Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Location Location Location

My mother is pretty awesome. Yes, she has her faults, but overall she is pretty damn cool. It is because if this coolness that I've been able to speak with her about all sorts of things that would generally make parents duck and cover. There really is very little that can rattle my mother.

I think I managed to rattle my mother.

About a year ago I told her that I was pretty certain that I was interested in women. She was unflustered. She said something like "well why not, they are very attractive" and then wandered off into a fascinating thought on the many shapes and sizes of aereolas before telling me that she'd been with a few women many years ago. I'd always suspected but it was nice to be told. In a coffee shop. In a not-too-quiet voice.

I had not really thought too much more about it until last week. This past Thursday I had the pleasure of cooking dinner for the lovely Delilah. We spent the evening nibbling on strawberries and Delilah spent a good deal of time nibbling on me *melt*. It was quite a lovely night. I spent a lot of time just playing with skin and feeling the different shape of her body against mine. It was incredible. At one point I realised I'd grabbed her hips and seemed to be having a lot of trouble resisting the urge to grind her into me. I kept zoning out to the dreamy place and snapping back to reality only to discover her cheeky smile above me and a soft little hand snaking up my shirt. It was blissful. I was quite sad that she had to go home that night.

The following day, after carefully checking for tell-tale signs of play, I went to visit my family. My mother asked very casually, for there was no reason for her to suspect anything unusual, how my diner with my new friend had gone. All of a sudden this wave of happy washed over me, and words started coming out of my mouth.

Oh, it was great fun. I cooked dinner and then we sat on the couch and watched Hitchhikers guide and some old Bond movie.

As soon as it came out of my mouth I knew I'd given the game away. On the couch. Who says on the couch? Why are seating arrangements important? Stupid stupid! I saw this fleeting question flash over her face as I said it, and then finally, seconds too late, my brain managed to fight its way through the debilitating happy, gulp down a great big breath of reality and rescue me.

I never knew Bond was so funny. It was really very hilarious the way he kept getting caught. Very different to the ones they make today. Oh, and the racism thing was very strange. I mean, there were strategically placed Asian actors and token black men working at consoles. It was very unusual and a bit obvious. Are they all like that? Have I just never noticed before?

My mind was a blur. Did I manage to hide my slip? C'monnnn Muuuum, answer the question, forget about the couch pleeeease...? And thankfully she did. For now. We launched into this in-depth conversation about the 70's and all the changes surrounding multiculturalism today. A very close call.

But now my mother knows.

Unfortunately what she knows, or at the very least suspects, is that I've had a new friend over on the couch while Arthur was hundreds of kilometres away at a conference. Not quite the way I would have liked to carefully introduce her to the idea, but I suppose at least I have opened the door a crack should she ever feel curious enough to ask.

On the couch. Bugger.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fantasy: The Beach

Seagull sounds come in through the window, rolled down just enough to catch a breeze. Ten more minutes and we'll be sitting on the sand under our beach umbrella. Looking at tanned bodies and skimpy outfits. Showing off ourselves in our own skimpy outfits.

All the way over we've been bantering about the girl we are going to hit on. Anna votes a redhead. I counter black hair. We compromise on a blonde. Anna wants blue eyes. I say green. We shrug. Either is fine actually. Anna says "Seven of Nine". I say "Black Widow". We settle on "Mystique". And then we arrive at the beach.

We park one street back from the beach. Out of the car, bare feet on the gravely road. We run to the path to the beach at a slight jog. Feet now in the sand, sinking into the fine grains, between toes, over feet, on our ankles. When we get to the beach proper we pick a spot not too far from the path so we can see who else arrives. We set up our umbrella and our towels. The Esky with our drinks and food. And then we rest.

We decide not to rush things. Plenty of tanned bodies and slender bodies. Plenty of long legs and defined abs. We just rest with the slow rushing sound of waves rolling onto the sand in front of us. We watch the beach volleyball game next to us. We watch the surfers in the water. We watch the girls working on their tan.

I am not sure which of us spots her first. Long curvy legs with a coffee tan. A deep ocean blue bikini bracketing her coffee abs and the emerald green piercing in her bellybutton. Short practical fingernails matching the same emerald green on her toes. As she passes our spot she looks over her shoulder, and through her jet-black hair shine more sparkling emeralds. I look at Anna in disbelief and pleading. She smiles at me, shakes her head as if to say "Men", and nods me in her direction.

A few quick strides and I catch up to her. I hold out my hand and introduce myself. She smiles and says she wasn't sure I'd follow. I explain I had to beg my partner, which leads to questions and a quick explanation of our situation. I ask her where she's heading and she points to the pool at the end of the beach. I ask if it's okay if I come along, and her agreement seals the deal. The pool is currently empty. Slightly above beach level. We get into the pool and sit together, looking at the people on the beach.

As we talk, I brush her thigh under the water. Curvy but firm. She tells me an anecdote and her hand finds itself on my knee. I look into her eyes and for a few moments there is nothing else. Her hand slides up my leg slowly and up my belly, under my boardshorts, onto my cock. My hand tries to find her bikini bottoms but they are already off. She smiles a cheeky grin at me. My fingers run over her belly, explore the area, trace her labia, slip in and out, find her clit. Her eyes close and her mouth parts briefly. Then open again, emeralds piercing into my head. She leans over and her lips cover mine. Her hand around my balls, and my cock getting hard almost instantly. My fingers apply some pressure and make a little circle, then ease off and roam around. I see her nipples through her top. Hard and erect. I feel lust churning in my stomach.

She shifts and pulls down my shorts around my ankles. She maneuvers herself onto my lap... onto my cock. My free hand finds her hip and holds on tight while the other keeps tracing patterns at varying pressure levels; quick and slow, hard and soft, large and small. She makes slow and measured movements up and down my shaft. I squeeze her hip which makes her moan. She squeezes her pelvic floor which makes me moan. Her slow rocking movements slowly and gently increase in speed. My hand moves from her hip to her breasts and squeezes. She tells me to use both hands while she works her own clit. As we work together more moans escape her and when she comes the rhythmic tightening of her muscles milks an orgasm out of me as well.

She leans over and kisses my neck as she leaves the pool. Somehow her bikini is back in place, and I look after her as she sways back down to the beach and walks past Anna and our belongings. Anna. I snap back to reality. Naked. I pull my boardshorts back on from around my ankles, and slowly get up out of the pool. As I approach our towels I can see the grin on Anna's face. She's laughing at me and I don't know what to say. I lie back down on my towel and after a while she asks me what happened. Only halfway through the retelling I realise that she could see the girl getting on top of me from here. I blush and finish my story. She's still laughing at me.

The next few hours we critique various beach bunnies that are too far away to tell what we are talking about. I'm starting to point out girls that I specifically think are her type. I feel like she ought to get something just for her as well, since she let me have my very own fantasy girl. Just as I am about to give up I spot a slender redhead with long sleek hair halfway down her back. She sits down two towels over from us. I nudge Anna and ask if she wants me to talk to her. Her smile does her talking for her.

Anna watches me walk over to the girl. She sees me do my simple introduction routine to strike up a conversation. When I point in her direction she flashes a smile as the girl looks over and quickly looks back to me and blushes. Anna observes the short conversation that follows before I walk back over with a big grin on my face.

When I get back I explain we have been invited to a party that Felicia and her friends are throwing at their rental on the beach. She was a little flustered when I explained that Anna thought she was hot, but by the end she asked me to return the compliment and find her at the party. Anna asks me why I'm still grinning, and all I have in response is "gymnast". She rolls her eyes at me in a loving way. She indulges me.

Later that night we turn up at the party with the remainder of our over-stocked Esky. After dropping it in the kitchen we mingle. We cannot find our gymnast redhead in the crowd, but we end up striking up a conversation with a blonde. I feel bad that we're compromising when I had hoped to end up with something just for Anna, but she doesn't seem troubled. Halfway through our pickup routine Felicia shows up though. It doesn't take long for the blonde to feel like the fourth wheel on our conversation, and later I see her disappearing into a room with some guy in tow. No need to feel bad.

It doesn't take long before Anna's charms have won Felicia over. She suggests we take some extra drinks and find a more quiet spot to talk. She leads us into her room and waves us onto the big bed. Anna and I both hop on and sit down cross-legged. It doesn't take long before my hands are on her legs. It takes even less time for Anna to lean in and brush shoulders and arms and neck with coy little touches. We are all slightly drunk now. On the alcohol. On each other.

Anna is kissing Felicia. I just sit and grin and watch. Slender hands on cheekbones, cradling necks. Teeth biting lips and mouths sucking and tongues licking. I watch and fantasize about both those delicious mouths on my cock. I sidle over behind Felicia and put my hands on her waist and start kissing her neck. Anna's top gets pulled off, and I take this as a cue to dispose of my shirt first and then Felicia's as well. My kisses sneak down her spine and to the clasp of her bra, which I unhook as Anna slides the straps off her shoulders. I love team work.

I sit back and pull Felicia to recline against my chest. Anna licks and bites her nipples while my mouth finds her neck again. When Anna finds her way to Felicia's jeans my hands take over on her breasts. She lifts her hips off the bed as Anna pulls her jeans and underwear off together. My eyes trace along her legs down to her cute toes. Several bruises at gymnast-equipment intervals. I gently put her down onto the bed, and while Anna works her magic on Felicia's body, I get rid of my shorts. I take a few moments to enjoy watching while playing with my cock.

When Anna gets up to get rid of her clothing, I take her place hovering over Felicia. This time the front. Tracing kisses from her neck, across her breasts, along the underside, down her abdomen. Short detour around her bellybutton and then my tongue finds her pussy already wet from Anna's work. I run my tongue along her lips and suck them slightly into my mouth. My mouth closes over her clit and between gentle touches of my teeth and suction of my mouth roll it around lubricated with saliva. Her legs have nestled around my neck and pull me closer. Every time I get it right her grip loses a little of its iron strength.

In the mean time Anna has found her way over Felicia's mouth where she too is now getting her fair share of tongue. I glance at her face and she is on another planet right now. The next time Felicia's grasp slackens I grab her ankles and sit up between her legs. I catch Anna's attention and pass the ankles along. She knows what I like... she pulls them towards her and spreads them in a big V. Felicia catches on quick and tenses to straighten her legs out and points her toes. I feel like I'm getting even harder as I slip inside her pussy.

Anna moans as Felicia licks her pussy. My hands find the crooks of Felicia's hips for leverage as I slowly fuck her. Her hands have found her clit. And Anna has started sucking on the toes that she's holding on to by the ankle. My mind flits from one to the other to the next. Each time my mind returns to my own cock I feel a rush that I need to suppress a little longer. Every time my mind returns to Anna holding Felicia's ankles her grip wobbles a little more from the orgasm that is building inside her.

I want to come inside Anna. I ask Felicia to turn around and suck my cock while Anna positions herself in front of me doggy-style. When I see Anna has started sucking Felicia's pussy I pull out of Felicia's mouth and slide inside Anna. I feel Felicia's tongue still eagerly flitting over my shaft and across Anna's clit. I start pounding away with a strong grip on Anna's hips to make sure Felicia doesn't lose contact. When Felicia closes her hand around my balls unexpectedly and squeezes gently it's all over immediately. I explode into Anna and as I keep thrusting mixed juices start leaking out. Felicia greedily licks and swallows everything that makes it out. After I feel Anna come I slowly pull out as Felicia thoroughly cleans my shaft.

After some quick re-arranging we all curl up together under the blankets. Everyone appears to have gotten theirs, although I cannot say I noticed when Felicia came, but I trust Anna's assurances that she did. My arms wrap around the tiny gymnast waist while my legs twine together with Anna and Felicia. Content, we all drift off to sleep.

I'm not sure what's going on... there is a sense of urgency... someone is following me... I'm inside a building... no a tent... there is rushing water outside... I'm in a hotel room frantically trying to hide under the bed... it is roomy under here... there is a full buffet and candlesticks... the waiter asks me if I want a refill... but then they find us, and we're running again... who am I running with?... I look around and spot the dark-skinned acrobat... we're going to get caught anyway... we may as well make the best of it now... she pulls me to the floor... we're suddenly naked... I'm fucking her... A pulsing sensation...

Through the haze; a pulsing sensation. I struggle through the fog, and when my leaden lids lift up, I am on my back, and there's a blonde head in my groin. I feel the orgasm release. I feel the blonde suck and swallow. Slightly dazed I look around, and Anna is sitting to the side looking at us. Who is this? What?

When my load is all gone, the head comes up, and through the haze the memory of the blonde we had been chatting with at the party returns to me. Apparently Felicia found her in the kitchen and from one thing to another ended up sending her in here to wake us. Anna was the first to get woken in this fashion and then watched her do me. I'm not sure what to say other than a flustered thank-you, but she barely waits before leaving the room again.

After a quick breakfast we pack up and get on our way back home after thanking Felicia and getting her number; a gymnast is a terrible thing to waste. As I'm driving along Anna and I grin at each other and find ourselves in perfect agreement. Best Beach Trip Ever.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hot on the Web

Long overdue, but I had to get to bondage sooner or later. I'm not really into getting tied up myself, although there are scenarios where I can see the appeal [I recall some tweets with Arabella regarding the dangers of orgasming too often... my proposed experiment featured me tied to a bed and Anna and some helpers to see where my threshold lies]. On the whole I prefer the idea of being the one doing the tying.

Image via Art-or-Porn

This doesn't directly relate to my bondage fantasies, but it is such an excellent drawing. There is something about girls dressed up as kitties that's just... right. ;)

Image via Art-or-Porn

Very basic, but boy does it get me going. I love how the legs are completely straight, the thick rope in big loops. And how her foot cradles the rope that traps her as it leads up. It might take some manoeuvring for this to be practical for sex as well... edge of a surface maybe? And the idea of the feel of the legs along my chest as I wrap my arms around them at the knee...

The following pictures are more explicit, just thought I'd put a break in. Click the link to continue reading and watching.

HNT - Interstate Hotel Beds

I have to apologise; normally Annabelle would be in charge of these posts, and under our rules it was her turn to appear tonight. But since she was indisposed tonight (possibly in delightful ways), I decided to improvise from my hotel room.

It's half of me... and I'm naked. I should sleep like that tonight because it is actually quite comfortable. But not much fun all on my own. Can't wait to be back home again!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calmly Excited

So, this is going to be a first. And it's not even going to happen like we had anticipated either. Annabelle has herself a date tonight (as per Brandi's criteria; if you anticipate sex at the end of the night, it's a date... I like the straightforward simplicity of that). And at that time I will be interstate and far away from her.

On the one hand, I really wish I could be there, because a lot of fun will be had. On the other hand it's nice that it gives Anna a chance to take this big step where she won't have to worry about how me touching another girl might affect her. This way she can focus completely on her own new experience.

I suspect that it'll be a matter of a lot of giggling and hesitations. The girl she's seeing is pretty much new to all this herself too. But on the positive side that means it adds a light and playful overtone as well. I really can't wait to find out tomorrow how things went.

And that brings me to the other part of this post... I feel so completely serene and calm about the prospect. It really doesn't trouble me even in the slightest. I was expecting to feel something as the date got closer and closer, but if anything I'm just getting happier and happier. This is a very strange and exciting realisation that I just had to share with the world.

I'll have some particularly thrilling fantasies running through my head tonight as I shower the day off I think. A little preview in my head of what follows next... because there is no way on earth that I'm going to be in the wrong city for the next opportunity to play with this Unicorn.

WTMFI - Week 24: Exhibitionist's Delight

Question 1: Have you ever had sex on the beach? Do you want to?
No I haven't... I keep being assured the sand is a big problem, and I have no reason to doubt that. But still, there are many sexy pictures on the interwebs set on the beach, and it has a certain something to it visually. Blue water, white sand... a dusting of sand over bodies. If only it could be chafe-free I'd be all up for it myself.
I haven't yet, but I want to, if only so I can say yes when people ask me that question. as much as I'd like sex in the dunes, it is probably more practical to do it on wet sand or on a sand bar or something. Something where I'm not going to turn into some giant cock-destroying sandpaper sock. A beach with pebbles would be good, do we have those in Australia?

Question 2: When having sex outdoors, one must always _______?
a) Lay down a blanket first
b) Bring bug spray
c) Be discreet
d) Be obnoxiously loud

What's your favorite answer?
Anna would say it'd have to be B ... and there's some truth to that, but I'm going to pretend there are no bugs anywhere. I'd say A is the most practical in my opinion to avoid discomfort and chafed knees. The others do not bother me too much, just do what you do and be who you are... otherwise it's just acting rather than enjoying.
Well for me, A. If I'm having sex outdoors with Arthur, B. Lots and lots of B. If there are bugs I have no doubt the sex will be an afterthought. The real aim will be taking out the flies one by one. But yes, blanket. No sticks up my bum thankyouverymuch.

Question 3: If you could have sex in one public place, where would it be and why?
Oh, the Botanical Gardens in Sydney... I'm not sure where the idea first came from, but it has stuck with me. After dark, with the pretty city lights all around, and then somewhere discreetly in the garden grounds... or multiple somewheres? In the summer obviously, because chilly encounters do not appeal so much.
Hmmm. I've never really thought about it... I want to be very outrageous and exciting. i want to say the window of a bedroom furniture shop, in a perfect bed, in front of whoever wants to watch. In reality I'd probably go for something more mundane, like over the bonnet of a still-warm car out the front of a house that we were just too eager to get inside of.

Question 4: On a scale of 1 to 5, how worried are you about getting caught? (5 being really worried and 1 being not worried at all)
Depends a little... if I'm not breaking any public indecency laws outright I'd say not that worried (1 or 2). If there is a big chance the police are going to show up, I'd put it around a 4 or a 5. That leaves a lot of room for doing something I guess. The Botanical Gardens after dark would bother me less because it's possible to be discreet enough that nobody should find out unless we'd want them to.
5. Possibly 55. I'm not worried about people seeing me so much as being arrested or something. I'm also not comfortable with the idea of people seeing who really don't want to see. Accidentally stumbling on a fucking couple is not consent and I'd feel bad about it. There are places where I'd be very comfortable, but only because there is little to no chance of getting caught.

Question 5: What do you think you would do if you stumbled upon a couple having sex outdoors? Has it ever happened?
<smarmy>Well, that depends on the couple</smarmy>. But seriously, depends on how taken by surprise I am. If they don't notice me, I might either have a brief look, or sneak off again. If they do notice me I'd probably apologize. If they notice me and it's two hot girls, I'd apologize, linger a second just to make sure and then leave ;) (hey, a guy can daydream!)
Not sure. I'd probably keep walking unless they were very clearly trying to be seen. If they were attractive, I might stick around and casually watch. Maybe just my being there would be exciting for them? Yes, my sticking around is a purely selfless act :)

BONUS QUESTION: Tell us about one of the best outdoor or public sexperiences you've ever had or that you would like to have.
I have once been at the waters edge on a lake, on hands and knees, doggie-style. That was fun, and also uncomfortable on the knees. So, definitely blankets recommended. But it's great fun being in the open. And then a vessel came by, and that was kinda embarrassing and exciting at the same time at the time. It's definitely something to experiment further with, because there's some possibilities yet to be explored there. *fingers crossed*
Oh dear, I'm all boring in this department! The most public I've been is in a car on the roof of a multi-storey garage. I'd like to be a bit more adventurous. I'd like to take a boat to one of the small coves in the nearby river system, and spend the day at our own private beach, playing and fucking in the waves and on the sand wth the water lapping at our feet. It would be the stuff of bad romance flicks... and totally wonderful!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Service Announcement: Fantasy Fail

There have been multiple complaints about the last fantasy and the rather quick ending after the initial set-up. :P ... I apologise if this has left any readers unsatisfied and in need of finding their own tools to finish up.

I must however point out that my main inspiration was the awesome furniture by Liberator (whom we are in no way sponsored by unfortunately!), and as a result I fear my interest waned a little at the end there. If any of those that thought the ending was inadequate care to provide a better finish, I will be more than happy to re-post the story with the best alternate ending, with whatever attribution you would like for your contribution.

Otherwise, I will sincerely promise to pick a fantasy next time that I can focus my full attention on from start allllll the way to the finish (for both partners).

Thank you for your attention, and enjoy the rest of your day/night.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Worst Fantasies and Stories

There is quite some bad writing out there from what I hear. Terrible, terrible writing.

I want to invite everyone to leave a comment (anonymous or otherwise) detailing the worst fantasy or story they have ever read. I want to know why it was bad, what was bad.

When I have enough feedback I hope to do a little spoof (no, not that way) trying to combine all these elements into a single story somehow. Taking this as a challenge. And maybe it will even be funny. We'll see.

Dialogue: First Touches

Art: Anna... how about we make this one about actual happenings, of flirting, of hovering and heavy breathing?
Anna: Mmmmm, I like all of those things. How about you?
Art: There's been some excellent flirting lately, and I've been surprised by how much I enjoy sitting back and watching you from a distance.
Art: Enjoying the enjoying
Anna: I'm kind of enjoying being watched. I'm still feeling a little bit strange and wonderful about this being OK.
Art: I know what you mean... I thought I might feel the need to be right there with you, but ... I'm just glowingly happy even for just knowing you are feeling good
Anna: It is quite an amazing thing. I mean, I heard people speak of it, that whole happy for someone else's pleasure thing, but I never really understood how that could possibly work for me. It is a very strange feeling, but I love it.
Art: I think the flirting has turned out a lot easier and smoother than I had anticipated. And you're not exactly doing too badly yourself there... albeit a bit more shyly than myself ;)
Anna: Awww, true. You do seem to be having a lot of fun. I'm enjoying myself too, just more slowly. I'm still not confident judging if people are interested in me or are just going along for the ride.
Art: I noticed that... it was kind of funny that I had to point out to both you and the girl involved separately that you actually could have gone a lot further. I think it's something you start to notice more and more over time.
Anna: I know *sigh* but I want to be sure that everyone is OK with things and we hadn't really spoken about it with anyone else before that time. It is tricky enough for us to navigate sometimes and we talk a lot, I can imagine it could be very confusing for someone that had not talked about it at all.
Art: It's good that there is enough room to let everyone figure things out. Maybe we can get her (and others?) dragged into the talk-o-sphere as well. It's amazing how much common ground you can find when you can just talk.
Anna: You know, I sometimes feel like we are the cheer squad for Team Talk-a-lot, but you are right, it makes such a difference. It has definitely made a huge difference to how confident I feel, even in just everyday things but certainly in the realm of flirting and letting myself feel excited by others.
Art: Well, if we manage to do nothing but encourage people to talk more, I'm very happy indeed! ... Talking isn't nearly as confrontational, scary or boring as people think. If only guys knew the things they can get by talking about what turns them on!
Anna: Hell yeah! I mean, I don't want to make it sound too easy, I did cry an awful lot and sometimes it was incredibly difficult, but the morning after was always so much better. The morning after *is* always so much better.
Art: And let's not scare people off too much with talk of crying either ;) ... sometimes topics can be emotional, and then more than ever is it important to talk through to the end. That's where the feeling of safety comes from I think, the knowledge that even the tricky things can be gotten through.
Anna: True. Yes. I shouldn't be scary.
Art: We haven't had any problems with the things that have happened, which is good. When there were tricky discussions it was more about ideas and "what next / what if" type scenarios.
Anna: I like those ones very much. I mean, there are so many things that I hadn't realised you like. So many things that I like that I hadn't told you that I like.
Art: And I think they are spilling out a bit now... both in conversation and ... in things that happen. I like that you like me flirting, but at the same time it's a bit weird it's so OK. Same with playing with hair and touching ... it feels great to do, but I still keep checking in with you to make sure you don't have second thoughts.
Anna: The checking in is turning out to be very important. It isn't that anything we've done so far really requires it as such, but just that extra bit of reassurance, the bit where I know that either of us, any of us in fact, can say "stop, I'm not comfortable" and it will stop and it will be OK that it stopped.
Art: It will be interesting to see whether it works similarly between different people we see, or if there are distinct styles to the flirting and distinct reasons why we get turned on.
Anna: That is the other thing I'm finding strange but wonderful. I've never ever been anything but monogamous, serial monogamous but still only one person at a time. This whole non-monogamous non-monogamy thing is quite a change for me!
Art: And there is another interesting opportunity coming up... while I'm interstate for business you can have a friend over ;) ... It'll be hot to hear what you get up to... I'm expecting messages and/or pictures!
Anna: Ohhh, I can! We can bake cookies and do macrame and... like... stuff :)
Art: Yeah... that's exactly what I meant! ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fantasy: All Tied Up

He sits on his lounge and admires her naked flesh as it follows the contours of the chaise on which she is draped. From her shoulders S-curved down to her ass. From her ass straight down to her knees almost against the floor. From her knees along the curve of her calves to her heels and her toes straining against the floor.

She stepped out naked into the room. All slender limbs and supple curves. Nervous but proud, tall and upright with excitement and fear in her eyes. He took her hand and led her the few quick steps to the chaise where she sat down.

He gets up and walks over to the table, picks something up off the surface. Her back rises and falls slowly as her breath pushes against the chaise. He stands next to her and slowly brushes the feather along her back. Her breathing struggles against the urge to make noise and her back shudders briefly. He breathes in to tell her to be quiet, but then stops at her silence. He is impressed.

He knelt at her feet, gently ran his hands along her legs. One by one, straps tightened around her ankles. Black against her pale skin. He pulled the straps tighter and she let out a moan. He looked her straight into her eyes and told her she must not make a sound. She spotted the seriousness in his eyes and nodded.

He sits down right behind her, leans over and bites her shoulder. He feels her sigh beneath him. His mouth travels down, leaving teethmarks alongside her spine. He bites her ass and squeezes her cheeks firmly with his hands. Her pelvis strains and pushes against the chaise. He gets out the solid metal butt plug and the lube. He runs the cold metal tip along her back. She doesn't realise what he is using. He continues further down and slides it between her cheeks. She suddenly catches on and pushes into the metal. Satisfied, he lubes up the plug and slowly works it into her.

He got out another pair of straps and asked for her wrists. She held them up in front of her naked breasts. He was briefly mesmerised by the beautiful curves before he looked back into her eyes, seeing no attempt at distraction. He straps her wrists tightly. He told her to lie face-down. She turned around and rested herself on the curve of the chaise, getting comfortable. He walked around, and one by one firmly held her hands and feet and clipped them onto the bottom of the chaise. She could no longer move away, she tried to find a comfortable position but couldn't do more than push her toes against the floor for some grip and have her fingertips brush the smooth polished floorboards.

After taking time running his nails into her flesh. Along her arms. Along her legs. Along her neck and shoulders. Along her back and ass. He has gotten very hard and aroused. He takes off his pants and puts on a condom. He works the lube along his shaft and sits down behind her. He tells her he is going to fuck her in her ass. A shiver. He asks her is she objecting? She sharply shakes her head. He removes the butt plug and puts it away.

He sidles closer and slowly pushes into her.
She groans.
He lets her.

She breathes heavy.
He gives her a moment.
She flexes against her restraints.

He starts fucking her.
She strains and moans.
Pressure builds up quickly for him. He grabs and squeezes her ass.
She moans again.
He comes.

After a few glorious moments he collapses on her back. He whispers in her ear.
She smiles.

Inspired by the excellent products by Liberator. Specifically the Black Label Esse Chaise.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot on the Web - Singles

If you were to ask Annabelle, she would probably suggest I have a sock fetish or something. Or maybe a foot fetish? Although she knows better than that on both counts. I think. I hope?

That isn't to say that I don't like feet. Feet are nice, and interesting, and toes are cute... but I honestly couldn't get excited over them in and of themselves. Socks, same thing... they add something... they hide, and enhance... but the socks themselves aren't the important part.

Having said that, I have to draw attention tonight to the following picture that I've been staring at, trying to work out why I keep coming back to it...

Image via Art-or-Porn

Those socks ... they look almost like they are boots. Although they follow the shape of her calves, heel, arch... it looks as if taken off they'd hold their shape, her shape. I love the little wrinkles in them, so perfectly distributed all the way along. Casually it looks casual, but looking closely it is much too regular not to be carefully designed.

Still, when push comes to shove I do think I prefer bare skin over anything else... to touch... to fondle... to massage. But I guess the socks just conveniently tantalise by hiding bits that are fun to play with? I don't know I fully understand it, but I'm certain it's not a fetish as such.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

HNT - A Chest of Gold

Arthur is a bit of a gym junkie. 5 days a week he's off taking classes which presumably involve lots of running and jumping and big manly weightlifting.

The result is a few nights where I need to eat dinner later than I'd like, and um, this:

Not too shabby, hey?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shower Masturbation Science Tip

Okay, a bit of an unconventional post, but this morning it occurred to me that maybe not everyone had the benefit of a liberal science education.

This one is specifically for all those guys that masturbate in the shower, or play with their partners in the shower... or do whatever else might possibly cause there to be semen in the shower. Most of the time, everything's fine, disappears down the drain again. But then, sometimes you'll have the sticky stuff... it doesn't want to go anywhere... it's like it's glue.

Now, I think it was my chemistry professor that remarked that semen is actually acidic. The trick then to make it non-stick if needed is to hit it with something alkaline (or caustic for those without the benefit of a science degree). What will happen is that the alkaline compound will react at the surface of the semen and make it slippery.

The simplest alkaline substance you'll find in most showers is soap... just a plain bar of soap. Body wash tends to be nice and pH neutral, and absolutely useless for this purpose. Gentle-on-the-skin soaps are probably also going to be useless. Best is just garden-variety harsh soap with its high pH.

The best method I've personally found is to dissolve soap and let soapy water run over the sticky stuff until it loses grip and just vanishes as it does on most other days. Problem solved.

Here endeth the science lesson. Goodnight.

A Good Hard Unfucking

Some days I really have to stop, take a big deep breath, think about what I'm doing, and smile. I have to keep reminding myself that the world isn't going to slip off it's axis just because I'm not doing what is expected of me. There is nobody here that is judging me, and if they are I simply don't give a damn. Except that I do. Lots of little damns really.

Unlearning guilt is not an easy thing to do. It is especially difficult when you have very little idea of where it came from. When I realised I was feeling guilty about all things sex I started running back through my life to try and figure out why. I'm not religious. My parents are not what you would call sexually repressed. I was never told to keep anything "our little secret" by someone I trusted. I could not think of anything at all that could possibly have made me so goddamn uptight. Aaaand then it hit me.

High school girls are not very nice. All these memories that I'd neatly squashed into a box suddenly leapt out at me in full colour. I was popular in high school. I'm not sure how much of it was genuine and how much of it was down to my clever and calculated plan to become popular but either way I was. I was bubbly and friendly and well liked by my entire year, and not because I was anything special, just because I was reasonably pretty and I talked to them. I was there early every morning and as my classmates would arrive I'd welcome them with a hug, a smile and a little chat. All of them. By the end of the first month it was expected and if I was off talking to others or running late then my classmates would come and find me for their daily hug. I quite liked it, and I know that many of the boys in my year did too. Not because of anything sexual, just because their family would sooner throw a boot at their head than tell them their new haircut looked good. A hug was a nice change and something most boys can't find from their mates without ridicule. No expectations. No judgement. Just hugs.

I wasn't the only hugger either. My best friend, a busty girl with tight blonde corkscrew curls, was also rather enjoying the attention. I'd love to explain away the fact that I kind of chose her very early on to be my friend because she was bound to be one of the "cool kids", but I can't. Call it self-preservation. I initially singled her out because she was hot. I bonded with her because we were quite similar. I loved her because we were awesome together. Now, just the thought of her makes me want to crawl into bed and cry.

I don't know how it happened. One day I was just a slut. Just that slut who wants to steal everyone's boyfriend. I didn't understand what had happened or who would start such a nasty rumour. Nothing had changed as far as I was aware, I was still an entirely cock-free virginal zone with no intention of changing that. Every time I chased the rumour and set things straight, up it'd pop again, and again. It took me a long while to figure out that it was my best friend. It took longer still for me to believe it.

Words have power, and words used with hate are practically cannonballs. No more hugs. The hugs were what helped people believe the rumour was real. Hugs moved from something fairly ho-hum into something sexual and unpleasant. Hugs became for boyfriends. Boyfriends was very very singular. She broke me good and proper. I loved her and I trusted her with as much of me as I could give, and she fucked me over. It kinda fucked me up.

The unfucking is taking some time.

The State of Our Affairs

I thought it might be a good time to post a 'progress update' on what we are doing, now that there are actually some things to report that'd make this post an interesting read. No, no... we haven't found ourselves tangled with a Unicorn* yet, but we're starting to see some real promise and excitement along the way. We're still not scared like we thought we would be, and we're more excited than we had dared hope we could be.

Dating and flirting as a couple still feels a little weird, but we're getting over that quickly. Talking to multiple attractive people at the same time feels a bit... strange... and greedy. By the same token though, we can't really predict what will go somewhere and what won't. We don't know yet whether there'll even be a second time after the first ("All Signs Point To Yes"), and whether we end up settling on a single someone we see frequently, a few someones we see when we can, or lots of somebodies that just pass through. These are all things we are still set to discover.

First of all, we have a couple of dating profiles out there. They were purposely written a little bit in a deterring style. We focused very specifically and narrowly on what we are after ("meet for a chat and a coffee before anything happens", "we're looking to take it slow, starting from manual and oral only to see how we feel afterwards", "we're not making promises about repeat encounters at this stage"). We've worded it a little more brusque than that, but all with the intent of trying to deter the "wrong-for-us-for-now" people from responding to us.

The down-side of this approach has been that it's taken a while to get some good responses. The up-side is that so far the responses have at least looked to be people that would seem to fit within our parameters. Rudeness FTW! I think all up we have one "could-work-out" and two "oh-yes-please-let-them-work-out" responses on the dating sites. No idea how they will continue to work out once we chat a bit and hopefully meet up, but there's at least some promise there.

Now,... there is one notable exception that I really must mention here. The 30-something submissive guy who sent a very extensive message outlining all the things he'd like to do for us. We sent a very polite "you're not what we are looking for, but thanks for your message!" back at him. Which prompted a response "Are you sure you don't even want me to do housework duties like I explained for you?". Uhm... stranger, whom we rebuffed, wanting to get into our house and do non-sexual favours for us... I know there are people out there that like that kind of stuff (thanks for educating me Dan Savage!), but really, my gut asks me "What else might he want to have a browse around your house for?" and I have to concur.

Annabelle is a bit disappointed that we're not getting someone to do the housework, but I explained we can always see if we get ourselves a Unicorn* that likes to dress up in a maids outfit and clean... granted, it won't get much cleaning done I think, but it'd be a lot less awkward, and way waaaaay hotter than a 30-something guy to me.

Okay, so that covers the dating sites... is that all there is to it? Not quite.

There's two promising honest-to-goodness real-world people we have been interacting with that... uhm... might work out.

First there is someone we know from online, whom we have been talking to, who turns out to be a very sweet and cheeky Unicorn*. We haven't actually managed to meet up with her in person, but we're keeping our fingers and hoofs crossed hoping we can manage to do so in the not-too-distant future (we're currently constructing a Unicorn-trap for this one). We're trying to play it cool for now, but I'm a little afraid we may be partially failing at that. Still, practice makes perfect, right?

And second there is Delilah. We thought. We hoped. She hadn't actually considered the possibilities. But she has shown a delightful willingness to play along and see what's around the next corner. She flirts at an A-grade level, and that was while she was holding back because she didn't quite know what the deal with us was. This one could be trouble... sweet delicious trouble.

So, although we haven't actually moved to any more serious physical activity yet, the world is starting to look like our oyster. And it appears we may have seriously underestimated our own appeal. Maybe we are just too modest?

* For an explanation of Unicorn, see our earlier post: No "Third" For Us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't say that!

I try very hard to behave. I try to be inclusive and understanding and put myself in other people's shoes. I think long and hard before I speak and generally end up just staying nice and quiet and completely non-controversial. The problem is that holding all these ideas in my head is causing me to become restless and grumpy. Little chunks of boo-hiss escape in the strangest places. Tonight I found myself berating some turkey wings for not being included in an adult dating site subscription that Arthur and I have gotten, and yesterday I was telling a large goose down doona* about how annoying feather allergies might prove to be should we ever find someone to put the doona on. "Why couldn't you have been hypoallergenic dual layer polyfilled?" I asked, and I may or may not have waited for a response. Talking to inanimate objects about things is never a good sign, so I'm taking it as my cue to start being a smidgeon more vocal to the world at large.

Just a little bit more vocal. Baby steps and such. :)

*an Australian brand name for a quilt that gets used regardless of the brand of quilt.

Our Readers are Awesome (and so are we)

It's hard to believe we've been blogging for less than three months so far. And it's both humbling and exciting to see how much the people we interact with online seem to appreciate what we do. Forgive me if this is a slightly introspective / retrospective post. We'll go back to our usual programming tomorrow.

We really feel blessed with the people we're getting to know, and the things we get to know about the people we already thought we had pegged* in our daily lives. It's been a dizzying experience so far, and we are very excited about where else this may lead in the future.

Personally, I have a vaguely defined hope that we build a nice circle of non-vanilla friends out of this over time. People we can unashamedly be ourselves around, and who feel they can do the same around us. It'll probably take some time because we gel best with a very specific type of people.

And then there is the stuff that should be bizarre, but feels normal and right instead. We bought a blanket to designate our 'play-with-others' space. And today we ordered a larger bed frame for the guest room, because we're going to want that ready *before* we need it. Weird, weird stuff... and yet, so normal.

Art: I had this type of bed on my list, but with all the horizontal metal work I'm not sure how well that will work.
Anna: Ah, well, you can tie things down there *pointing at image* if you need to.
Art: Yes, but this one has the vertical spokes already.
Anna: Yeah, but I don't want to trust the strength of the welds when there's struggling involved.
Art: Is it weird that we're shopping for a guest bed, looking for these features?
Anna: Nah, if we get a bed to play in, we better make sure it can do duty for anything we may want to try.

Did I mention how much I love my Annabelle recently? It's just awesome having this weird surreal conversations with her while at the same time feeling completely normal about it.

And finally, thanks specifically to those that have remarked in one way or another that you liked a post, or a style of posts. It's good to know my fantasies work for some of the readers, and that the dialogues are appreciated for their open honest look into 'us', and the HNTs seem to do well too.

For anyone out there that has never commented before (or if you feel like commenting again), leave a comment with what you've liked or disliked so far... you can leave a name, or stay anonymous, we appreciate them all.

* Not in the Dan Savage, anal-sex with a strap-on sense.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dialogue: Girls, Girls, Everywhere

Art: Hi, Annabelle... how you feeling?
Anna: *shakes head* Damp. I just got out of the shower. How are you travelling this fine eve?
Art: Head racing a little, but pretty good overall... I understand you've been feeling a bit... like the world is much fuller than you realised?
Anna: Ahh, are you talking about the newly discovered non-vanilla thinking of some of our seemingly "normal" friends?
Art: Indeed, and that perhaps there are more people (girls) that'd consider jumping you than you had thought...
Anna: It is really very strange! I don't normally think about other people's preferences above and beyond the normal taking note of partners and so on, but recently it seems a whole lot of friends are a whole lot more comfortable with things than I ever knew.
Art: Maybe this is all not nearly as 'out there' as it seems when you stick in your shell ;)
Art: It's kinda funny how you were telling me before that you worried about finding anyone that was actually as much into you as they were into me
Anna: Me? In my shell? Well yes, I guess you are right about that. It is a bit surprising really. I mean, I do still think I'd be hard pressed to find someone who what equally into both of us or more into me than you, because statistically that does not seem to be the way it goes, but there are most definitely far more women out there that are not running a mile from me, and that is certainly progress in my book.
Art: No, I meant in general... the universal 'you'... and you look great! I don't know why they would want to run! ... sure, you can't please *everyone*, but the same goes for my looks. I think on the whole we'll do just fine
Anna: I'm not sure why they would want to run either, but certainly in the past I have not had the greatest amount of success even talking to women, let alone letting them know that I find them attractive in a sexual way. I still feel like a total goose trying to talk about it to anyone. It is getting easier though, and the sheer number of people that seem to come back with "yeah, me too" or some such, it makes me want to keep carefully exploring the boundaries of our new world.
Art: It's a comforting and bewildering realisation. I think you too easily underestimate your looks, darling... as much as not everyone is going to be interested in women in that way, those that are, you should have a fairly decent shot with in my opinion. We're kinda ahead of the curve there... and we are good at talking, which might make them feel more comfortable around us too.
Anna: Awww, thank you. You aren't too shabby yourself ;) I'd question the good at talking comment though. I do try my best but I'm not really sure good is the right word to describe my talking. Plentiful might be more accurate.
Art: Well, it's coming more naturally than before... and as much as you're not making first moves in any form yet, I don't think you're far off a daring little initiative... What I more meant though is that the fact that we talk this stuff through well between us probably shows through when we talk in front of others, and that's likely to make them more comfortable as well... especially if we do them the favour of being included in careful discussion of boundaries and desires, etc. ... We may even have a leg-up in that case over regular straight hook-ups too...
Anna: Well for many of these people, we wouldn't even need to do that. I mean, I'm fascinated by the seemingly sudden emergence of all these not-so-straight people, but I'm not necessarily interested in getting into their pants. Still... well the suggestion of cheating and deception has already arisen, I wouldn't be against just letting them know in a careful and non-confrontational way that we do communicate very openly about what we like and what we might want to do.
Art: I think that's the best way to go... if we like someone, a gentle "FYI, we think you're hot... if you ever feel like you want a girl or a threesome, feel free to knock on our door" may be just what the doctor ordered ;)
Anna: I'm happy with that :)
Art: Then I'm also happy with it :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot on the Web

I know it isn't anywhere near Halloween yet (oh boy am I looking forward to it though!), but there are some... well... dress-up (liberally interpreted) pictures that I had to share for one reason or another.

Image via Art-or-Porn

I am a *little* confused by this one... I'm not sure whether she's being shy in hugging herself like that, or whether she is flaunting her sexuality with the leg and hip out like that. But yay for the gypsy look... simple but effective. Other than the shy-hug part this kinda reminds me of Annabelle... she could easily pull this off in her sleep.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Oh, the impracticality of it... I don't have a leather/latex/other-material fetish, but damn... I love how the outfit hides everything and nothing. I love the high-heeled boots. I love the buckles. I *love* the curly-go-everywhere hair... and that face is incredibly cute too. This'd be a great costume to sidle up to and put my hands all over. Let's hope the material rips though, because I'm not sure I'd want to take the time to carefully peel it off her.

Image via Art-or-Porn

And another dress-up staple... the fairy. But extremely well executed, perfect pose. I like the curve of that back, and the tattoo that accentuates that curve, and the ass at the bottom of it. Now if only she could do the whole 'oops' pose and lift up the back of ... well... let's say it's a skirt, shall we?

Image via Art-or-Porn

Hm... best outfit ever... nothing! ... Hey, Annabelle... if at Halloween we run into a girl like this, we *have* to try and seduce her, okay? ;) The only thing that could possibly make this hotter is if the art is painted on with paint that isn't *too* good... so that as she starts sweating every contact leaves streaks and smudges. Drawing a map of the sex we're having for all the other people to see once we rejoin the party. A little implied exhibitionism. Yum.

HNT - Annabelle's Nail Obsession

Porn is awesome. The girls always look positively smashing, be they of the barbie doll type or real world variety. There are some things about porn that get up my nose though. They are tiny seemingly inconsequential things, but they pull me right out of the moment. One of the tiny things is nail polish. No nail polish is better than chips and chew marks. I cannot stand bad nails. I know there are many types, I know some people have dirty rough jobs where it is impossible to have perfectly manicured nails, but that whole half-assed thing drives me up the wall. I can't take my eyes off it. Beautiful stunning woman, strong man driving into her, and I'm staring at peeling polish on the hand that is holding the headboard.

Me, I'm nail polish obsessed. I have about 40 colours ranging from purple with blue glitter to the ever-so-standard french whore red. Every week or so off comes one colour and on goes another. Fingers and toes always matching. I used to paint little pictures and designs on them with pins, toothpicks and various handmade stamps but these days I just can't afford the time.

This week, they are a fairly tame dusky pink. No decals. No pictures. 4 layers with a rolled edge. Deliciousness.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If You Know Us and You're Happy...

This is a Public Service Announcement.
We want to provide some guidance on how to behave if you know us, but we don't realise you know who we are.
  1. Approach, and literally say "I *really* love your blog" (this shall be interpreted as: "I know about Lust & Confused, I'm interested in your site, yourself or your situation, and I'd like to talk to you about it").
  2. Back off a little so we can confirm that you are talking about what we're going to assume you are talking about. (We don't necessarily want the bystanders to know the same you know about us).
  3. You may flirt if you feel so inclined, but don't make any assumptions about us; flirting is fun... trying to get straight into our pants is kinda creepy.
I decided I wanted to write this little announcement so that I can stop being paranoid about who in our direct environment might stumble on this site and get an inkling of it being us. After this we can simply assume that if the magic phrase is not uttered we are among the oblivious.

It is also a nice neutral phrase you can utter to an incorrectly guessed person without giving away what you are talking about. It'll only mean something special if you happen to say it to the right person ;)

And if you come across this site, connect it to our persons, and do not approve of what we are doing here... kindly keep your judgements to yourself. We'd like to be able to stay friends, and judgement tends to make things rather awkward. Especially since we're not actually doing anything wrong here, nor are ashamed of it. Be nice!

(Also take note that if you decide to be judgemental about this, we're going to take the opportunity to ask pointed questions about how you came across our blog in the first place... do we need to bring up our search stats and find out exactly what search terms you used to find us? ... I didn't think so...)

I think that covers everything.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WTMFI - Week 9: Sexuality 101

Question 1: What is your ideal amount of sex per week? Are you having your ideal amount of sex?
I think we've never managed to get to the "ideal amount" consistently enough yet, so I'm not exactly sure what that amount is. We should really make a concerted effort to find out, but at a guess it is at least 3 times, but probably no more than daily ;). We have never had a week yet where there wasn't some kind of interruption taking out a day or two though. We really should try one of those "30-days-of" things to see if we get sick of it.

And that'd make the answer to the second question, no, but I'm not feeling deprived either, which I think is more important. Life is hardly ever 'ideal'.
Ideal, eh? What a strange question. I'm not really sure what my ideal amount of sex would be. I don't think I would like daily, only because I have a smidgy bit of a problem with Arthur's girthiness and I need some "quiet time" down there. If I had absolutely nothing else to do and a new partner every day then I would probably enjoy daily or even more often, but as it stands every few days sounds pretty perfect for me.

And no, but if you think about it I'm probably not having my ideal amount of dish washing, laundry, gardening, handcrafting, grocery shopping or work either. There is a finite amount of time in every week and sometimes life just gets in the way.

Question 2: Do you think females can ejaculate? If not, why?
I have no reason to doubt it; Sex is Fun has assured me it's so. I have not witnessed it myself yet though, so I cannot personally confirm.
Yes, and I'd love to figure out how that all works, maybe see if I can manage myself. Still, given that I've only just figured out orgasms, I'm not holding my breath that it'll be any time soon :(

Question 3: Do you prefer to give or receive? Top or bottom?
Even money on both (assuming the second is a position question, and not a BDSM question). Giving gets me hard when it makes the girl wet... and getting passively allows me to watch and enjoy. But a bit of both at the same time is most common, if less focused.

I like being on top with doggie style, or with legs wrapped around my waist, or flexibility permitting legs overhead even. But I just as much enjoy being on the bottom and holding hips and squeezing breasts while getting ridden. Or just watching her back and ass and seeing myself slide in and out. I can really find a way to enjoy about anything I think?
Ohhh, a tricky one. I like both, but probably lean more towards giving in most situations. The idea that I can give someone else pleasure is such a buzz. That being said I do very much enjoy being played with and pampered and given the opportunity to just bask in deliciousness.

And bottom, definitely. In more ways than one, even. I love the feeling of bodyweight, someone else crushing me into the bed, leaning in to get what they want. I love being told what to do or where to be. I love being bossed and tossed and thrown around a bit. Not always, but often.

Question 4: What is your favourite sexual position and why?
Oh damn, I think I spoiled this one in Q3 above. As the 'About Us' says, I think doggie comes top of the list if I can pick only one. And that's because I like holding on to hips and being able to see all of the slippery wetness. And backs are nice to look at too... and on occasion hair to be grabbed and maybe pulled.
Well I do love me some cowgirl. The angle works really well most days and I get to watch Arthur's face as I move. He has such telling expressions and this is one of the few positions where I can see his face clearly. After that I'd probably go boring old missionary, mainly because it is quite versatile in how it plays out. Romantic, passionate, dominant, they all work. The added bonus here is that I get to watch Arthur's huge arms and pull at his back. Mmmm. I like so many for so many different reasons.

Question 5: Are you noisy during sex? Do you moan or talk? Does your partner ever tell you to quiet down?
I don't think I'm too noisy, although it's hard to be sure... sound tends to fade into the background when sensation takes over. I think I probably make grunty/groany noises, and am trying to learn to talk a bit more. If anything I think Anna'd like me to make more noise of various kinds.
I'm noisy. I'm stupidly noisy really. Once or twice I've heard joggers outside slow down as they pass our house, presumably to ascertain of they are witnessing a murder or just some good clean fun. I don't think I was always noisy, it just kind of crept up on me. I honestly don't realise I'm being anything but quiet, which can be a bit of a rude shock when I zone back to reality and find the strange strangled barking sound is coming from me.

BONUS QUESTION: What's your favourite and least favourite parts of your body? If you have a partner, what do they say is their favourite part(s) of your body? If you have a partner, what is your favourite part(s) of their body?
Now that I actually have a picture, I must admit my back comes out quite well... it's just not the same trying to look at it in the mirror. ;) ... I'd like my abdomen to lose a little layer, but I kinda have a bit of that bearish top-coat that hides the muscle underneath. It's got a bit of definition showing though, and I'm not all that displeased with it, but if there was anything I'd change it'd be that. And it's still shedding a little with the exercise I'm on, so I may yet get my wish there soon.

I think Annabelle probably likes my legs and shoulders best. And on her, I really love her breasts and really the shape of her upper body altogether really. She's got perfectly shaped breasts like a work of art ;)
I'm not a huge fan of my body. I like some parts on some days. My hair is usually well-behaved and can look incredibly sexy after a bit of play. My breasts are pretty damn cute. My thighs are not.

Arthur has an amazing body. I think my favourite part of all would be his eyes, they are just so talkative. Outside of that I can't really tell you my favourite part. His calves are chiselled, his bottom is droolworthy, his arms, well, damn. I think I like all his parts.

Unsexy Time

I've been trying to scrape together a post for a while now. I wanted something new, something exciting, something that'd make little bursts of electricity dash all the way up and down my spine as I typed.

The problem is that I'm feeling a whole lot of unsexy. I've spent the last two weeks trying to cough up a lung and learning to love aloe & eucalyptus infused tissues. I've tried close to every cough drop available at the local supermarket and chemist, drunk stupid amount of tea and tisanes, and gargled myself backwards into the towel rail. Of course, as if that wasn't enough I gave to to Arthur too. Cue the cacophony of coughs!

Right now as I type this I'm wearing my ever-so-sexy musk pink flanny PJs and dressing gown that makes me look not unlike Big Bird. I can see the Lelo Tor sitting on the other side of the room taunting me, teasing me, begging us to let it show us what its got...

This harsh lingering cough had best be gone soon else Arthur and I will be experimenting with our new toys with a side order of rather unpleasant involuntary breath play. *cough*

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fantasy: In Ruins

It's a nice summery day with a little breeze and some cloud. Warm enough to strip off most clothing, but cool enough not to swelter and burn in the sun. The rest of the visitors to this historic site are at the foot of the hill I'm sitting on, under big parasols on the paved area, snacking on a late lunch.

I close my eyes and fall on my back, relaxing as the breeze curls under my shirt across my stomach and chest, softly caressing. I cannot tell how much time passes as I feel the alternating heat and cold of clouds passing overhead. "Hi".

My eyes startle open, and try to adjust to the big shadow talking at me. "Natasha". A hand reaches out as the shadow resolves slowly into a smiling brunette. I reach out, shake her hand and introduce myself. A quick glance reveals her outfit to consist of a white blouse tied around her midriff, airy shorts and thongs*. And skin... so much gloriously tanned skin showing.

"Hi, how are you?"
"You're here by yourself?", I ask.
"Well, no, but my friends ditched me."
"Oh, that's no good; can I help?"
"Would you mind if I explore with you instead?"

And with that, my new companion and I set out down the other side of the hill to explore the site.

It's a relatively quiet crowd-free day, and Natasha turns out to be a bit of a history buff. As we go along her bubbly and engaging conversation covers the various buildings left on the site, and events long since passed. As we round the next hill, a big old dilapidated building rolls into view. Before another word comes out Natasha gives a squeal and dashes towards and into the building.

I quickly jog after her and cannot be more than ten seconds behind her as I reach the front door, peering into the darkness inside with my sun-blinded eyes. As I step inside and my eyes adjust, the dusty floors and peeling paint are revealed. Just as I am about to call out to Natasha, I spot her thongs next to the entrance and a trail of footprints outlined in the dust leading across the wooden floors.

I follow the footprints to the doorway at the end of the hallway. At the other side of the doorway the footprints change, the outlines only showing the balls of her feet and her delicate toes. She's running. Diagonally across the room to a staircase. I pick up my pace to keep up.

At the foot of the stairs I discover her white blouse hanging over the banister. Her footprints are taking the stairs three steps at a time. I carefully step around them, unwilling to disturb something her naked feet have left on the floor. Halfway up the stairs, rectangles of sunlight falling through the windows highlight a pile of shorts with a little dance of feet around it in the dust.

Staring at the pile I notice my slightly racing pulse, and a noticeable bulge of excitement in my jeans. I'm imagining what she looks like right now without her short and shirts. As my eyes catch sight of footprints further up the stairs I snap out of it and continue along the trail. At the top of the stairs her bra book-ends the banister at the top.

A quick scan in the relative darkness of the top floor reveals the trail running diagonally across the landing to a closed door in the corner with underwear tied to the door handle and sunlight spilling through a crack underneath. I carefully approach, trying not to make a sound as I slowly turn the handle and open the door a tiny bit, spilling dazzling sun into my face.

Big windows on one wall spill the afternoon sunlight across the floor, across an old faded rug, across a slightly dusty Natasha leaning suggestively on an antique wooden chair with red lining. A breeze enters through a crack in a window pane and caresses her hair and outstretched limbs. My eyes lazily make their from the floor along her leg to her hips. Her other knee rests on the chair, her hips slightly off level, and an slight curve to her back as goose bumps travel along her spine.

She looks up at me; "Took you long enough... what's with all the clothes?" My shirt makes an arc somewhere towards the side of the room before she is even all the way through that sentence, as I keep walking towards her chair.

She stands up from the chair as I approach, and pushes me into it. My hands reach for her. "No... keep them down". I place them back on the arm rests. Her hands reach for my chest, and slowly run from my shoulders down to my abdomen and twist loose the button. Delicate fingers grab my zipper and pull it down one click at a time... slow... torture.

I lift myself off the chair as she pulls my jeans off, revealing the tip of my cock poking out of my underwear. She smiles. She turns around and starts giving me a slow lap dance. Butterflies catch in my chest as I stiffen even more. My hands lift from the arm rests, but again. "No... down".

Her arousal at refusing me touch is clear from the increased wetness her pussy is leaving on my legs as she slowly grinds into my muscles. Her hands caress her hips, finger her clit, squeeze her firm breasts, turn me crazy. Her ass rubs back further and her cheeks brush my cock. I grunt. She looks over her shoulder at my face, heat in her eyes. Then down to my crotch. Smile.

Her hands reach for my underwear and she grinds into my leg while I strain to lift my hips. She slowly slides them down my legs till they fall at my ankles. Forgotten immediately as her ass touches my cock again. Pressing into it. Rubbing into it.

Her hand reaches for me and holds my cock firmly as her hips lift and her lips slide over me. My back falls back heavily into the back of the chair as my hands grip the arm rests. She slowly works her lubrication onto me, getting slipperier by the second, until her ass touches me again. Once again slow torture, as she teases me with her movements. I feel like I'll burst, but I need more to come.

I beg and she speeds up a little bit, but still not quite enough. I groan and grunt. I whisper through clenched teeth "Make me come". Heavy breath from her, "Nho, not yet". She speeds up a little more though. I feel her fingers. They are working her clit and starting to slip. "Let me come", slightly pleading now. "Halmost". The wood creaks as my hands strain, and the sound seems to get her there as I feel her muscles contract around me. The pulsing feeling is the last straw to get me there, and I feel my hot ejaculation explode into her. I slump.

Once her muscles quiet down, she slumps on top of me. I whisper in her ear, "Do you reckon there's a bed somewhere in this place?"

* For any American readers, I think you normally refer to them as flip-flops.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot on the Web

Sorry, this is a bit of a long one, and I know how you all hate looking at pictures! ;) ... I don't really have a particularly narrowly defined 'type' that appeals to me, but some things make me notice more than others... There is however *one* sure-fire thing that draws me in without fail. This one's dedicated to that one thing...

Image via Art-or-Porn

A great smile... like this... she radiates happy... it is impossible not to be happy myself. If she walked up naked on the beach with that smile I would barely even notice her body.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Pretty eyes... and in this case green! ... It's hard to focus when faced with eyes like that. Annabelle has pretty amazing eyes herself. I don't look at them nearly as often as I should.

Image via Art-or-Porn

And did I mention smiles? ... cheeky smiles work great too... and putting something in your mouth to draw attention to the smile is always a great move.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Oh, and eyes... light coloured eyes... even without the smile... they draw me in... make me get lost... make me say stupid incoherent things that I hope I'm getting away with.

Image via Art-or-Porn

And smiles are great too, especially when they spread all over the face like this... where you can tell she's smiling by looking at any single part of her face.

Image via Art-or-Porn

And dreamy, sleepy, smouldering eyes... that suggest and demand... promise and coax... eyes that make you want to try your hardest because you just don't want to disappoint... those eyes...

Image via Art-or-Porn

And I couldn't post this without mentioning smiles; ... happy, cheeky, confident smiles... smiles that indicate it doesn't matter what happens, because everything is an adventure, and everything is fun.

Hope that cleared a few things up... somewhat?

No "Third" For Us...

We recently actually got pulled up on a forum for using the term "Third" for the additional person we are looking for, for our threesome. I gather the main reason is that is sounds rather impersonal and distanced from the action... like an add-on of lesser value than the two of us. Annabelle actually wrote a nice reply, and I've got a few excerpts from that below.

Also, I kind of feel the need to explain a bit too. The "guest star" role is necessary for me, as is the designation of the third. For now, anyway. I'm a bit torn on the whole thing because with someone you know there is a bond already there and a level of trust and understanding, and I know a few people with whom we might raise the subject, however I like them and I want to have them as friends for as long as possible. I don't think it is wise to experiment with them in this way.

Because of this, we are looking for a woman that we don't know yet. She's presently nameless (well, presumably she has a name, we just don't know her or it yet) and for ease of conversation between us gets referred to as "the third" or some such designation. The reason for doing it this way is because if it doesn't work out, if I have a post-tryst meltdown or some such, we can go our separate ways without too much trouble. I'd like to leave the option open just in case.


I'm sorry if the language comes across as cold, but hopefully the reasoning helps explain why it was used. Can we please not ever use "partner" for this pretty please, it causes unpleasant sensations (and plain old confusion); is unicorn* acceptable?

So, I propose that from this point on we will refer to this as-of-yet unnamed guest star to our threesome as "Unicorn"* or "Our Unicorn"*. I kinda like the sound of it; it's a nice and friendly term, and it kinda pokes tongue-in-cheek fun at the use of the term.

*For those confused by it, this term comes from the fact that single available bi-sexual girls are considered to be as rare as unicorns.

The Artful Dong

There is nothing like a chronic cold to make you feel wholly and utterly unsexy. Every 5 minutes I'm barking up a lung and I smell like a mentholated beehive. Other than the cool clenching my PC muscles do every time I cough, there ain't nothing sexy about me today. It is hard to write about sexy when all you want to do is curl up with a cup of hot honey tea, stick a menthol in your mouth and catch up with some winter knitting. And then it hit me - sexy arts and crafts!

First up, the arts, and what better place to start than Randy Polumbo. In a field of random dildos this guy is head and shoulders above the rest. He does some really wild art using all manner of sex toys and paraphenalia. And baby bottles, but I'm less interested in that right now. I'm in love with the Buttercup series, one of which is shown below.

Randy Polumbo at Morgan Lehman - j-No on Flickr

Yeah baby, those are solar panels for a sex machine! It doesn't do much in the way of getting you off, but it does get turned on. At night those jelly tentacles are lit with a gorgeous glow, powered by the stored energy from the solar panel petals.

And now for a bit of fancy phallic crafting. Abitabite makes some absolutely fabbo stuff based on all manner of body parts. I'm personally a big fan of her uterus. That doesn't sound right at all, does it? Try again. I'm a big fan of That Time of the Month. Much better! It is rather a shame it would make poor old grandma blush because I'm certain she'd appreciate the stitchwork!

A Bit A Bite The Prick Cushion - valkyrieh116 on Flickr

All a bit much to swallow? Sit tight, I'm not done yet. What happens when you mix art and craft? You end up with a rather splendid photograph of a tiny sculpted "wanger" in a gelatin capsule. Not the world's most healthy-looking cock, granted, but it is impressive for its size.

Tiny Sculpted wanger in gelatin capsule - B_Zedan on Flickr

You know, there are far fewer things out there made *with* sex-related objects than I was hoping. There are plenty of penis-inspired artworks and a plethora of knitted willies, but I was really hoping for piles of peni, or a dildo igloo or something. I know you all have jelly toys hiding away in toy boxes, what good are they ever going to do you, eh? Drag those puppies out, get out the paint and the superglue and get artsy! C'mon, you know you want to ;)

Real Fantasies

"Are all fantasies something you'd ultimately want to do?" One of those questions that always feels as if a trap is being set. Personally, I'll go out on a limb and say "Yes, I think so, but..."

First of all, if you have a fantasy that turns you on, then there must be a reason it turns you on. You like what's in it. You like the idea of what's in it. If you were in another universe where nobody knew you, and there were no consequences to your actions, you'd do it... no questions asked.

"Ahah, but what about rape fantasies? Nobody would actually want to get raped!?" Yep, the stereotypical gotcha to that question. I think asking that question shows a certain level of confusion about rape fantasies (for the record I don't have those myself, from either side of the equation). A rape fantasy isn't about actual rape, it's about a game that looks as close to rape as you feel comfortable without crossing any personal boundaries in the process. Asking that question is confusing a pre-arranged game with something horribly real.

"No, of course I don't want to do that, my partner would never go for it." or "I can't risk my family / friends / colleagues finding out about this." Okay, but you'd do it if those things weren't a factor, right? And as far as people finding out goes; you have hidden things from someone before, right? You know how it works and all? Besides, the fact that you might choose not to do something for a valid real-world reason doesn't mean that it isn't something you'd do under more ideal circumstances (the ability to convince your partner / a good padlock for your toys / a move interstate away from prying noses).

And so it goes in essence with all rebuttals that I've encountered in the wild or on the Interwebs. Either the fantasy and the reality being compared are not quite the same thing, or there is some (temporary) reason it is best to choose not to act out.

I think though that at the very least it is a good idea to get to a place with your partner where you can discuss your fantasies regardless of what they are with the understanding that they may not work out right now, or necessarily ever. There is nothing to be lost by simply being honest with each other, because you can still choose to not do anything differently. On the other hand, you may find that after some consideration your partner surprises you and gifts you one of your fantasies.

And think of this... the more of your fantasies you share with your partner, the better the odds that there are some among them they only need a little nudge on, or none at all as the case may be.

What have you got to lose? ... Only some hypocrisy and some fear... and we can all do with less of those.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Anna Needs Input

Anna tends to worry... It's Her Way. So, I thought I'd make a post that hopefully some people will leave relevant comments on. *fingers crossed*

As should be clear by now, we're well on our way to a threesome in the near future. And for the most part we have all the important dialogues covered in the lead-up to that. But there are two things that Anna worries about regarding that extra female.

  • She likes getting oral, but she feels guilty about "making the third do that for her; what is in it for her?".
  • She likes the idea of giving oral, but she worries about "doing it wrong, and making the experience a let-down for the third".

I have my own answers and opinions about these questions, but I think it would be nice to get some comments from people that may have been thirds themselves, or otherwise that have some clear reasoning on these two points. Have at it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

HNT - Not Easy Being Green

Last week Arthur took some time off work and got busy making our spare rooms pretty. I love watching him work on the house. It makes me tremendously proud to see him making our nest beautiful. It also seems to make him take his shirt off...

And because Arthur painted two rooms, you can have two pictures. Just this once though.

e[lust] edition #18

HNT Courtesy of Barefoot Dreamer - Photo by Jon H.

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Off Limits for 30 Days - "You don't listen very well," I heard her hiss. "That's off limits, damn you." And there was a crack and fiery agony clawed into my back.

The Joy of Sucking Cock - I wonder at times if that is why I am such a “good little cocksucker” as W calls me. When I am deeply into it, I almost enter this place where I am both the sucker and suckee, and it is as though it is MY cock being sucked on.

This intensity gets me riled when I am tied up (photo story) - James picked up that evil strap again. I watched helplessly as he positioned himself to use it on my pussy... Ever so lightly he started. Flick, flick, flick.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Ask Lilly: How do I know if a sex toy has phthalates in it? - The studies going around are saying that phthalate exposure can damage all sorts of organs, and can possibly cause cancer. There are a lot of harmful things in our world these days that we can't avoid - so when we CAN avoid something like toxins in our sex toys, we should.

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Portal. Confession #493 - It truly is a spiritual give and take, these sexual relationships I form. I can cross the threshold and see however much of someone that I choose to see, with whomever it is that I am involved with.

See also: Pleasurists #88 and #89 for all your sex toy review needs.

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