Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Unethical Slut - 1 - The Acrobat

Arthur here again... Although I wish I did not have to number this post, I have the strange feeling this isn't going to be the only one of its kind ever. I had hoped to stick with positive posts for a lot longer than this, but there was a story in the news here today that just requires a quick comment.

Godfrey Zaburoni ... the circus acrobat who has admitted having HIV.
HIV acrobat may have had hundreds of lovers: police

The picture makes clear enough why there would have been hundreds of lovers, so I will not spend any time on that; the unethical part is where he knew he had HIV, but proceeded to have unprotected sex with his partners anyway... without their knowledge obviously.

Now, first of all... let's not forget... anyone in this day and age that has unprotected sex with a hot circus acrobat who is likely to have many other lovers would surely on some level need to realise that there are risks associated with that behaviour... they should clearly have been insisting on protection.

But what the hell is up with someone that is aware of their HIV status, yet does not disclose this information?! ... I'm sure that the legal system has no room for a sufficient punishment for that kind of behaviour this many times over... but it makes one wish, doesn't it?

Why, hello there...

What a thing to blog about. Sex. I wouldn't have thought I was in any position to talk about it at all, let alone tell the world what goes on in our bed. Or lounge. Or kitchen.

The thing is though, talking is important. Very important. I like it. I crave it. The talking, not the sex. No, AND the sex. Yes. *blink* So this is where we can talk about talking, about fantasies & sex, and about all the fantastic and delicious things that come along with them.

I'm Annabelle, and this is our blog.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hi, this is Arthur kicking off this blog that I share with my partner Annabelle. She should be making a posting herself sometime soon, but in the mean time I will sketch where we plan to go with this.

First of all what this will not be... we will not be talking about our regular daily lives, no football games, shopping trips, sailing weekends, families, relatives, or friends(*)... we will not be talking about news, science, our jobs, kitchen disasters(*)... and we will absolutely under no circumstance be talking about Twilight.

What this will be about is sex and fantasy... all kinds of sex... all kinds of fantasy. Recently we found out life is a lot better when we communicate, and this blog is about our journey of discovery back from when we started to talk, all the way into the future including everything we find along the way. And we will be talking about it in more detail than you'll care for.

(*): other than where activities, people or things in some way otherwise relate to our sex lives.