Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fantasy: Brand New Day

She tries to slip out quietly, but the movement rocks the bed and wakes me. She turns to look, but I pretend to still be asleep. As she continues to walk down the hallway to the bathroom I admire how her night shirt clings to her waist and her hips. Little folds in the material curl around her curves.

She flicks the bathroom door after she enters. It almost closes, but not quite. Still need to get that hinge fixed. Glad I didn't yet. I can see her move through the gap that is left open. I hear her shirt rustle over her head and onto the tiles. Then a big yawn.

Carefully I slip out of bed and sneak up to the door. I carefully stay out of the light that falls out of the door. When I get close enough I can see her stepping out of her underwear, exposing endless stretches of soft skin. Curves now covered with goosebumps in the cold morning air coming into the window. My eyes slide along the edge of her foot, along her legs and around her waist.

In a split moment I decide not to watch any longer. I carefully lift my underwear over my erection and drop them onto the floor as I push into the bathroom door. She is still standing at the bathroom sink looking in the mirror, a little gasp of surprise as her eyes lock on my face, then another gasp as they lock down onto my cock.

As I cover the distance towards her she leans over the sink and sticks her ass towards me, an impish grin on her face. One hand has disappeared to her clit quickly getting herself ready. I grab her hips and grind into her ass, locking eyes, waiting for the okay.

A greedy smile covers her face and a quick nod in my direction. I back my hips off and manipulate my tip to her waiting lips. Very wet. But I hold for a moment at the point just shy of the pressure giving way; anticipating. A few seconds that last forever.

Then a little more pressure and I slide all the way in. I move in and out slowly, feeling my way and adjusting the grip of my hands to find leverage on her hips. When I find a good grip I find her eyes again, still transfixed on me.

I start working in and out vigorously. At the end of each stroke I pull a little firmer, a little deeper. Her breathing becomes sighs, her sighs become pants and panting turns into moaning long before I come.

I relish looking at her face, at the reaction to every adjustment I make, at the ecstasy building. Little rivulets meander along my legs, evidence of her arousal. My mind turns one-track-animal and with smooth sinuous movements I work myself into an orgasm.

When I come back to the world I ask if I can help her over the top, but she shakes her head. She looks drained. I have no idea whether she did or didn't, but all she seems to want to do now is get into the shower where we wash ourselves off each other.

Ready for a brand new day.


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