Too public in daylight also doesn't sound quite like me tho, so maybe a little of both? ... Somewhere slightly out of the public, but within arms length? ... A hotel room balcony, high above the people wandering by, where a glimpse might catch me?
Sticks and biting insects up my bottom or being arrested... hmmm. Well, I'm not really in to sex in public so I suppose that leaves wilderness. Is the beach wilderness? Beaches seem nice.

BONUS QUESTION: Would you rather be told your sexy OR smart?
I know I'm smart, so sexy. That was easy.
I think I'd rather sexy. I was told I was quite smart as a kid but I don't think I was ever really told I was beautiful or sexy. I remember once being told I looked like a prostitute, but I doubt that was meant as a compliment. No, I think I'd prefer sexy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So, Who is Being Coerced Then?

I know Annabelle gets concerned about my feelings, my being okay with everything that is happening in our lives right now. It feels a bit strange, funny almost. Isn't it supposed to be the guys wanting threesomes and not having enough regard for their partners in that respect?

I happily reassure her I'm fine, because I am. This would need to get a whole lot more complicated and involved before it gets anywhere near a threshold in my personal comfort levels. I'm not even sure there is one, but the reason we are slow and deliberate is because you can never know when something unexpected might pop up when feelings are involved.

That is as far as my personal feelings are concerned.

Then there are other people. Acquaintances, friends, family. Not everyone needs to know, but some might find out unintentionally. Not all of them *need* to know, but it might be simpler if eventually some of them do. It's nice to have some people that can run interference, or that we can bounce ideas off, be ourselves around.

Out of all of those people, I think family would be the trickiest. On the one hand family would be most invested in supporting us, but on the other hand would also be the most protective of us and our feelings. If they do not understand they may decide that one or the other of us is 'forcing this on the other'. Coercing. Something.

I kinda wish we could just give them the link to this blog, because between everything we have written here so far, I doubt anyone could form the impression either of us is not fully on board with our choices. Unfortunately, I also think there are a few too many posts here that are... uhm... unsuitable for family viewing.

It's one thing for family to stumble onto the blog, and that does not bother me too much. It's something else entirely for us to point them towards something they might rather not have too many details on.

I guess for now the blog can be our insurance policy... the nuclear option... if any family doubts this is us just being us, then we can point them to our blog as a last resort.

But in the mean time let's just quietly hope it won't have to come to that. I would not want to be forced to turn this into a more PG blog. It would be so boring!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Safe Places

When Arthur and I first started out on this journey I expected it would be something different to what is has turned out to be. I figured we'd meet some cute girls, have a bit of fun, and then move on. I thought it would be an arms length type of deal, far from our home and our friends, where we could have our new sexy lifestyle safely tucked away from the world at large.

I did not expect this overwhelming need to be honest with people.

I'm not quite sure when it occurred to me that I wanted things to be out in the open, but the desire has been building for some time now and I just do not know what to do with it. I don't want to shout it from the roof tops or brag about our playmates to all and sundry, but it'd be nice to feel we could have a quick cuddle or some such in front of our friends without it causing some major ripples.

I just want people to know that it is OK, that we are OK, and for that to all be OK.

But where do you start with that conversation? How do you say to someone you've known for years that you no longer fit in your comfortable little box? How is it fair to hand them everything that has taken you years to figure out and expect them to come to terms with it on the spot?

It isn't.

I had not considered the need to come out. I have always been very encouraging of others who felt they wanted to do so, but I never considered I'd be the one in the hot seat. I am a regular suburban housewench with a man that I love to bits, why would someone like me even think about coming out? I mean, close friends and my family are aware that I like girls. I can think of very few people who would not just take that in their stride. That isn't what worries me.

I want to have my cake and eat it too.

There aren't many guides on explaining a non-traditional relationship to friends and family. It is complex and as individual as we are, so easily understandable terms just do not cover it, or they leave way too much room for interpretation. I don't want people expecting that I'm fair game when Arthur is not present or vice versa. A little part of me wonders why it is even important to discuss what could be seen as something that should stay in the bedroom, but the rest of me is stubbornly trying to make our safe place bigger.

The world, at least my small part of it, should be OK with who I am.

I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to make people uncomfortable, even if it is their own fears and misconceptions that are causing them to feel that way. It is a lot for anyone to take in, and I wouldn't blame them for being so overwhelmed that they stop at only the very edge of understanding. I really want them to understand. I don't want to be the person who is defined by their sexuality, the girl who has no identifier other than being in the big box labelled perversions and deviations.

It used to be safe to be myself around anyone, but then I changed.

I need to make it safe again.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sexpo Weekend

This weekend Sexpo was on in Sydney at Fox Studios. Last time Annabelle and I went to Sexpo was a long time ago. It was a fairly small affair at the time, from memory no larger than the smaller of the two buildings that were up this year. Also, a lot more polished than it was before.

This time we took a small band of friends to see what was up. And my, my feet were sore by the end of the day. I think we must have roughly spent 8 hours up on our feet, walking, shuffling, standing. And touching... everything we could.

As we walked in, we were immediately faced by a big Lelo stand. The colourful toys totally unmistakable. Every single item in their range on display. Including a couple that weren't released yet. Oh, cruel torture... to show us what we cannot have... for no money in the world. New models with chrome and holes through for easier grip I presume. That stand alone we probably spent a total of 30 minutes admiring.

We started in what I though was going to be the bigger hall. Stands along the outside, big stage in the middle. I was adjusting my pacing based on the idea this was the larger hall, so when later we walked into the other one and realised we had only seen 1/3 of the expo I was a little worried.

I wish we had had more time to sit at the big stage a few times, because some of the performances looked like they would have been right up my alley. Miss Suzie Q on the pole looked very spectacular and flexible. And the trapeze act later was pretty amazing too.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the low quantities of outright bad jelly toys. Other than on the big piled tables of questionable merchandise that you'd expect at these kinds of venues.

There were lubes, fleshlights, boots and shoes, outfits in all shapes and sizes and every brand of toy imaginable. There even was a body painting stand that must have had some exhibitor custom too as evidenced by the hot topless sales girls on a few of the stands.

And then there was the hot people everywhere. I'm sure no more so than at any other expo, but I guess our minds might have been primed to look for looks. A few sales girls and plenty of the visitors would have been more than welcome to come say hi as far as I am concerned.

What didn't happen... and I'm not sure if I was pleased or a little disappointed... is anyone walking up saying something about liking our blog. It was of course a long shot, and they would not have had any way of recognising us, but somehow it sits in the back of the mind once you start writing a sex blog, that one day someone near you will run into it. Maybe next year we'll be brave and wear shirts with our logo ;) ... "Team L & C" ... we'll see how we go.

Pro-tip: when going to a sex expo... be prepared to get horny at some point or another. In the end, no sex for us this weekend ... everything went too chaotic. We will have to plan *that* better too next year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot on the Web - Singles

We are looking forward to Halloween this year. We are having a bit of a party. And there isn't really anything novel about that as such, but as such things go at grown-up parties, there are some more daring costumes involved. Not outrageously so. And very few people at the party have any idea about what is going on in our private lives. But still.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Now, I wouldn't exactly call this a Halloween outfit per-se, but regardless there is something incredibly alluring about this picture. Identity barely hidden. Minimal palette with the black nails, black outfit, black mask. The tentative lips...

Now, in addition to making for a very appealing picture, this has the makings of a very hot fantasy. There's something about the idea of surreptitiously slipping away from the crowd at a party, partner in tow. Inching up a dress, inching down underwear, inching in ... and having a quick fuck before returning to reality and friends.

An even more alluring thought if there are a few tiny tell-tale signs left afterward... a bit of make-up transferred... a piece of clothing slightly out of order... something little. Something small enough that nobody notices, but big enough that I could tell afterward. Something to relish in and remember by.

In reality I expect saving it up until the party disbands will be better. But it is a hot little fantasy anyway. Maybe next year enough of our friends will know tidbits, or we will be brazen enough to not care and leave big clues. That'll be even more fun.

HNT - Disembodied Legs

So here's the deal. Arthur and I were sitting on the couch having dinner when I notice him looking at my feet. I queried this and he grinned and said that I wasn't to move and that my legs in *exactly* that position were this week's HNT picture. Off he scurried to find himself a camera, and he snapped away. He paused, frowned, and asked if I can get rid of a background in Photoshop. Should be fine, I say, I can remove tattoos and add skies, how hard could it possibly be?

As it turns out, it is quite hard. It is quite tricky to make a cat scratch post uncatscratchposty. So, in an effort to bring you my half naked goodness, I sucked at Photoshop. I sucked hard! I mean, look at that. Blatant inappropriate filter use. I'm thoroughly embarrassed.

Still, the legs themselves are pretty damn good. I never really look at them, but they aren't half bad from that angle. I may need to wear tiny skirts more often...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Firsts

So we kinda sorta had a threesome. Actually no, there was no kinda sorta about it. We did it. I watched Arthur fuck another girl and it was awesome. I can't get it out of my head and, to be honest with you, I'm not sure I want to.

It feels so long ago, so completely normal and unextraordinary, but at the same time it feels incredible and amazing and so big of a deal that I can barely contain myself. So many new experiences in such a short amount of time, I just don't know where to start... Wait, yes I do!

Girls taste fantastic. I don't quite know how I ended up with that rather useful piece of information. One minute I was playing with hair and licking nipples, the next thing I know I'm buried between her legs hoping that those little happy noises she's making are somehow related to me. She was so sweet, so soft, so very different to what I am used to.

I have been floating around with my head in the clouds ever since. Every so often my daydreaming will take on a distinctly pornographic feel and there we'll all be, intense concentration written all over Arthur's brow and a beautifully contorted girl, eyes closed and frowning ever-so-slightly, wrapped tightly around his cock.

I watched my boy fuck another girl and it was amazing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Big One

Giddy like schoolgirls. That's the only way to describe the lot of us. I feel like bouncing around the place, but I'm sure someone would notice something odd about me if I did.

I am going to refrain from talking on anybody else's behalf... they can tell their own stories. For my part, Oh My God, Threesomes are So Awesome! Not that I am complaining about any of the prior experimenting around, but this was just... so completely awesome.

We were all sharing the fun around, taking turns on various activities... I spurred Annabelle on to try some pussy, and to my surprise she went straight for it. I think she might have enjoyed it. I'm sure she will be spilling the beans in the near future. Soon after it was decided that it was long overdue for me to get my underwear off.

I ended up in the middle of two gorgeous girls... heads on my shoulders... hands all over my body. I had never realised how distinctive touch can be until I noticed the subtle differences between the hands on me. On my cock. Playing with it.

Oh, and I'm going to take the fact it is "not average" as a compliment, even though that statement can go either way really ;) ... and for what it is worth, it still seems average to me, since it's the only one I got.

The committee then voted that Anna should get on top of me first, which clearly was awesome. (It turns out both girls are closeted voyeurs). And then Anna spurred me on to go fuck our Unicorn already. I'm not sure what was the hottest part in all this... a gorgeous unicorn, for the first time... Anna watching intently... Anna encouraging... legs wrapped around me... how incredibly wet she was for this. I have neglected to ask outright how it was for her (I think?) but Oh My God ... yes... Not very eloquent, but that's all I have right now.

Anna reminded me later that this was the first time I'd fucked someone new... it seemed a strange thing to say to me. But poignant at the same time. And again, it is all so normal, so... natural and simple. I keep wondering what it is exactly that we are doing so right. Or if it is just that this is how we are wired, and we are only now discovering that.

Now, in the interest of full and honest disclosure I have to admit I had some trouble the next morning. We were just awake... getting ready for a family visit... regretting having to part ways. All grinding hips and groins together.

After several false starts and admonishments that we had to be on our way (I thought that kinda thing only ever happened in the movies) Anna growled for me to fuck our unicorn again. In the end the stress of having to rush to get to our BBQ lunch with family turned out to be too much for my plumbing. I guess that's just the universe telling us all to keep something for next time. Or that's how I'm choosing to interpret it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Complex Sex: People

Now last time I had a look at societal factors that make sex complex. Today, people... and of course some of those earlier factors directly impact on how people make their own lives misery.

The fear that our sexual mores might matter to those around us is what cripples us. People can be judgmental, but more likely than not only because they think they are expected to be. Because that is what we all silently pretend. That it matters.

I'll have to go with my own experience a little here, because frankly that is all I have. Looking at the attractive girls in my day that I could opt to talk to or hit on... why don't I?
  • I don't want to bother her. Maybe she's at her job, and it seems incredibly rude to distract. After all, she's attractive and society says she's not going to be interested in my advances, right? So why bother? Dumb dumb dumb... but still it is hard to escape from learned behaviour.
  • I don't want to embarrass her. Maybe her friends are right there... or did I mention work? Or her family? Even when you're not right near people they might know (and that's not something you can even be sure about anyway), I don't want to make her blush... glance furtively... awkwardly have to refuse.
  • I don't want to embarrass myself. Because society says all I'm after is the quickie... or a white wedding... right? So, what is she to do? The safe bet for her is to just say no. Shame if she was interested, because the only acceptable out is 'no'.

Then there is the fact that people undervalue themselves. "He/she would never say yes, because they are so much more appealing than I am"! Because we are all one-dimensional... But of course there are many possible reasons to say yes... and "he/she is the hottest piece of ass I've ever seen" is only one of them. There are many people I might not actively seek out (because frankly I'm lost in thought frequently), but if they were to approach me, I wouldn't say no to something hot and steamy. Either because of looks, or because of personality... or just because they seem like they might be inventive and have something new to teach. Who knows? Any reason can be a valid reason. And that cuts both ways!

I'm not saying it's easy, definitely not at first, but I think for the most part the simple fix is to talk, to be brave, and to be amazed at the amount of fun and sex there is to be had out there when you are honest about your desires.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dialogue: Interviewing Annabelle

I thought we'd do something different tonight with our dialogue post. Rather than talking directly, I've created a list of interview questions below. I'm sending them to Anna pre-written and hopefully she'll answer quite a few of them.

Before we started blogging our way along this adventure, how did you think this was going to turn out?
I really don't know. I think I had expected things to progress much more slowly, however I'm certainly not complaining! I thought we'd be spending a silly amount of time in bars hitting on probably-straight girls and being knocked back. I thought there would be nights in bed sifting through dating profiles and covert coffee shop meetings to sus out potential playmates. I'm quite sure it didn't involve airing our lacy laundry on the interwebs, but I'm finding this a lot of fun.

What has been your most unexpected turn-on? ... And turn-off?
I like to watch. I like it an awful lot. I suppose that wasn't entirely unexpected given that I thoroughly enjoy porn flicks. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it quite so much though, it has a sort of hypnotic effect. I'm still getting used to the idea that this is something that I enjoy. The sensible part of me knows it is perfectly OK to enjoy such things, but the socially conditioned part of me is a little bit frightened of this deviance. I am yet to find a turn-off that I did not already know about.

What if anything do you worry about the most?
Er, disease and babies... maybe not in that order. I know it is all a matter of risk management but those things do occasionally pop into my head.

Are there any specific people you wish you could share more details about our life with right now?
Yes, but I'm quite worried about how they would react. I do want to share, especially with some of my closer friends, but I just don't know if that is the sort of things that you talk to people about. It is the sort of thing *I* talk to people about but I'm not usually the one doing the sharing. I don't want to make anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable so for the moment at least I'm being very quiet about things.

Are there any people we know (online, or offline) that you would like to be able to play with?
Ohhh, I had not thought about that much. Yes. Yes there most definitely are.

If so, do you think you'd be brave enough to tell them so if you were face-to-face with them?
Doubtful, but I'd probably try with the online ones at least. The blushing and stumbling over words might well give me away since they know the general content of the blog.

Are there many people you think you'd have trouble confronting about this change in your life?
No, not many. Some. I worry about some of my family and my older friends, because they have known so much of me for so very long that it might be scary and frustrating for them to fit all of those versions of me in this new box. They might not be able to. They might not want to. They might find excuses to avoid doing it. The excuses worry me the most. I own this choice, these choices. I am proud of my life and of us and who we are as a couple and individuals within that. I think it would cut me to the core if people I cared about deeply refused to let me be responsible for my choices. I know they wouldn't stop loving me but I'm not really sure that would be enough. It is probably a silly fear but it is enough to make me think long and hard before I open my mouth about it.

How would you explain this choice to someone that is open about alternate lifestyles? ... and someone that might be less informed, but still not opposed to the idea? ... and someone that might actively 'not understand'?
Damn, that sounds like a high school exam question with an extra helping of adult themes. For the most part I think I could announce it as part of me and then carry on without much more than a nod. That is kind of the way it should be I guess. Most people have a bit of an idea that I'm not entirely straight but the idea of the two of us playing with girls in an outside-the-box relationship structure might be a little difficult for people to come to terms with.
In reality I do not know many people who I can be sure understand alternate lifestyles. I know most are accepting of different sexual orientations but that does not necessarily translate to being accepting of bisexuality and non-manogamy, and more specifically of me participating in such. Generally speaking, well informed people have well-formed ideas on how things should be and sometimes those ideas do not fall in your favour. I think I'd be most comfortable talking to the less informed people because then I get to set the standard and normalise it as best I can.
People who don't want to or can't understand would probably not be told at all, or would be told incrementally and only after they knew me reasonably well. That might force them to reconcile their understanding of me with their misunderstanding of other things.

Do you have any further thoughts about all this that you'd like to share with the readers?
I am happy. I'm still timid about a lot of things, but I am getting braver and I am happy. I've stopped waiting for things to explode, or for people to scream and shout nasty things at me. I'm getting used to the idea that this is ok, that I am not defective, and that we can do this together. The really weird thing is that none of this feels weird. I keep thinking that it should, but try as I might to think my way to being rebellious and ridiculously complicated in some way, it just feels... normal. Thankfully that in itself is a bit weird, so I occasionally find myself revelling in the weirdness of normality. It is strangely comforting.

Thanks for taking the time to write up these answers; if you feel like it you can write me an interview sometime too, and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hot on the Web - Singles

And I thought for tonight we'd have a double single... and something artistic and beautiful.

Image via Art-or-Porn

I love the way the candlelight provides small intimate pools of detail in this picture. All the soft curves exposed in the gentle light. It makes me want to run my tongue along the calf... touch the feet with my hands... grab that ass and squeeze it... run my fingertips along her spine to her neck... curl around behind her... nip at her neck with little kisses. This picture just oozes foreplay.

Hot on the Web - Singles

I think after the serious post of last night we deserve a little light entertainment. After a very good morning at the gym I think the following is kinda appropriate (albeit cheeky).

Image via Art-or-Porn

I'm not sure how I'd feel in a class like this... exposed maybe? ... aroused probably ... and I can just imagine all the prying eyes looking in on the class. Maybe I can visualise this next time I'm in a class and see whether it is as good as this picture.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Complex Sex: Society

I have been trying to get my head around the disconnect between the issues I was expecting to run into along the way when we first started blogging our adventure, and the actual reality which has been incredibly smooth.

Our own personal experience so far, and what I can gather from various reputable sources online (including Kidder Kaper and Dan Savage), strongly suggests that all this complexity is nothing more than learned behaviour.

I have come to the tentative conclusion that maybe "human nature" has broken society and made what's fairly simple into something complex. We seem to have enslaved ourselves with a set of arbitrary rules that almost nobody seems to actually believe in (completely).

Politicians legislate against the very acts they like to indulge in themselves. The news spewing outrage and indignation whenever an affair is uncovered, but when push comes to shove nobody cares enough to change their attitude about that actor, that athlete, that bureaucrat.

I suspect the only reason we all pretend it matters is because our friends also pretend it matters, our fellow church-goers pretend it matters, our elected officials pretend it matters. We have to pretend because we don't want to be the first to break the illusion. Be the first to admit it does in fact not matter. Because "what if everyone else actually does think it matters"?

So in the end, hardly anybody speaks their mind.

Add to that the gender stereotypes where women are supposed to be pure as the driven snow, and where men are just after either some quick sex before moving on or a virgin wife, and you end up with a whole lot of frustration for everyone all the time. Where the only acceptable compromise is straight monogamy. And we all willingly try to play these seemingly simple roles, when there is a much easier way.

Maybe what it all adds up to is that the world of sexuality is built of default behaviours and rituals that we follow because we have always followed them. Where doing something different is scary, not because anything is likely to go wrong, but because there is no script for what might happen.

As far as I can tell, once you actually start being honest about what you want, and talking about it, and asking for it... life can become so much simpler.

Fear of the unknowns of change. Such a sad reason to keep complexity around.

HNT - Bedroom Wildlife

[documentaryvoice] Here we see the shy nocturnal Hedgehoggius stuffii on the hunt for a suitable partner to mate with. It has left the relative shelter of the bedside table and is preparing to trek far across country to locate another of its species.

It will be a long and gruelling quest for this little burrower, full of playful household pets and treacherous terrain. The journey will not be an easy one, but if he stays sharp he may just survive. The bedroom is no place for softies. [/documentaryvoice]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The State of Our Affairs - II

Well, we've hit the 150th post now, and this seemed like the right time to have another look over the changed landscape of our lives to evaluate the balance of what we have gained and lost.

The first thing we seem to have gained is a lot of stability. That might sound weird, but when looking around me it seems like a lot of friends and family are having all sorts of issues to deal with in their personal lives. By comparison I feel like we've been sailing on absolutely tranquil seas for months and months now, which seems in such stark contrast with the images that are conjured of anything but traditional monogamy.

Don't get me wrong, there are things to deal with in the relationship from time to time, but I think we're so efficient at heading issues off at the pass now that we just don't seem to be getting to serious negative emotions anymore. It's very very comfortable.

The second thing I've gained is that more and more hot thoughts and words are dropping out of Annabelle's mind. She seems to rapidly be getting very comfortable with what turns her on and letting me know about it. It makes me giddy whenever she tells me about something she'd like to try (or she'd like me to try).

We also have gotten to a point where being flirty together is getting easier, although we haven't spread that among too many girls yet either.

And well, the big one of course; we've had a few experiences with Our First Unicorn. They have been awesomely awesome. I personally felt high for the day after each time. I guess that also answers the "will there be repeats" question from our last status update post. We're ... well... hooked on this.

What so far has not been much help are our dating profiles. I think we may need to adjust them, because I think we've found that what feels comfortable to us doesn't match what we say we are looking for in the profile now. I have a hunch we can safely adjust the profiles to indicate that we're not looking for one-off encounters so that they can be abandoned if this is not for us. I keep meaning to adjust our profiles accordingly, but haven't gotten there yet. If there is more success from this, we'll report on that separately.

And the main thing in all this that we have lost seems to be any vestigial fear... I know I haven't worried about anything ... I can't even exactly recall. I'm not advertising what we are up to, but I'm also not in the least bit worried about who might find out.

And finally, I really have to mention once again the untimely passing of Julia Roberts (also referred to as the no-kissing-rule), not in general, but certainly for all intents and purposes. Oh, as well as any hesitation about whether Anna would feel discomfort at me fucking another girl (provided it's a group activity... and this hasn't quite happened yet, but come so so close) ... let's say that she's pretty much cheer-leading I think? Darling? Care to leave a comment? ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smell the Roses

There have been times when I've been walking along, minding my own business and then wham! I'm suddenly surrounded by a wave of gloriously hypnotic man-scent. Try as I might to keep walking, I find my step becomes uneven and my eyes wander around hunting for the source. Nine times out of ten it is a large unshaven labourer with strange taste in work socks and an obvious love of beer-like beverages. You'd think that I'd be put off, but no. I'm not even discouraged when the wonderful scent is slathered with body spray (OK, I'm a little discouraged.)

I have no idea why smells have such a great hold on me, I think I might be the type of person they had in mind when they invented perfume. Right now I'm sitting back on the couch where wafts of jasmine are coming from a little sprig on the table. It is beautiful, one of my very favourites, but right now it is only serving to remind me of all the things that are not within sniffing distance. I'm craving. I want that intoxicating combination of me, melon, and man.

Top 5 favourite smells
  • recently exercised male - please note this is different to stinky unwashed male
  • freshly washed hair - especially good if it wafts when it moves
  • baking with cinnamon and chocolate - nuff said really, plus there might be added noms in the deal
  • warm horses neck - better than chocolate
  • grass after rain - someone once told me that it was mould spores, I've decided they were just mean

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hot on the Web - Singles

You know, I'm kind of new to the idea of liking any form of bondage, but the fumbling and exploring around so far has led me to believe "There Be Enjoyment" in there.

Image via Art-or-Porn

This for instance. Very simple shackles, and they somehow make me want to lead her around on tippy toes. I guess there's a bit much slack there to work with, but I'm sure that there are ways to secure it somewhere. Damn, now I've made myself feel horny.

The Crafted Toy

I'm not sure what made me type it in. I think I just was in a dildo-shopping mood and I happened to be on Etsy. There was a search field.


Wham! 5 pages of colourful sex toys and sex toy accessories. 5 whole phallus-filled pages! I had expected one or two rebel crafters to have embroidered a pillow or made some suspect earrings but I had not expected the staggering array of playthings that was presented to me.

The first thing that stood out was the infamous Tentacle Dildo. I've never really been one for cephalopod sexiness, or any sort of animal-shaped playthings (I get distressed at the thought of animals on sex toys, especially smiling vibrating dolphins - eek!) but those little suction cups look mighty interesting.

The Tentacle Dildo - by Whipspider
I'm not sure about everyone else, but whenever I see sex toys in adult shops I generally expect they've been made in some factory, poured 6 at a time into racks of moulds and generally not given much in the way of crafty TLC. It seems that in this case I may have been very wrong. They do custom work. Custom sex toys. Not just custom colours, custom designs too! And you know what else they make? A unicorn horn...

The next thing to catch my eye was a whole bundle of ceramic. I'd love to know what a ceramic toy feels like, and this one with the dots is just adorable! I'm a sucker for a good glaze and some dot work. Yummy!

Blue with Blue Dots Adult Toy - by Bashan Road Designs
Lookie, it even has a little hollow so you can experiment with temperature play. I'm not sure how I feel about the long term viability of cork in a butt play scenario, but geez it is cute! I am very tempted to get this for our butt plug garden (like a calming zen garden, but for sexy people).

Now it could just be me, but I'm not a girl who loves plastic. Plastic money, yes. Plastic sex toys, not so much. I love my glass, ceramic, and metal, but I absolutely heart wood. I love the look, I love the feel, and most of all I love the thought of using a natural material. There are a bundle of different crafters with a bundle of glossy wooden dildos to choose from, but I got shivers when I saw the shape of this little guy.

Custom Made Hardwood Dildo - by Knotty1520
Isn't it just fantastic? There are not many toys I can look at and actively think "I want to feel that!". Honestly, I am not a dildo girl but the shape of this little guy made the back of my neck tingle and buzz. This isn't the only tingle-inducing shape in this shop either. There is one that is ever-so-slightly curved and has bump after bump after bump...Gaahhh.

And one last item that you just have to see. This one made my eyes pop out of my head, the skill it must take to sculpt a cock out of rope is incredible! I'm absolutely blown away.

Anatomic Rope Dildo - by Verne
I am a little bit scared of nylon rope after I burned my palm on a tree top course at school camp, so I think it would take a lot of coaxing to get me to use something like this, but I absolutely adore it. I am kind of considering the possibility of using it as wall art, but I think Arthur might have something to say about that.

Really, after being through a fair share of shifty neon-lit adult shops and seeing the plethora of dull & dreary jelly toys that are available in the same old shapes with the same tired old glinting porn scenes on the packaging, this is thoroughly refreshing. True craftspeople making things that are different, that suit different people with different tastes and different desires. There is not a pink glittery package to be seen.

*Please note that this post is not advertising, just some interesting internet finds that were different enough to warrant sharing :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long Weekend Gym

The gym wasn't as exciting this morning as I had hoped. The workout was just fine... more than just fine actually. Challenging and straining and making me feel wrung out by the time I got home with my coffee.

There was however a deficit of hot women in the class today. It appears the long weekend has drained the classes just a little bit. Maybe the two are partially related, and I just worked harder because there were less distractions.

One of the regulars did turn up though. Young and slender, and incredibly hard to read. But worth looking at. Can't quite pick her ethnicity exactly, but my guess is there's a hint of Asian in there. Can't quite pick what she's thinking; stand-offish, but tends to have her mat close by when there is space. Never stays for the second class anymore unfortunately. Can never decide whether I should talk to her or not, it always feels like she'd rather be somewhere else. Maybe she's just a bit shy.

Still... nice to look at, especially when she shows off her abs partway through the class. She's probably inspiring herself with her achievements, but I don't mind it for inspiration either. :)

Been A Gymming While

It's been a while since I talked about the gym apparently. No, not on here (although that too), but Annabelle asked me about it. About when I was going to tell her stories of gym bunnies again. I hadn't realised it had been so long.

I guess I better pay extra attention this morning.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fantasy: Movie Night

The following is purely a work of fiction... hot, sweaty, tasty fiction. Any names of unicorns and personality details referenced herein are purely coincidental.

Friday evenings are the perfect time to relax with close friends, a few drinks, and a movie or two. Tonight I find myself in the company of Anna, Elsa and Delilah. Surrounded by attractive girls, what more could I possibly want?

Anna is sitting on the lounge having a chat with Delilah about her week. I half-follow the animated discussions about work as I walk in and out of the room gathering snacks and drinks around the coffee table and within easy reach. Preparation is an important part of a good relaxing night.

After I finish, I sit myself down on the other lounge watching Anna and Delilah. It makes me smile for some reason I cannot quite put into words. The unmistakable smell of baking wafts into the room with the sound of the oven opening. Elsa calls from the kitchen to wait just one more minute, and the cookies will be out soon. A few moments later she strolls into the living room bearing fresh Macadamia-and-honey cookies on a tray and wearing nothing more than an apron tied tightly around her breasts and dropping no further than halfway down her thighs. The room falls silent as she puts the tray on the coffee table and casts a questioning glance over her audience. I shrug and say "nothing... come sit!" selfishly making a space next to me.

After a brief arguing of merits of various movies, the decision is made to just queue up a number of them, and play them till we have had enough. In the end Grosse Point Blank, The Witches of Eastwick and Wild Things sufficiently pass muster to satisfy everyone.

As Martin Blank makes his way to his high school reunion and a hit job, Delilah sinks into Annabelle as Elsa drapes herself over me. Happy smiling and cuddling abound. Elsa's naked side presses into me, and I occasionally sneak a glimpse away from the screen at her exposed ass. There is no way she doesn't realise, because every time I glance I swell up against her side. I can see Delilah's hands sneaking around Anna's waist and scurrying onto her belly under her top from time to time.

As the convenience store starts getting comedically shredded by bullets on the screen, Elsa comments she'd like some real food before eating too many snacks. To head off her trying to cook something for us all, I suggest ordering some pizza. I duck into the study to get away from the sound of explosions. When I walk back into the room it appears Elsa has been convinced by the others to "loosen up" the top of her apron. Meaning, untying it altogether. She is sitting on the lounge waiting for me to sit back down so she can rest her bare breasts onto my chest.

I feel a little self-conscious as I take of my shirt and sit back down with a big grin on my face. Cat who got the cream indeed. It doesn't take long before Anna and Delilah decide it isn't fair that we're enjoying ourselves this much. With a few fumbles and giggles both their tops disappear into a pile too.

Everyone ends up enjoying the remainder of the movie with skin on skin, and soft delicate hands tracing chests and breasts, making goose-bumps. My hands venture down Elsa's side resting on her waist while I contemplate her ass for what seems like hours. I finally decide to grab her ass as the credits start rolling and she looks up and grins at me.

Just then the door bell rings as the pizzas arrive. Before I manage to get up to pay, Elsa bounds to the door and opens it. I'm not sure whether she's forgotten she is topless, or if she is just being cheeky. The pizza guy falls silent halfway through asking for money. As Elsa grabs the food and scurries back in, I walk up to the door to pay. The pizza guy looks a bit stunned and I have to wave the money at him twice before he takes it, gives me a lucky-bastard look and leaves.

Over dinner Eastwick starts and we all sit on the floor around the coffee table. I enjoy sitting close to everyone and the feel of legs brushing legs. At some point I comment that we're only a blonde off Eastwick, but I get a prod from Delilah for that. Elsa rubs her hand over my cock and remarks with a glint in her eye that clearly my head isn't on the food anymore.

Elsa pushes me back against the lounge and straddles my legs. I'm not sure what she is planning, but I feel like just letting events unfold. She pushes the apron against my jeans firmly and rubs and teases me while my head swims and my eyes close. The pressure disappears and as I feel her trying to undo my pants I open my eyes to help. I see Anna's head in Delilahs neck while her head is tilted back exposing her long neck and her deep breathing.

I don't waste any time getting off the remainder of my clothes. As I try to help Elsa with her apron she stops me, and just lifts it up and guides my cock in. She is teasing me by hiding the visuals which she knows I enjoy, but it ends up focusing me on the feeling instead. Her hands push my shoulders back into the lounge while her hips ride up and down on my lap. She shows off her muscle control by rhythmically clenching and releasing. My eyes dart to Anna, only to find her eating out Delilah who has climbed onto the lounge beside me. I lose myself. I come.

While Elsa relaxes on my chest we enjoy the show Anna and Delilah are providing. It is different seeing the physical reactions to good oral from this angle. The twitches, the spasms, the little gasps and sighs. And then declaring a numb tongue Anna has to give up within throwing distance of the goal post. Delilah takes over with her fingers, but looks a little disappointed by the turn of events.

As Anna relaxes back onto the floor, Elsa gets off my lap and takes Anna by surprise with some oral of her own. On the one hand I want to watch, but on the other hand I am getting hard again and want to get into Delilah too. I climb onto the couch and nudge Delilah. She doesn't need to be told twice; she gets on her knees and rests her arms onto the armrest, sticking her ass up in the air at me. Although she hadn't quite come yet, she's wet like a river.

After I grab onto her hips and slide inside, she moves one hand back to her clit. I hold on tightly and start thrusting slowly, but quickly realising that I'm still too numb to come again quickly I put a little more force into it. After a while it becomes apparent that Delilah is still not quite getting there, and I'm starting to get some of the rushing sensation back. Taking one hand off her hips I grab her hair and pull her head back slightly but forcefully. Almost immediately she comes loudly and we momentarily lose the rhythm we had fallen into. After she slumps back onto the arm rest, I grab her hips with both my hands again and finish myself and lie down on top of her pressing into the lounge.

Looking down I notice Anna and Elsa looking up at us from the floor. Elsa is resting her head onto Anna's abdomen with a satisfied smile on her face. It occurs to me the loud orgasm of Delilah may in fact have been supported by Anna coming at the same time. My mind goes elsewhere in the midst of bliss. Cars could crash around me and I would not hear.

Rolling over we all enjoy the second half of Eastwick. As the credits roll, Elsa remarks that I haven't taken Anna yet. I suggest that Delilah hasn't given oral yet. Everyone looks at me with various expressions ranging from amusement through astonishment to admonishment. I shrug. Elsa says she'll sit this one out if she gets the best spot in the bed later.

The evening ends with me sitting on the edge of the lounge while Anna rides me facing away, and Delilah alternating between sucking my balls and shaft and licking Anna's clit. The strange sensation of her tongue suddenly appearing and disappearing as she slips from the one of us to the other quickly sets my pulse racing. The mental image of her licking us both combined with the sensation of getting fucked drives me wild. There is something about doing new things that makes me come really easily. It appears Anna agrees with me, since she and I both end up coming almost simultaneously.

After two quick rounds of pairing off in the shower we all end up in bed. Elsa decides to pick the spot between Anna and Delilah. I really don't mind; as I drift to sleep my mind is wrapped in three orgasms instead.

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HNT - Cop This!

Sometimes it is good to be prepared. Sometimes buying your Halloween outfit early is a real blessing. Two shops, two shops to get all of my doohickeys. I wasn't really sure about the baton, it is disturbingly baseball battish and vaguely dildoesque, but maybe that is all the better for keeping mischievous jailbirds in line.

Hello ma'am. Please bend over, place your hands on the car and spread your legs... or something like that.