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Friday, July 30, 2010

Remarkably Normal

How you going?
In QVB are you done?
Manage to find Addict?
Yes :)
Will head over now :)
Did she have a chainsaw on her? ;)
No, she is mostly harmless :)

There were so many many ways in which today could have ended up being weird or awkward, but it turned out remarkably normal in the end. I don't know whether we are just very lucky, or very skilled at picking people.

Let me back up a little bit first. I had a booking at Face of Man... I guess you would call it a "beauty salon" for men; although that term is likely to turn off both men and women, it neatly captures the gist of the place. I had been gifted a coupon for the place and now seemed as good a time as any to use it.

Since I didn't want to prejudice myself against the experience I just decided to grab a range of things from the menu. Hands, feet, back. And because I had been planning to anyway, I got the front of my neck zapped with a laser, because razors make my skin unhappy there, and there only.

As a result, by the time I actually met up with Anna and Miss Net Addict at the gelato shop after the brief SMS exchange at the top of this post, my cheeks were still hairy and my neck a little puffy. I didn't exactly look in my best possible shape. Although my nails were lovely and my back was relaxed.

Now, to put this in context... Miss Net Addict is the first person we've met that knows about this site and our Twitter. The first new person post-putting-everything-out-on-the-web. The first person that knows Our Secret Identities. There is of course Brandi, but she doesn't count due to already knowing a lot more about us in general, including the kind of stuff that we talk about here.

But I must say, any worries were totally unfounded. Miss Net Addict is a delightful person that seems to match our personalities well, so it wasn't hard to just drop into a groove of talking after a bit of awkward generic talking I think. I can't quite recall, because I do this automatic-pilot thing when I'm trying to assess the situation. But then it just all eased up, and it was... normal.

The topics discussed were nice and varied. I was pleased we didn't end up stuck either carefully avoiding anything touching on sex and kink, nor feeling like we had to talk about it because of this blog. There were some discussions about fetishes touching on XKCD rule 34. There was some chat about people we know who have come out and how their friends and family took it. But there was also dissing of the latest wave of fashion nonsense, and of all things, politics!

All in all, we had a great day, and I think we made a very cool exciting new friend. And that in itself makes the whole week worth it.

PS: Anna remarked afterwards how pleased she was how well it went, and that in a sense this was another barrier tackled for us. Knowing that we can meet someone off the Internets like this, that knows us like this, without it feeling... awkward. It's all about the small steps of self-discovery as we do this I think.

HNT - That Little Crease

I am not against curves. I'm not. I just happen to like more slender and petite women. They have curves too, you know!

This is my favourite little curve. Well, less of a curve, more of a crease. It is the little section underneath the ribs that just tucks in on itself if you bend side to side.

In addition, you can take the fact that I allowed myself to be photographed in around-the-house trakkie daks as part of this week's "nakedness". Yes I wear track pants to sloth around in and I'm not ashamed to say it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

WTMFI - Week 4: Have You Ever...

Question 1: Have you ever had sex in public?
Technically I suppose, yes. It was outside, in a public place (on an island in a lake), but for some reason 'in public' sounds like it requires more than that... the imminent threat of being discovered... people close by as you're doing it. I think finding a more public place could be fun. Especially when we can see people, but they cannot really see us for one reason or another... it's... *shrug*
Public, like in the middle of a crowd of people public? Not so much, no. I have had sex in a tiny little hatchback on the roof of a shopping centre car-park. A Daihatsu Charade, tiny little thing. Goodness knows how we managed it but from what I recall I was comfy and Arthur nearly broke his knees.

Question 2: Have you ever had sex in the shower or bath?
Shower yes, bath no. Oral yes, intercourse no. Sounds interesting to experiment further with, but will need to get a good silicone lube that won't let me down halfway through. Would seem a bit tricky to re-apply. Oral does actually feel very good in the shower with the running water providing seemingly frictionless lubrication, but I always worry about Anna drowning down there.
No, but we bloody well tried! Boy did we try. It was on a family holiday up at Forster years and years ago and my parents had rented a whole house for all of us for a week. It was next to a mangrove inlet so the whole place was beach themed. The shower was twice as long as a normal recess (cubicle) and had big tinted blue glass doors with all sorts of aquatic paraphernalia set in them. I distinctly recall a fishing net, dried seahorses and some mostly-intact starfish all set in this glass. Arthur and I made a hearty attempt, but I was nervous, not on the pill, without lube, and had never ever attempted standing sex. It was when I was flat on my back and asking about the condom for the 3rd or 4th time that we decided that it just was not going to be happening for us *lol* Right now, our shower is almost too small to comfortably wash your hair in, I think attempting anything more than oral or manual in there would result in an ambulance ride to the closest hospital! Oh, I do love giving blow-jobs in the shower! Do they count? I'll say they do, just because I want to answer yes to at least something in this list.

Question 3: Have you ever had sex outdoors?
Ah, see question 1. Definitely worth further exploration though.
No, but I do occasionally run around naked in the rain outside and imagine what sex in the rain might be like. Warm rain though, in summer, none of this ice cold stuff we've been getting lately.

Question 4: Have you ever had sex in the kitchen?
Nope. Need a better kitchen... or one that's not ours? :P
No. I have thought about it, I've even tried to encourage it, but normally when I'm in the kitchen Arthur is ravenous and I'm surrounded by flaming burners, boiling liquids and various other scary things. Add to that our bench is a terrible height. Clitoris height. I can't tell you how many times I've leaned over to get something and nutted myself square in the girly goolies.

Question 5: Have you ever used furniture constructed solely for the purposes of sexual pleasure, such as liberator shapes or swings/slings?
No... but there are some that I'd really like to try. Liberator makes some awesome looking stuff which also in some cases has the clip-on points which is potentially even more awesome. And some kind of sturdy but collapsible sex swing could be very useful (and HOT) to play with too. Never mind me... *daydreams*
Not yet, but I've been eyeing off the Esse for a while. The problem is that we have nowhere to put it that is safe from animals and guests. I'm sure most guests wouldn't recognise it for what it is, but I'm not sure it would stay sexy in my mind if I saw friends lolling and scooting all over it. I would like one though... maybe there is need for another mink blanket to throw over that ;)

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever had sex when you really didn't want to? Have you ever had sex that you regretted?
No, and not that I can recall. If ever I regret something, I never regret it for very long. You can't change what has already happened, and every second you spend brooding over it is a second you could have spent on something fun instead. I dunno... water off a ducks back best describes me in that respect.
Not really, no. I've had sex when I wasn't feeling desperately in need of it, but that is about it. As far as that goes it doesn't really take that long to get me in the mood.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Foursome Couple

Arthur and I are geeks. We have friends who are geeks. Together we play geeky games. Along with some of our friends, we had just gone incredibly overboard in purchasing odds and ends for a very geeky game. Actually, I'd say this one was borderline nerdy. It involves little plastic figurines, dice, and occasionally some serious mental arithmetic. We'd set aside a whole day in the weekend to get a bunch of additional geeks together and turn our friend's dining table into a dungeon.

We had met two of the additions before. This man and his wife, no, not wife, lover had attended a house-warming we were at. They were nice enough albeit a bit unusual and less-than-cautiously opinionated. The fellow was short, round & balding, and wore his polo shirt tucked into belted jeans. His wife on the other hand was somewhat more flamboyant. I say somewhat because the style is not easy to describe. I want to say new age but that doesn't really cover it. Lets go for thrift store medieval. More unusual than their appearance was their desire to be in/on/around each other all the time. We'd all be standing around watching someone duel their little dragon in the dungeon only to look up and find them standing by the plate of oven-baked sausage rolls vertically entwined and pashing like long lost lovers. More unusual still is that they completely failed to pick up on the uncomfortable silences and group awkwardness that followed. Completely oblivious. Or rude. I'm going to say oblivious.

Anyway, as we played and chatted I must have dropped the odd playfully suggestive comment because Ms Foursome made some reply to the tune of "I like this one" and "we need to get this one back to our house!" I thought nothing much of it, and that may well have been a mistake.

As the game plodded on I grew tired and curled up on the couch in the shadows. Mr Foursome approached and asked how I was and I mumbled something vaguely coherent. The little hairs on my neck tingled. He then started off on this wordy compliment that boiled down to he and Ms Foursome finding Arthur and myself nice people. At this point I was well on my way to asleep and all I managed was a weak smile and a dreamily muttered thanks. He then comes out with something that, at the time seemed like a funny thing to say to a semi-coherent girl trying to sleep. "So Ms Foursome and myself here, we were wondering if you and Arthur might wish to come to our house some time, maybe watch some videos and stuff...?" I murmured something in the affirmative and this seemed to be enough to make him go away. I didn't even twig. I knew it didn't sound right, but I thought maybe that it was my geekiness kicking in and he'd actually meant DVDs. It didn't occur to me until much later when he seemed rather desperate to exchange numbers that videos did not mean DVDs, videos meant fucking! I cornered Arthur on his way back from the bathroom and told him about what had happened.

"I'm not sure, but I think we may have just been invited to participate in a foursome."

"What? When?"

"When I was lying on the couch down there."

"How did that happen?"

"I don't know! I was just trying to sleep and he came over and... and I think I might have agreed! I didn't mean to, I was trying to sleep!"

"Who are you talking about?"

"Mr Foursome and er...Ms Foursome"

The body language was enough to tell me that Arthur wasn't at all into the idea. Thank goodness too, because I certainly wasn't going to be Ms Foursome's plaything. As pleasant as she might have been to speak to at a house-warming, her geeky game-play style was cut-throat and antisocial - not what I look for in a partner for anything, let alone a playmate.

The whole thing left my head whirring and spinning for days. I had to call Brandi to make sure I'd interpreted "videos and stuff" correctly, and admit that I may have accidentally inadvertently very-much-not-on-purpose agreed to participate. Brandi, who is not a stranger to such situations, almost wet herself laughing. Between us, we decided it best to just let the situation be.

We did. They, on the other hand, did not. There were phone calls, invitations, compliments and blatant boob ogling, and the hug that would not end. If they weren't nice people it would have been scary, but as it stood it was just creepy.

Very creepy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot on the Web - Singles

Just a quickie this time, sorry folks. I thought doing just a single image would allow me to focus a bit more on what specifically is good about it.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Okay, let's get the jokes out of the way first... "look at how she's handling that instrument", "she must have some awesome oral skills", etcetera. Okay, we all done? Good.

First, I'm not sure what it is about feet on tiptoes, but they always look better somehow. Maybe it's the curve of the foot? I really don't know, but it just *is*.

Then there is the sheen all over her body; so easy to imagine she's been playing with that thing for hours. Perfecting her craft. And the hair that has matted to her arm; the hair over her breasts perhaps a bit too perfectly placed to be believable as a coincidence, but still.

And finally there is that look about her face. Longingly reaching with her mouth, totally lost in the moment, in her music. So far away that if you were to walk up and slowly touch her it would blend into her and she might not even notice, going from one kind of music to the next without a seam to distinguish the one from the other. Passion spilling cross purposes. New sounds to fill the room, but equally full of feeling.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Foundation to Relax On

It might not seem a particularly sexy start to a week off to spend a weekend re-decorating rooms and moving furniture around. Nothing could be further from the truth though for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, there is obviously part of the reason why the rooms are being re-decorated (see previous post). Thinking about making that spare room look all nice and welcoming for "guests" is almost like foreplay in a way. We've picked colours and there are some ideas about linen that Anna would like, and the kind of bed we might put in there... *sigh*

The less obvious reason is that I feel so much more relaxed when I've accomplished something big. Once the rooms are swapped by Monday, I'll be able to enjoy whatever else happens this week with the knowledge that Something Has Been Done. Ideally I'd like to complete a few more miscellaneous things around the house, but it is a good foundation to work from.

Besides which, today was never going to be too sexy, considering Anna and Brandi are cooking a months' supply of various foods. Although... having said that... the smells wafting from the kitchen make me feel warm inside, so maybe that's not entirely true.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Changing Rooms

I have some time off from work. What better way to spend it than to do home renovations and redecorating? Well, I exaggerate a bit in making it sound so grand, but one of the things we are doing is swapping most of the contents of our two spare rooms around.

We really like our extra rooms; whenever we have a party or a guest there is always plenty of room for people to crash. And there is also plenty of room for all our "stuff" to go, there is always too much "stuff".

As we were trying to figure out where to put the closets and beds, etcetera, a thought came to mind. A thought I wasn't voicing, because it seemed a bit... I don't know... premeditated? Over-confident? Presumptuous? ... I was measuring space in my mind and with a measuring tape, and thinking about whether this made sense at all.

"Uhm, so Anna... what if we don't move the other bed into this room?"
"You mean, leave the beds as is?"
"Not quite, we get rid of the crappy one anyway"
"And leave this room empty?"
"Not quite,...", I leave the silence sitting there, "We could get a new bed for in here..."
"Something bigger?" *relief*
"I had kinda thought of that..."

So, it turns out that once again we were already on the same wavelength, but too scared to say something. It had occurred to me that with not wanting to use our own bed if we find ourselves a playmate it might be good to have another non-single bed in that room so we don't end up feeling weird showing our 'guest' to a small bed when we have a large one right there in our room, nor having to dress up the living room for sex.

I can understand where Annabelle is coming from with keeping our bed separate. I'm not sure whether that is something we keep indefinitely or if she just wants the buffer space while we figure out how this all feels for us. It doesn't really matter, because as much as I personally think I'm completely at ease with whatever might happen, the concern is always the unknown of maybe feeling different once push comes to shove.

So now... we might be looking for another queen bed... for our usual friends... and for our "special" friends ... and the issue will be resolved regardless, and we can consider that one further emotional obstacle removed from our path.

And I love each and every time we discover that as afraid as we are to bring something up that feels controversial and 'heavy', it turns out we were already on the same page. We're just a perfect match.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

HNT - Baby Got Back

So here's the deal. Arthur is hot. I'm not sure he's used to thinking of himself like that yet, but he's going to have to get used to it. Arthur is also a gym junkie. His natural state seems to be covered in big chunky muscles. I'm not complaining, look at those shoulders! Very tiny people could ride very tiny BMX bikes over that terrain and be very happy. Me, I just like to watch the muscles bulge and vanish as he moves...

Who wouldn't want to be held tight in those big strong arms?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WTMFI - Week 12: Body Modification

Question 1: Do you have any piercing or tattoos? How old were you when you got them? Where are they and what do they look like?
Nope. Don't have anything pierced, don't have tattoos. Never had any before either.
I have the standard ear lobe piercings. I have heard the story a thousand times. I was a bit of a tomboy as a kid and I was always getting giant tangles of knots in my hair and then screaming like a banshee if anyone came near me with a comb. One day my mother had had enough and marched me down to the hairdresser. I'm not quite convinced that she explained the whole thing properly, because as soon as I saw the new me I burst into tears and complained that I looked like a boy and told the hairdresser that she was horrible. Or something like that. Mum tried to make things a bit less traumatic by taking me to get my ears pierced. I think her reasoning was that they'd signify my girliness. It was in the days of piercing guns at the local chemist, so that is where we went. One chemist assistant on either side - my mother was well aware of my pitifully low pain threshold - and 3, 2, 1, BANG. I stood up and said "I want to go home NOW" before the shock faded and the pain hit me. Cue tears. I remember the earrings too, pink glass stones set in gold. I still have them, but now I tend to wear small silver sleepers or dangly hand-crafted things.

Question 2: Do you want any piercings or tattoos? Where would you put them? Are you prepared for the pain?
The idea of piercings really doesn't do much for me, but I have considered a tattoo. My current thinking is that I want something profound written in Elvish somewhere around the shoulder area. I haven't figured out exactly what yet, or how, and where to find an artist that knows their Tengwar well enough not to mess them up. I'm really not worried about the pain much at all. I'll cope... even if it's bad, it's only once.
The pain is what is holding me back. If it wasn't for that I'd be a tastefully decorated pincushion. When I had to go under a general anaesthetic a few years back I asked the surgeon if I could arrange for someone to pierce my bellybutton while I was under, after he'd finished. He looked at me like I had two heads so needless to say my belly is still unadorned. I would love 3 more in my ears, a belly button bar, and tiny flat-back faceted silver stud in my nose. I think I could pull that off. I'm not so much into tattoos, only because my skin is very pale and I kind of like it being relatively blemish-free... at least the parts that you'd normally tattoo anyway. On top of that, I don't want some sparkly pink unicorn on my arse when I'm 50-something. I'd like a tramp stamp but I love the curve of my back too much to let some poke-happy artist loose back there.

Question 3: Have you ever considered scarification or branding?
Nope. Never have, never will. There isn't anything artistic about it... very primal... but I prefer leaving my "primal" for other things.
Yeeees, but not in the I-want-this-done way, just as something to think about. I know what I'd get too. 1 over 83 on my shoulder. An identification brand, just like a horse. No lying about my age with that one :)

Question 4: Would you most definitely go to a professional for your chosen body modification or would you be willing to let an at-home beginner/apprentice "practice" on you?
Oh never... what I am after requires a lot of attention to detail, and as much as there might be a talented beginner out there that'd do a better job than any pro, I'd prefer a proven track-record for something as permanent as a tattoo.
*faints*... Er, you only get one shot at some of this stuff, and if you hit a nerve or get distracted and use the wrong ink or something... well there are no do-overs for that. I want one that knows both his art and his craft. Or her. They just better know what they are stabby stab stabbing before they get anywhere near me.

Question 5: If you have tattoos or piercings or scarification or branding or some other type of body modification, how worried about infection were you? Did you keep your mod extremely clean?
I haven't given that much thought at all. I'll do whatever the instructions with the tattoo are, but I kinda assumed that millions of people get them every year (week? day?) there is a fairly minute chance of a stuff-up like that. Especially when using a professional for the job. I just don't worry too much about extremely improbable possibilities.
I had a little squirt bottle and a supply of cotton buds. Squirt, twist, sop up any serum. I think that was done pretty religiously, but you have to remember I was 5 so all of that stuff was pretty closely supervised. These days I'd probably find a better method. I am a bit worried about the nose one, because I scar easily and if that gets infected there ain't no hiding it. I've known people who've gotten infections.. not attractive.

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever self-mutilated?
Nope. Wish I had more interesting things to say to these questions, but that's what you get sometime. ;)
Not unless you count poking sewing needles through the skin on the pads of my fingers, or the odd mishap with a fishing knife. I've got a nice half-moon scar from trying to shuck oysters the wrong way with a completely inappropriate knife (I was out of bait, fish were biting, no other tools, nuff said) but given it was accidental I'm not sure if that counts as self-mutilation or just dangerous-to-self.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot on the Web

I thought I'd go with some images that kinda tie in with my last fantasy. Flexible girls get me running really hot. I cannot say I have analysed it to the point of full understanding, but my working theory is that it's the potential positions they can get into, and sometimes more importantly, hold...

Image via Art-or-Porn

This is not quite what I was actually thinking of when I wrote the story, but this does look just awesome. Not really a position that provides something otherwise unattainable, but it's just great to look at *during* I think. On a side-note, I have no idea whether waves rolling in like that would feel good? Anyone?

Image via Art-or-Porn

This reminds me of Yoga. The feet poking under is kinda cute. However, what that pose does to her ass and lower back is mainly why I like this picture. The two little dimples, the well-defined curves. And those shoulders ain't bad either.

Image via Art-or-Porn

Ugh... there's a few girls in the Attack classes I go to with a figure like that. Haven't seen any of them in a Pilates class to see if they fold like that as well, but I remain ever hopeful. It's amazing to me how easy she makes it look... effortless. And I wonder if she'd be able to wrap the stretched out leg along my back if I were standing over her... *short intermission while Arthur takes a little mental journey*

Image via Art-or-Porn

Okay, I'm back. This one seems to come up in 'flexible porn videos' a bit... but the guy always ends up running from one end to the other and back again like he can't decide. Personally think oral sex always looks terribly clumsy in this pose, so I know what I'd pick in this situation. And I know Annabelle loves little folds of skin in waists, so this probably works for both of us?

Image via Art-or-Porn

And we finish on some art. There is nothing I don't like here... the pointed feet extending from the legs completely under tension, defining every little muscle in the legs. The dimples in the hips from her ass clenched to keep the line of the legs tight. The tiny waist and the definition of the ribs showing from the extreme bend. And the arms just as tensed as the legs. Forced to show every muscle once again. I have *no* idea how they managed to get this shot, because not only is she holding every muscle in her body tight, but she's also off the ground in a jump. I almost hope there is some photo-shoppery involved because otherwise this must have been an agonising shoot for the model.

Fantasy: Extra Exercise

This promises to be an interesting class. I find myself set up between the slender Asian girl I've been chatting and flirting with for the last few weeks, and at the last moment the Indian girl I had not seen for weeks suddenly walks in and sets up on the other side. Pilates is one of those classes that can be pretty strenuous, but at the same time not so hyper-active that you cannot sneak a peek here and there of the people around you.

There's a reason I have been flirting with the Asian girl. She's the colour of milky coffee all along her slender legs and arms. Her hands and feet are impeccably maintained and her love for black nail polish is brilliantly set off against her airy pink shirt and black track pants with pink highlight. She looks like a doll... a doll that could do the splits without breaking in two.

The Indian girl is more curvy, but just as fit; cyclists' legs and shoulders built by weights. She is more like milk chocolate. She prefers wearing socks, but by her hands she doesn't seem to use colour on her nails, just gloss. Her black bike pants leave nothing to the imagination, her top only barely more so. She doesn't have the perfect look of a doll, but she's got the most radiant open smile you've ever seen.

The class starts pretty uneventfully with warm-up exercises, I sneak a glance to my left, I sneak a glance to my right. All is good. Once we get into push-ups I find myself facing the Indian girl. My shoulders are making easy work of this one, so I have a glance at her. She's just dropped and I pause a moment as I look at her shoulders straining. Mesmerised, it takes me a moment to realise she's back up and I'm now staring right down her amply revealed cleavage. My breath catches. She looks up. She flashes me a smile. I grin, but she's already into her next repetition. I try to carefully finish the exercise, but it is a struggle not to think of those breasts. It is a struggle not to let the movement in my shorts get out of control. There is no place to hide in a class like this. Flushed, only partially from the exercise, I get back on my knees as the instructor explains the next exercise.

We all roll onto our backs. This is one I normally enjoy, both doing and watching others do. It involves a lot of stretching and straining and leg movement. When she adds on the difficulty levels we end up crunching partway through the repetitions and I find myself facing the Asian girl. She's on her back, and her splits are almost wide enough to be proper splits. We're reaching through towards each other. She stares at my chest. I stare at her legs, her track pants have fallen halfway down her legs, her feet delicately pointing. In a flash my mind conjures the image of her ankles restrained and her legs tied in that position. Her pussy exposed. Her abdomen heaving in anticipation. My cock hard straining to get closer all by itself. I struggle. I'm still safely hidden in the folds of my shorts, partially engorged. I breathe through the remainder of the exercise. Puppies and kittens... puppies and kittens.

Miraculously I make it through most of the rest of the class unscathed. I find myself mesmerised by the skin of the Asian girls feet during the hip exercises. More than once I'm looking up from resting position to stare at the Indian girls ass perfectly exposed by the tight lycra in Childs' Pose. I'm enjoying my evening.

At the end of the class I pack up, and flirt a little with the Asian girl as she puts her socks and shoes on. The Indian girl is standing next to us and comments on a few of my jokes. When I get up, they both hover around, and we leave the class in a little cluster. The Indian girl is unusually quiet, but she's smiling like she always does, so after a quick mental shrug I keep flirting with the Asian girl.

"I'm parked around the other side", I comment apologetically.
"Okay, well, see you next week! I'm out here", the Asian girl comments.

As I walk off the Indian girl follows me around the building. She knows where I normally park. It's less crowded on the other side. When we turn the corner the white light of the cars rushing past on the main road reveals it's just our two cars here. Pillars dot the parking lot, supporting part of the building overhead. Exposed to the road, but hidden enough that I sometimes wonder if anyone ever gets mugged here.

The Indian girl is still not very talkative, I ask where she's been these past weeks. Studying apparently. Any tests? Some. Passed? Think so. Her car is further along than mine, so we slow down and stop at my car. She has a strange curve on her lips. I know that look. She's going to make fun of me for staring in the class.

To my surprise she doesn't. Instead, she turns around and leans against the back of the car. I stare. She runs her hands over the lycra, tracing the bright coloured stripes that subdivide her curves with her hands. "Come here", she whispers in a breathy voice. She looks at me over her shoulder and grins suddenly. She grabs my hands and places them on the lines. "Trace them for me".

My hands slowly flow across her thighs. I take a detour and follow another path back down. She purrs. My hands come up her ass cheeks and end up at the top of her hips. I move closer. I press my shorts against her lycra. She feels what she's doing to me. She moans.

Her hands come up next to mine, and as her fingers curl into the lycra she pushes me gently backwards as her hands peel all layers off exposing the same curves underneath. She leans on the back of the car with a curve in her back and her ass sticking out. "Take it," she breathes.

My hands quickly fumble with my shorts before they fall to my ankles. The tip of my cock feels slightly sticky from the excitement already, and in the light of a passing car I can see the moisture on the fingers of her hand between her legs. I step in. I push in. I sliiiide in slowly. No resistance, damn she's wet.

As I start to fuck her slowly, my hands try to push her shirt up to expose her back, but it teasingly keep sliding down. "Harder." I thrust more vigorously bouncing a little at the end of each stroke. I'm mesmerised by the look of her firm ass. I try again to get the shirt to sit up higher so I can see her back, but it slides down again. "Harder." I grab her hips for more leverage, and go for it with all the force I can muster. She starts moaning under her breath. I start hazing over. My mind disappears into my cock, focusing ever tighter as the pressure builds. Somewhere in the distance someone is having an orgasm, and I quickly follow.

As the world washes back in I discover she's pinned to the car, waiting for me to come to my senses again. She looks serene. She quickly covers up again, and smiles as I fumble to do the same. Something between a sigh and a giggle escapes from me, and she smiles even more.

She steps up close and nibbles on my ear. "She followed us." And then she starts walking towards her car as if nothing happened. Confused. What does she mean? I look around, but I can't see anything. As the Indian girl drives off, she flicks on her lights and I catch a brief flash of something pink around the corner of the building. It clicks.

I get in my car, and make to drive off, but at the corner I stop and open the window on the passenger side. Something pink is hiding in the shadow of the building. "Want a ride around to your car?" The Asian girl steps out of the shadows and walks over. As she gets in I notice the milky coffee has a tinge of pink in the cheeks. She's very quiet as we drive around the building.

Just before we get to her car I say, "you're welcome to the show, but I kinda wish you'd come out yourself" with a cheeky grin on top. She glances at me trying to hide a little smile and now seriously red cheeks. As she steps out, "So,... see you again next week?" I can't stop smiling as I drive home.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Wow, writing a good adult profile was intimidating, but I'm kinda pleased with what we came up with. Managed to look very serious about what we are after even though we are new, and it has all the critical information about what we are looking for. We'll still need to do some tweaking of the various biographical details, but that's minor work.

I'm not holding my breath on the success rate with these... and no idea what we are going to be comfortable with for profile pictures, so for now we are text-only. But it's definitely going to be interesting to see if there'll be any nibbles at least. We both like positive feedback ;)

This is all part of our strategy to be clear and deliberate... and to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. That... sounds kinda kinky in this context. Hmn.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dialogue: Of Rules and Girls

Anna: So lets assume we have our mink blanket and a girl to put on it... now what?
Art: Well, I guess we'd actually find ourselves in a situation with just a girl first... having the mink blanket out and waiting is probably a little creepy.
Anna: Oh no! I don't want to be creepy! *folds up hypothetical blanket* OK, just a girl then.
Art: Let's assume the mood is already well on the path of 'something might happen'... sexual tension in the air... and it's just waiting for who is going to make the first move.
Art: I think there's the staples available to keep things flowing; offering a drink, smalltalk, a more or less suggestive comment thrown in, perhaps a compliment even if it already has been made. "I *really* love those nails" ... "Those jeans look irresistible on you", "*mumble*or off you". Whatever we find enough courage for ;)
Art: Just little incremental nudges I think.
Anna: That sounds about our speed. My secret hope is that halfway through her first drink she has a little think, decides that she's had enough of this waiting business and just starts kissing me. I'll probably need a little shove else I'll just keep stalling until she gets the idea...or leaves. Oh geez, what if she leaves!? What if I'm a bad kisser? What if we don't have her favourite drink? All this worry and I haven't even gotten her clothes off. This could be tricky.
Art: It'll be okay... I think I can manage to keep it moving in the right direction if you trust me there ;) ... and feel free to jump in with the girlie compliments as well. And at some point a well-placed "I just have to kiss those lips" is probably all that's needed.
Anna: It is probably a good idea at some point, preferably before our minds turn into mush, to discuss how we plan to deal with methods for safer sex. I'm not sure of exactly the best time to bring that up, but I'm confident it needs to happen before the sex part. What do we want to do there? Head to toe Glad Wrap? A thorough disinfection and scrub down?
Art: Hmmm... scrub down sounds potentially sexy, the other options less so... I don't think there's a problem with warming things up with some kissing first, but the sooner we just ask/say "we don't want to be over-the-top with this, but there are some precautions we really insist on, do you have any that we should know about?"
Anna: It might be sexy if our shower wasn't so *ahem* petite. As it stands it would probably just be awkward. That approach sounds pretty good, and good for making sure that our new playmate feels heard. I should imagine it could be tricky being the +1 for an existing couple, it could be easy to feel steamrollered. Oh, and just because I've heard way too many people say that they won't bring it up unless they are asked outright, is there a polite way to ask about pre-existing STIs?
Art: I dunno... I'd personally just say the blunt route is best... "are there any STIs that you know you have?" and if they get defensive bringing up Herpes/cold sores can bring across the point that most people have *something*
Anna: Agreed.
Art: And I don't think there is anything wrong with keeping talking as well... when oral moves somewhere specific "would you prefer me to use a condom for that?" since it's relatively higher risk for them than for me, etc. ... I don't think it'd be awkward if it just becomes part of the conversation. And I guess with a threesome you have the benefit that there's almost always someone not *directly* involved with where mouths and genitals move next, so they have a bit more leeway in being the 'sexual safety narrator'?
Anna: Oh boy. I almost want to whip up a sequinned hard hat and reflective vest to be passed around with that title!
Anna: I think we should have a bit of a deeper look into risk levels, but I think that our rule of thumb should be to default to the preference of the person that wants the highest level of protection. That way nobody is ever less safe than they want to be. I don't know what the norm is with all of this jazz, but does that sound reasonable?
Art: I think so; Sex Is Fun episode 51 had a nice grid about STI risks, which might be a good starting point for the research, but I'm all in favour of figuring out the risks in the context of what we worry about most. Let's get off the un-sexy part of this dialogue again now ;)
Anna: Right, so, we've given her drinks, done a bit of making out, and had the unsexy discussion about preventing warts and babies. Can I unfold the mink blanket and get her naked already? :)
Art: Well, how about you stick with the kissing, and while I get aroused watching, I get the mink blanket out and make a nice space? Then I can come back for kissing her neck and playing with her back right after...
Anna: This could so easily become a convo-fantasy! I like your plan. Besides, I'm not sure I could remember how unfold a blanket after such an experience. They can be awfully complicated. I think once we have our designated play area that things are likely to unfold a bit more naturally. Is there anything else we should cover before going with the flow?
Art: I think I'll just let you set the pace and direction for the most part... unless told otherwise I'll be sticking within the realm of oral and manual stimulation; I'd love to lick and nibble her pussy ... that alone would be a big thrill ... and it's only polite to let guests go first :P
Anna: Go? Surely you mean cum? I don't want her going anywhere!
Art: Ah yes... let her cum first indeed... and you can be second... gives me more time to enjoy how hard that's going to get me in the process...
Anna: That sounds like the bones of a plan to me ;)
Art: Or a plan for ... ... nah, I won't say it

Dialogue: Of Rules and Places

Art: So Annabelle... what are your thoughts on what rules we should set at the outset? Regarding interaction with "others" I mean... (that sounds so Lost!)
Anna: Well I think the only way that it'll work for me is if we, as a couple, always put each other first.
Art: I think that'll need to be a bit more specific... :) ... you want to always be the first to come? we always check whenever something is about to happen? just making sure we're not stepping on each others plans? ...
Anna: I meant that we need to ensure that we check in with each other regularly and never put any other person's wants desires above what is best for us. Saying I have to be the first to come is just cruel, we'd be there for weeks!
Art: *laughs* ... I see your point ... and I think I kinda get what you mean; it sounds like a general principle more than a specific thing though... not a "thou shalt" or "thou shalt not" :)
Anna: Well yes, but without that the rest of the rules are somewhat pointless. That one is important.
Art: I think that's the one rule that kinda applies with all the various forms of non-monogamous or open relationships ... and I think that's also why communication is so much more crucial. I think ultimately to talk is more important than anything else, anything you can talk about and come to an agreement on is within the rules even if it wasn't within the written rules... does that sound ... right?
Anna: The rule to rule them all. Sounds pretty right to me :)
Anna: So, actual "thou shalt not" rules then... The pretty woman rule stands for the moment. I want to explore, I do, but I want to keep just one or two little things that are just special for me. I know this is a bit of a silly one, but somehow kissing seems a bit more on the intimate side than a blowjob.
Art: And by that you mean on the mouth presumably? ... necks? backs? bellies? legs? ok? ... oh, and please tell me that you don't mean to apply the Pretty Woman rule to yourself, girls kissing gets me hot just thinking about.
Art: I think we kinda went over that in an earlier chat, but ... necks? backs? bellies? legs? ok? ... oh, and please tell me that you don't mean to apply the Pretty Woman rule to yourself, girls kissing gets me hot just thinking about.
Anna: Yes, no kissing on the lips. Everywhere else is ok. Bellies and backs are encouraged even. I suppose if someone wanted to kiss me I would enjoy that. I think I'd enjoy that very much. Being kissed by a girl is kind of how all of my fantasies of that kind start out, so um, if that is ok with you, that'd be nice.
Anna: ... and I just described something super-hot as nice. Ugh. Yes. Yes I would like to make out with a girl.
Art: You like to see bellies and backs get kissed? Quick switch to "thou shalt" then... any other *specific* things that you'd care to encourage?
Anna: Touching, lots of touching. I want to see your hands on someone else's skin, feeling different curves.
Art: At the risk of getting off topic, why is that a turn-on for you? ... do you imagine yourself but at the same time looking on from outside? ... or is there something about seeing another girl get touched? ... or because it's me doing it?
Anna: It is a bit of a mix. I do imagine it as myself because I know those hands well, but I also like the idea of you giving someone else pleasure in that way. This is going to sound a bit conceited, but I like that I'm facilitating that pleasure.
Art: Hm... interesting :) ... but you really should take as active a role in that pleasure as possible... I'm sure she'd like two sets of hands, or lips, better than just mine!
Art: I don't think I really have "shalt not" rules, especially not with you around girls... again though, as long as the communication is there. As much as I don't mind you going off with a girl you run into somewhere, I'd really like to know where you're off to, and that you'll do a rain-check if I need you :)
Anna: Um, I mind me going off with a girl a little. I mean, I don't think I'd have difficulty being comfortable with a girl by myself but it has a lot more challenges, or perhaps just different challenges that I'd have to deal with. Besides, I've *never* gone with someone just to play so that'd be a big double whammy. What are the social rules with casual play? Are they required to feed and water me?
Art: Oh, I dunno what the social rules are... I'd imagine 'leave in as good or better a state than found'? ... Dan Savage's campsite rule kinda?
Art: And as much as it's a double whammy now, it might feel less so later, so I guess that's just an up-front disclaimer you can stick in your pocket there ;)
Anna: Thank you. :)
Anna: Oh, another rule. Not in our bed. Again, it sounds silly, but that is our place. I want to be able to have a place to retreat to and feel safe. I'd hate to have a terrible experience that necessitated household renovations and the purchase of a new bedroom suite.
Art: That makes sense... it does beg the question right now... where would we set up camp if we had someone over tomorrow?
Anna: We have a house, there are plenty of other rooms. Maybe a local or not-so-local hotel? If it is someone we know it could be a weekend away even.
Art: We may need to do something about the house though... as is we don't have any other room in a state where it could serve... would it be weird to stick to the living room? Can we dress it up somehow?
Anna: Yeah, functional as it is for watching TV and stuff, it probably doesn't lend itself to intimate play-dates. What about a big fluffy throw blanket? Maybe one of those soft mink style ones?
Art: That could work... mink is nice and soft. Don't know if bean bags are any use, or if we need more pillows about the place as well? I think other than the mink blanket we kinda have enough components to experiment with?
Anna: Maybe some giant floor cushions? Consider it all play equipment. We always have the spare bedrooms too, there are places to move to if that feels like the way to go.
Art: I guess... maybe we should keep an eye on ways to improve one of the spare rooms so we have a suitable space? ... and we can get a really nice mink blanket and that can be the thing that designates the play area?
Anna: I like it! A play blanket. Maybe that would be a way to allow use of the master bedroom too, providing it was big enough. Now I'll just have to find one without Sumatran tigers or frolicking dolphins on it. Nothing against tigers and dolphins, it is just the cutesy animals are a little un-sexy for me.
Art: I'm confident that I'll be fine with whatever you decide is tasteful, as long as it's nice and fluffy... and I think we still aim to not use the master bedroom unless we're certain that'll actually be okay. ... I guess all we need now is the girl to put on the mink blanket!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Real World People

Today was an interesting day for me. A very unusual day with all the parts in the wrong places. Woke up early and rested, work, leave early to get my hand fixed (well, the muscles in it), then get a new phone, then home where there was no Annabelle.

She had apparently detoured to Brandi to avoid peak hour traffic. Nothing too weird about that, which gave me some time to play with my phone before she got home... and eat way too many cookies... (shhhh, don't tell her!). And then she comes home and we chat about her time talking to Brandi.

Mostly the usual... inappropriate words in front of her mother which she pretended not to hear apparently. And then apparently our search for a threesome comes up... *blink* ... okay... I don't mind Brandi knowing, but I kinda hadn't expected Anna to be ready to share with a Real-Life-tm person that we actually like... know.

Personally I'm really not fussed who knows although I do kinda want to spread the details of ... what we are experimenting with ... a little on a controlled trajectory so we can see how people take it before screaming it off the rooftops. I just want to be sure that Anna doesn't overwhelm herself.

And then she said that she had almost told Brandi about this site, but held back at the last moment to check with me if that was okay. I think she said "I have something cool to share, but I have to check first". Anna is so wonderful and adorable. Share away darling... with Brandi most of all, because I have no doubt there isn't anything that could shock her, and she wouldn't have trouble keeping it to herself while we sort out where it goes next.

It's a great feeling to be able to share with real people in the real world, and I hope we'll be doing more of that as time progresses. It makes it more real. And Anna, whenever you want to bring someone into the circle, just know that I love what it says about your comfort level with what we're up to.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HNT - Annabelle Loves Gloves

I hate the cold. I can't be certain but there are some days when I could fully believe that I was of reptilian decent. If there is a sunny spot, I'm there. If there is a heater in the room, I'm in front of it. If there are no heat sources I'll find myself the warmest, fluffiest things I can and climb inside them.

Fingerless gloves are one of my favourite ways to warminate myself.

Practically speaking, I'd probably be better served by wearing a few more items but that'd have made for a fairly average photo. ;)

WTMFI - Week 20: Would You Rather...

We are trying something different. WTMFI is Way Too Much Fucking Information, and consists of 5 questions plus a bonus question. Link below goes back to the origin of this meme.

Question 1: Would you rather have quick sex OR very long sex? (Don't include foreplay)
Ohhh, I feel quite strange saying this but I like it quick. I do love a lot of foreplay and, depending on your definition of such, would sometimes be quite happy to leave it there. Other times I'm desperate to feel a cock inside me. I can't ever say I've wanted a cock inside me for hours and hours covering the entire Kama Sutra. I think I'd end up bruised, chafed and cranky. Of course, this does all depend on your definition of what sex is and what sexual acts count as "real sex".
I guess a bit of both depending on circumstance. But I can be more specific than that. In general, the more risky the location were to be, the more I'd lean towards the quick sex option; as much as the risk is a thrill, the game is still to try and not be found out.
On the other hand, when it is in a private place I probable lean more towards long (provided I have not just done an Attack class before ;) ... I like to take time... and I really like that I don't have any issues keeping going after I come. I think that's not very usual, but I have nothing to compare against, so maybe I only like to believe it's not normal.

Question 2: Would you rather you orgasm everytime OR your partner orgasms everytime? (Only one of you gets to cum!)
I have to pick one? Forever and ever? *sigh* I'd rather my partner was the one to orgasm. I love the feel of Arthur coming inside me, and the feeling of accomplishment I get from knowing that I can satisfy him in such a way. I also have the ability to enjoy the journey. I've had to. Long story but I'm not the most prolific orgasmer to the point that I could probably account for them all on my fingers and toes. Sometimes medication sucks.
Damn... in all honesty, if I were forced to choose I'd choose myself, but only because I like it too much to give up. I feel very selfish saying that, but luckily in the real world it doesn't have to be either/or.

Question 3: Would you rather have a super intense and completely meaningless sexperience OR an average, intimate and deeply personal sexperience?
I'm sappy. I've never managed meaningless. I'd rather share with someone I felt something for, had some sort of connection with, and who would accept all of my quirks as just part of the experience. That being said, I'd be incredibly interested in seeing what a completely meaningless sexual experience is like. I'm not sure I really could do it, but I'd like to try. Just once, just to see...
I'm so torn... I like super intense... and I like intimate and personal... I have no strong feelings for or against completely meaningless, and 'average' is clearly a negative. Purely on points I'd have to pick super intense and completely meaningless because that's a positive and a neutral, whereas the other option is a negative and a positive. Otherwise I think I'd just keep staring at the question undecided.

Question 4: Would you rather have more foreplay and less sex OR less foreplay and more sex?
Touch me, hold me, lick and kiss and bite me. I love my foreplay. Sex is great but for me it is all about the play. There are so many things that work me into a tizz that I'd hate to give up any of them. I mean, there are tons of sex positions for actual penetration, but what about the leadup, the mindfuck, the little things that can make me leap out of my skin before I'm even touched? I'm not about to give those up.
In general I'd have to say more sex. This probably has something to do with liking the orgasms too much to give up as well ;) ... Having said that, I obviously do count the part of the sex where mouths or cocks or pussies are in-action, but not actively trying to get to orgasm, as part of sex, and in a sense that's not really entirely not like foreplay (double negative!). Is there a word for that part of the sex? ... Intermission? *grin*

Question 5: Would you rather roll over and fall asleep after sex OR take a shower and cuddle?
The neat freak in me in screaming shower, the romantic is saying cuddle but to be honest I have fantasised about the roll over and snooze. I think I'd be too worried I'd make my partner insecure if I did the roll over and snooze. I'd be terribly miffed.
Easy... shower and cuddle. I feel much to energised, alive and awake after sex. I may feel differently if we try a really long marathon sometime... *glances over to Anna* ... maybe we'd need a third for that tho? *cheeky grin*

BONUS QUESTION: Would you rather talk dirty such as, "Fuck my little pussy with your fat hard cock!" or "You like my swollen cock ramming into your wet pussy, you dirty little whore? OR soft, gentle and romantic talk such as, "You're so beautiful and I long to hold you close to me?" or "You're body is amazing and I love you so much!"?
Dirty dirty all the way, but it can't sound scripted. If you are gunna talk dirty to me, you'd better say it like you mean it. I'm not against romantic but that is for an entirely different sort of sex.
Hm... I'm not a natural talker. I'm trying to figure out how to get better... but I'm not sure all-out dirty is really me. But neither does the pure romantic sound entirely like me.

As an aside, the talking is most likely where I'd end up feeling inadequate with another person involved... talking just... feels awkward when it is unfamiliar. Although I must say that writing the fantasy stories has helped me feel a little more comfortable with the vocabulary.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fantasy: Australia Day

This story was originally written to Annabelle. I've tidied it up a bit for posting here with her permission. I think this story is one of her favourites. I hope it works as well for everyone else.

It is a sunny and bright Australia Day and we have decided to see what is up in the city, and what better place than Darling Harbour under the circumstances. For our lunch break we sit down at ground level along the east side of the harbour where we can look at the people passing by enjoying the festivities. As we finish up our lunch we spot a tourist looking lost judging by the little fold-up city map she is consulting while looking around. Feeling that some assistance is called for on this day of all days, we walk over and introduce ourselves, she introduces herself as Mirelle with a slightly exotic accent that I have no hope of placing. She explains that she has only just arrived in Sydney and that the coming week is the last stop on her holiday before she goes back home.

We decide to offer ourselves as tour guides for the next week, promising that she'll see a lot more of the area if she isn't continuously lost. Agreeing that makes sense she explains she was looking for the Opera House because she wants a picture of herself there. We suggest there are much nicer shots than that typical shot, but she insists that it's important she sees the Opera House, so we start off into the city along George Street to Circular Quay. Along the way we show her Town Hall and the QVB and grab some bottles of water since Mirelle seems to have been ill prepared for how hot the weather turned out to be. As the Opera House eventually comes into view she visibly gets excited and picks up her pace.

When we arrive at the Opera House we offer to take the picture for her, but she looks around and says it's too busy around here but we can hold the camera while we find a better spot. As we walk around the building she sticks her thumbs in the front of her shorts and as we round another corner opening onto a quiet stretch she says this looks about right and to get the camera ready when her hands suddenly come up and her top slackens a little and as she spins around for the picture her shorts are slightly open and she pulls open her top fully exposing her breasts for the picture striking a relaxed pose.

After having two shots taken she quickly closes her top again and buttons up her shorts and with a melodious laugh she explains that from the moment she planned her trip she had wanted that shot, but she hadn't quite worked out how to get it yet. Since it is now late in the afternoon we decide to walk on to the Botanic Gardens to have some dinner somewhere and talk about her holiday. We ask where she is staying while here, but apparently she hadn't gotten around to that yet either. A little surprised by how relaxed she seems to be taking her holiday we suggest that accommodation is probably hard to get at the last minute and a little planning ahead might have been a good idea. As she shrugs we offer her a room for the night but explain that we are nowhere near the city itself. She smiles and explains that that's perfectly all right and see how it all worked out anyway even without a booking?

As we head back home that evening she tells stories of her holiday so far, and the last seven weeks appear to have been equally improvised all the way through. We make some quick suggestions about what else we can do, but since she seems totally unconcerned with anything past the here and now we offer her up the spare room after it gets late and suggest making a decision tomorrow morning about what the day looks like.

Waking up on the second day we walk into the kitchen to find Mirelle sitting naked on the steps in the yard, basking in the early morning sunlight with some toast. After having breakfast ourselves she declares that since the sky looks very blue this morning she'd like to go see the Blue Mountains that we mentioned, and after some quick planning we head to the outlook past Blackheath. As we get out onto the outcrop she declares that it looks so nice and quiet out here high over the valley and she'd really like a picture. It hardly surprises us when she strips off naked and stands in front of the vista, but as I get ready to take a picture she shakes her head "Not good enough... this is much more private, so it needs a better challenge". She motions you over and asks you to stand behind her with your head on her shoulder. She artistically drapes your hair over her right shoulder partially obscuring one breast, and then grabs your hands one of which she rests on her stomach, and the other cupping her left breast. Then she declares "This is the picture" and nods as me as if it is a command. After I take a few shots she quickly looks at them on the camera and with a quick nod approves of the final result.

As we get ready to go to bed that night she walks up the hallway to the spare room and then stops as if lost in thought for a moment, after which she faces you and says "I like your hands, they felt nice and warm... I would like you to hold me tonight". After a second she nods as if that is settled, and when you are done brushing your teeth you find she has already slipped into your side of the bed naked, and with some quick maneuvering she gets your arms around herself and quickly and deeply falls asleep as you bemusedly breathe in the floral smell of her hair and drift off shortly after.

The third morning she is still there when we wake up, but she has rolled over to study you. When your eyes meet she starts your morning with "I liked that, but you wear too many clothes in bed... I'll fix that tonight", making it sound like she has seen the unavoidable future. "Today I would like to swim somewhere". Not sure what kind of outfit that entails in her case we decide better safe than sorry and do some quick research to find some secluded coves that are likely to be ours alone for the day. When we get at the cove we have selected after braving a rather inhospitable access path, a small stretch of sand and clear blue water looking out over the trees on the other shore greet us, and not a person in sight. It turns out that Mirelle did bring a bathing suit but it could be mistaken for accidentally covering her rather than purposely by the minimal amount of material in it. Not surprisingly the absence of people makes her quickly reconsider the outfit, and before we have all our gear put down she's off naked into the waves. This time she gets you to take the picture while I pose with my tongue sticking out onto her hip, and it takes a few shots before she is happy with the composition. She looks disapprovingly at our swimsuits but makes no further direct comment at this time. Throughout the day she gets us taking turns applying sunscreen to every inch of her body as she seems to be studying how we apply it.

That night back home she once again is on your side of the bed naked, but as promised she doesn't accept your pajamas as you walk in to get next to her. After you take the pajamas off you try again, but it appears even a singlet and underwear is not up to scratch, and she patiently waits until you are stripped naked too. Amused I get into bed in my boxer shorts but she gives me a quick "you're next buddy" look as I duck under the covers. When you finally are allowed in, she lies on her back with you facing towards her, and she puts your top arm across her abdomen with your hand resting on her side, and she tangles her legs with yours. Apparently satisfied she drifts off quickly, and you end up playing with her stomach for a while before you drift off. Tired from carrying the heaviest items around all day I fall asleep quickly and deeply.

The fourth morning I dream about being on choppy waters bumping and rocking around. When I startle awake I find that Mirelle has woken you some time before and has her head between your legs in the final throes of pushing you over the top. The chop appears to have been played by your leg occasionally getting a bit out of control onto my side of the bed knocking me around. Over breakfast she declares that she has booked a hotel in the Hunter Valley for the night for three and could we please pack what we need for our stay and get ready to go. As we get to the hotel it appears she hasn't spared much expense on a big room with a balcony overlooking the hotel pool and a big king-size bed with crisp white sheets. She dismissively glances at the third bed the staff has made, and as if to emphasise she chucks her backpack onto it. All day we are mildly concerned about where she will decide to want her picture taken and what we'll be made to do, since we want to be able to show her the nice wineries but at the same time we want to be able to show our faces again in the future as well.

The day passes without a picture, and after dinner in the restaurant we sit down on the balcony overlooking the unused but illuminated pool below. Over a glass of wine Mirelle asks if we brought our swim wear along. Shaking our heads she exclaims "Excellent", grabs her camera and starts stripping... cocking her head she looks at us, and shrugging we decide to follow suit. As we get down the metal stairs to the pool level she deftly sets up the camera on timed exposure and poses us all naked on the edge of the pool with our legs dangling into the water but everything else exposed, her in the middle. She checks the picture but the shake of her head indicates it wasn't good enough. She sets up another timed shot, but when she sits back down between us she grabs my cock and balls and strokes them until I am completely hard, as you giggle at my predicament however she turns to you and sucks your nipples till they both stand proud as well. With excellent sense of timing she puts one hand around my cock and the other pinching your nipple just as the camera takes a shot. After a quick check she clearly approves and dashes back up to the room, leaving us confused and lagging behind her.

We find her sprawled on the bed waiting for us to catch up, and once we do she directs us over and guides us through a sequence of positions flowing smoothly from one to the other suggesting she has had some practice at getting this just right. I find myself fucking you while she watches, then with her underneath licking you to orgasm. We find ourselves all in a circle giving oral sex to each other and then turning the other way around so everyone has tasted everyone. She directs me to fuck her in her ass while you are in charge of her pussy, and I find myself on my back eating out first one of you and then the other while the other one rides my cock. I have no idea how we last through, but by the time we all fall asleep tangled together I have literally lost count of my orgasms, probably due to lack of blood flow to my brain.

The fifth day is not much different from the fourth other than the wines being different. Since we spend the evening driving home and the fourth night was pretty exhausting we fall asleep immediately after she arranges a picture of all of us in our bed together back home. She doesn't have to make any further suggestions as we lie there naked with our limbs tangled together in a web.

Since the seventh day she has to fly out in the early afternoon, she decides that she should make the sixth day count, so she drags us into the city and into the best sex shops there... it dawns on us that she appears to be a lot less helpless than she actually looked on that first day, but by this point we really don't care how all this came to be. In the stores she proceeds to buy large quantities of toys causing some of the staff to raise an eyebrow or two to say the least. We get back home just after noon, and she wastes no time in carrying the toys onto the bed and starting to unwrap them all. She gets us to take a picture of her sitting amongst her haul by herself, and for the rest of the day she proceeds to use and abuse these toys on us, getting pictures taken as we go along.

There are half a dozen outfits that seem to rotate between you and her, she uses a small selection of strap-ons on you and gets you to return the favour, giving some tips on hip motion as you go along. Once she feels you sufficiently have the hang of it, she gets us to fuck her at the same time, with me underneath in her pussy and one of the new strap-ons on you sliding its well-lubricated way into her ass at the same time. Various restraints get put onto everyone through the afternoon, and a range of vibrators come out for you and her. By midnight we all feel more than spent and she wraps herself around you before she falls asleep.

When I wake up on the seventh morning you two are still sleeping, but thinking how Mirelle will be gone by this afternoon I decide to go for one more goodbye as I shuffle close behind her, and arouse myself by thinking of all the things we did the day before and what she feels like. Once hard and protected I spread enough saliva to slick up and press my hips close to her ass and find my way inside her. As the first moans escape her lips while she is still dreaming you rouse from sleep slowly, and once you realise what is going in you take the opportunity to kiss her on the lips and put your hands on my ass pulling me rhythmically towards her. After we each have our final orgasms, we pack up to drop her off at the airport and give her a wistful farewell.

When we get home we see that her camera is still on our table. Concerned that we don't have any way to send it back to her we pick it up only to see the note she has left beneath it. "Something to remember me by. Mirelle". Later we find all the toys she bought spread out on the bed with little sticky notes suggesting who should use them and how for "optimum pleasure". One of the strap-ons is labeled "For Annabelle, for use on hot little asses only... keep practicing!"

That Just Blew... My Mind

"Leaving the gym now..."
"Want dinner"
"Want blowjob"

Anna: "Hope there's a shower in there somewhere, you've been running..."
Arthur: "Okay"

I drive home and don't give it much thought along the way except to think about the next few posts on the blog. Park in driveway. Enter. Annabelle in an apron. Just an apron. I'm busting... damn... Quick, have a shower and I'll get back to her before she notices.

Then as I'm standing in the shower she enters the bathroom, offers to scrub my back and takes off the apron. She scrubs my chest... my back... my hips...

"Uhm... I'm not completely clean yet..."

And with that she gets on her knees and proceeds to give me a very nice blowjob while I try not to fall over on top of her. She explains she already took care of herself after sorting through my writing and getting too aroused to contain herself. She's awesome.

Dinner now...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot on the Web

For this episode of my musings on hot stuff I've decided to go for the artistic and statuesque (broadly defined). These just stood out, not so much as a direct turn-on to lust, but something I could just sit down and stare at. Or watch someone else touch maybe? Perhaps that's my personal voyeur coming out.

Image via Art-or-Porn

I'll have to talk about the appeal of sex swings et al at some point, but this picture just ... it mixes the athletic with the static, straight lines of the ribbons with the flowing curves of the woman, the strength in her upper body and the ease in her legs. And then there is the shadows and highlights on the glistening body. I'd put a print of this in the living room without feeling awkward for a second.

Image via Art-or-Porn

I am not sure whether it is the hair or the sheen on the body, but the first glimpse I had of this picture conjured a marble bust in my mind. This looks like something Michelangelo could have carved.

Image via Art-or-Porn

I know the ribs on this one might get to Annabelle. There is artistry here in the tough pose, tip-toes and folded perfectly double at the same time... if you've never done Yoga or Balance I'm not sure you have a full appreciation for how hard this is. I guess some would find the small breasts a turn-off, but for me... that pose... the perfect hold... what do the details even matter?

Image via Art-or-Porn

And then... interpretive dance I guess? The lighting is amazing, the red and yellow perfectly picking out the detail of her legs. And then a shot taken at just the right time to get the hair like that... that's fire alright. This is the only one in this set that'd need to come with movement... but to just watch her shuffle around the floor, fling and flail, curl and curve...

I wonder how many people are going to think I am weird.

Things I Thought

Some nights just make you think that little bit more than normal. Tonight was most certainly one of those nights and since the thoughts ranged from deep and meaningful to random musings on dying fish, a list seemed the best way to get it all out there.
  • Unsurprisingly, after many years of not flirting or fumbling through unfamiliar touch, I'm terribly horribly rusty to the point that I'm ridiculously aware of where my arms are & can't think of anywhere at all that they'd feel more natural.
  • I can get so overwhelmed that I cannot decide if I should hide behind the couch, run around the block in my pyjamas, or jump up and down squealing and saying joyous things about the abundance of boobies. This feeling also appears to make me refer to breasts as boobies. *blink*
  • For some reason my recent excitement seems most akin to the death throes of a suffocating salmon flolloping around on the deck of a fishing trawler. This image pops into my head at the most inopportune moments and I am then torn between fish welfare guilt and the original excitement. Bloody salmon.
  • I can't seem to bring myself to say "you smell so good" even when people do smell good. This seems to be some sort of fear of being looked at funny or smacked in the side of the head with a well-aimed handbag.
  • I'm not sure how we are going to say "no not married, yes very serious" while asking people to get naked with us. That whole playing naked part seems to erode the seriousness a little. Considering some prop jewellery in order to avoid prolonged conversations about the state of our relationship. Not liking the thought that lack o' understanding could lead to blurred boundaries. Liking the thought that some silver collars could be classed as jewellery...
  • Even when it is presented in words, any attention to my neck makes me twitchy and warm. It is entirely fabulous! Heaven help me if anyone goes for the throat, I'll be a little gibbering puddle of happy.
  • There is no elegant way to describe a faltering knee or a sudden rush of burning excitement racing up your spine, or even moving long hair slowly back away from someone's face & exposing their neck to your advances in 140 characters or less. At least, I can't seem to manage it.
  • There is something thoroughly delicious about sending Arthur to work with a particularly tasty sexual thought on his mind. I've considered it it before, but not in quite the same way. Staged just doesn't work for me, I'm a big fan of organic.

And with that I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams xx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dialogue: Flirting

Art: Hey Annabelle... fancy seeing you here...
Anna: Why hello there
Art: I was thinking, since it has kinda come up a bit offline, how about we have a talk about the difficulties of flirting and approaching people?
Anna: You mean we aren't just going to find a pretty girl, hit her over the head and drag her caveman-style back to our lair?
Art: Well, ... I guess if she consented beforehand to manhandling like that I'd be all for it... but we'd still need to like... talk... first
Anna: Fair point.
Anna: So how do we flirt as a couple?
Art: Wow, diving right in there I see...
Art: ... let's start... how do *you* flirt as an individual?
Anna: Well I am quite out of practice, but from what I remember I am not all that subtle. Being blunt and forward seems to work perfectly well with men, but it is ill-suited to the womenfolk.
Art: I don't think it's ill-suited per-se, but it is perhaps a little hit-and-miss. With a more subtle approach you can adjust as you go along, and perhaps have a shot at turning a 'maybe' into a 'yes' rather than flattening it into an outright 'no'.
Art: I personally think just chatting away, and then circling the topic nudging a little towards it as you go along is a good way to get a feel for whether the other person is prepared to follow along where you're indicating.
Anna: It is not terribly easy for a woman to walk up to another woman and start chatting though, even if it is entirely flirt-free. It seems harder to speak to someone of your own gender because you are not really seen as a potential mate.
Art: There's actually an Arabella post I saw that relates... lemme get the link... Bombshells & Rockstars: Tips for a bi-curious girl

[pause for Annabelle to read]

Anna: Well I'm certainly pleased I'm not the only one with this problem
Art: I think it works kinda the same though ... it's just that you work from a smaller pool of people, so you'd probably need to move along more than most... although it wouldn't actually surprise me too much if women are actually more prepared to consider such a proposition even if they aren't really gay or even curious as such...
Anna: And that is the other problem, out in the wild there is no way to tell who is within the pool of possibilities. With men, there is a good chance that they are into women and if they are not, they fully understand the confusion. With women, my advances seem somehow...offensive. I'm not *that* unattractive, am I?
Art: Of course not... I think your looks would at the very least make the sex-positive straight girls consider it just for the experience ;) ... but other than that ... the gay community manages to find partners without any great problem, so I'm kinda assuming it's not as big a problem as it sounds ...
Art: Maybe it is a matter of getting better at just throwing it out there and taking any 'no thanks' graciously and with the offer of another friendly drink for being a good sport?
Anna: Oh of course, I hardly expect everyone to be attracted to me, interested, available, or otherwise willing to entertain the possibility.
Art: And in the end it's a numbers game... they are out there... if you were to walk into a random bar and take the time to chat to every girl there and then proposition her, I'd be surprised if you'd ever hit 10 rejections in a row.
Art: Maybe we can keep a tally somewhere... "longest rejection streak"? ;)
Anna: Way to soothe the ego Arthur :P Does the prize include cuddles and a good stiff drink?
Art: Oh, you know I'm going to be there for moral support... or Brandi will be... and it'll all be fine. And you know, every one of them that rejects you will have to go through the rest of the night not knowing whether they are going to pick someone up. When the end of the night comes, you'll always have me there...
Anna: Awww, thank you :) That is a pretty damn good prize. I told Brandi about my flirting woes. She giggled and said in a mock accusatory tone "Anna, are you hitting on the straight girls again?" It isn't like they are labelled, how am I supposed to know?
Art: I think you need some practice to develop a fully functioning gay/bi-dar ... heck, even I have a fairly good sense for these things, and I'm a man... how hard can it be? :P
Anna: According to Top Gear, that is the kiss of death *lol* but don't forget you are looking at women. You are used to looking at women.
Art: That's a fair point. Maybe we can practice together and it'll rub off on you? *grin*
Anna: Ahhh, and there is point number two. How on Earth do you flirt as a couple? Does one go in first to do recon work and come and collect the other when the area is secure? Do we both go in together and risk the way-too-forward creepy couple thing? Do we just sit down somewhere, smile a bundle and buy a lot of drinks? I just have no idea of the best approach.
Art: Neither do I ... I think it'd either have to be a couple, or you solo unfortunately ... me solo would just not really work for so many reasons. But I think a lot can be done with offering a drink. And I *can* sit and chat, and when I get hit on stick with a 'not unless you want my partner over there *point* as well' ... which could work for the right kind of person
Anna: Sounds like a plan. Are their places where it is... not expected, but lets say less unusual for couples to try this sort of thing? I don't really want to go somewhere with a high chance of rejection, but at the same time I don't want to spend a lovely evening flirting with someone and have to tell them thanks but no thanks when the night draws to a close.
Art: I have no idea... I think... it's just a matter of trying?
Art: Or maybe we can find a flirting surrogate to practice with? ;)
Anna: A flirting surrogate? To carry our flirt-child?
Art: Metaphorically speaking. Heck, there's plenty of cool people on the Interwebs, finding someone we or you can "practice at" shouldn't be too hard.
Anna: Ohhh, good point! I had completely forgotten about the people on the Interwebs.
Art: Exactly... well... I think that means we kinda have a plan for a starting point there.
Art: Any other final thoughts?
Anna: Hey there handsome, can I buy you a drink? *wink*
Art: "Handsome" might not be a winner in this context... but I like your thinking.

With this, anybody reading this has permission to flirt relentlessly at Annabelle on our @LustAndConfused twitter account. Come help build her confidence!

Body Art - Leopard

Just came across this picture and had to blog it... because it looks like such a brilliant idea! I wanna do art... on Annabelle... and then take pictures!

Image via Art-or-Porn

Don't you think?

Body Image

A quickie to break up my routine. A tweet by @TheCherryScoop (go check out her blog The Cherry Scoop as well... but open it in another tab please ;) just now got me thinking about the gym again. Not that I need particularly much prompting for that at the best of times, but this was a slightly deeper thought than usual.

I love the sheer variety of people that can be found at the gym when you go to enough different classes (as opposed to the weights area where you pretty much find just one type of person most of the time).

Take for example a Body Attack class... as much as my "stereotype" for the class stands, that doesn't mean the slender type is the only type of woman found there. It typically ranges from a few overweight people that have picked the do-or-die approach, a mother or two getting back in shape, the old guy that has decided he isn't too old yet, the delegation of curvy women with slight 'bounce' trouble with the excessive skipping in this class, the athletic looking rower/sprinter with the sinewy muscles. And then some.

Spending some time in a class like that might be good for people that think they have a very narrowly defined 'type'... as much as there are always going to be people that fall outside of your tastes (and no need to apologise for that either!) there are probably more beautiful people that you would otherwise never have considered a-priori.

PS: There'll be a dialogue post later today for those waiting for it. Your patience will be rewarded.

Safety Shopping

Earlier this week I went to the shop. I'd been talking to Arthur about different types of contraception and, as our more recent conversations tend to, it moved to how to protect multiple people from each other. We started considering different barrier methods and who had to wear what in order to make sure the whole thing didn't turn into sexy juicy mess.

After a few curly questions I thought it might be a good idea to find some hands-on actual examples of these weird and whacky un-condoms for us to play with. I've never seen a dental dam, and I've never used a female condom, and I thought hey, why not? Why haven't we tried these things?

Now I'm going to be honest here. We aren't all that cool. I want to tell you we go on grand shopping expeditions to boutique sex shops to buy imported vegan-friendly condoms made by monks and matured in oak for 12 years for that real smooth skin feel. But I can't. When we buy condoms it is the garden variety grocery shop brand. I toss them in the trolley with the celery and floor cleaner. No muss, no fuss.

This is the sex section at the local supermarket, wedged into the 3 shelves between the quit smoking gum and the Chap Sticks. This is fairly typical of what is available in most supermarkets and I'd say that this would be where most people would look for barrier contraceptives. Can you see what we have a choice of there? 3 brands on condoms designed for penis-in-vagina heterosexual nookie, 2 disposable vibrating cock ring condoms, and a selection of lube and massage oil.

Lube AND massage oil.


Now I'm not really your everyone must cater to everyone kind of gal, but this is just so incredibly limited. Nothing for anal sex, nothing for the female parts, nothing for latex allergies, and who was the genius that thought it was sensible to mix the condom-eating massage oil in with the condom-safe lube?

Conversely, this is the choice you have to treat your aches and pains. There'll be none of those "not tonight darling, I have a headache" excuses here.

And I don't care. I know that I can buy a staggering array of barriers online and have them shipped direct to my door, or I can go to a reputable sex shop to buy all the non-standard stuff that my heart desires. What does worry me however is the 16-18 year olds that can - and do - legally have sex but don't have access to R18+ Restricted Premises or that can't have deliveries of a sexual nature sent to the family home. How do they get their safer sex gear? What about the people that don't understand that oil eats through latex or that just assume that things that live with the lube will work as lube? What about homosexual couples, or people who just like getting it in the butt or eating truckloads of pussy?

I'm not asking for a smut section in every supermarket, just a little bit of consideration for things outside of the box. Pun intended :)