Friday, October 1, 2010

Fantasy: Movie Night

The following is purely a work of fiction... hot, sweaty, tasty fiction. Any names of unicorns and personality details referenced herein are purely coincidental.

Friday evenings are the perfect time to relax with close friends, a few drinks, and a movie or two. Tonight I find myself in the company of Anna, Elsa and Delilah. Surrounded by attractive girls, what more could I possibly want?

Anna is sitting on the lounge having a chat with Delilah about her week. I half-follow the animated discussions about work as I walk in and out of the room gathering snacks and drinks around the coffee table and within easy reach. Preparation is an important part of a good relaxing night.

After I finish, I sit myself down on the other lounge watching Anna and Delilah. It makes me smile for some reason I cannot quite put into words. The unmistakable smell of baking wafts into the room with the sound of the oven opening. Elsa calls from the kitchen to wait just one more minute, and the cookies will be out soon. A few moments later she strolls into the living room bearing fresh Macadamia-and-honey cookies on a tray and wearing nothing more than an apron tied tightly around her breasts and dropping no further than halfway down her thighs. The room falls silent as she puts the tray on the coffee table and casts a questioning glance over her audience. I shrug and say "nothing... come sit!" selfishly making a space next to me.

After a brief arguing of merits of various movies, the decision is made to just queue up a number of them, and play them till we have had enough. In the end Grosse Point Blank, The Witches of Eastwick and Wild Things sufficiently pass muster to satisfy everyone.

As Martin Blank makes his way to his high school reunion and a hit job, Delilah sinks into Annabelle as Elsa drapes herself over me. Happy smiling and cuddling abound. Elsa's naked side presses into me, and I occasionally sneak a glimpse away from the screen at her exposed ass. There is no way she doesn't realise, because every time I glance I swell up against her side. I can see Delilah's hands sneaking around Anna's waist and scurrying onto her belly under her top from time to time.

As the convenience store starts getting comedically shredded by bullets on the screen, Elsa comments she'd like some real food before eating too many snacks. To head off her trying to cook something for us all, I suggest ordering some pizza. I duck into the study to get away from the sound of explosions. When I walk back into the room it appears Elsa has been convinced by the others to "loosen up" the top of her apron. Meaning, untying it altogether. She is sitting on the lounge waiting for me to sit back down so she can rest her bare breasts onto my chest.

I feel a little self-conscious as I take of my shirt and sit back down with a big grin on my face. Cat who got the cream indeed. It doesn't take long before Anna and Delilah decide it isn't fair that we're enjoying ourselves this much. With a few fumbles and giggles both their tops disappear into a pile too.

Everyone ends up enjoying the remainder of the movie with skin on skin, and soft delicate hands tracing chests and breasts, making goose-bumps. My hands venture down Elsa's side resting on her waist while I contemplate her ass for what seems like hours. I finally decide to grab her ass as the credits start rolling and she looks up and grins at me.

Just then the door bell rings as the pizzas arrive. Before I manage to get up to pay, Elsa bounds to the door and opens it. I'm not sure whether she's forgotten she is topless, or if she is just being cheeky. The pizza guy falls silent halfway through asking for money. As Elsa grabs the food and scurries back in, I walk up to the door to pay. The pizza guy looks a bit stunned and I have to wave the money at him twice before he takes it, gives me a lucky-bastard look and leaves.

Over dinner Eastwick starts and we all sit on the floor around the coffee table. I enjoy sitting close to everyone and the feel of legs brushing legs. At some point I comment that we're only a blonde off Eastwick, but I get a prod from Delilah for that. Elsa rubs her hand over my cock and remarks with a glint in her eye that clearly my head isn't on the food anymore.

Elsa pushes me back against the lounge and straddles my legs. I'm not sure what she is planning, but I feel like just letting events unfold. She pushes the apron against my jeans firmly and rubs and teases me while my head swims and my eyes close. The pressure disappears and as I feel her trying to undo my pants I open my eyes to help. I see Anna's head in Delilahs neck while her head is tilted back exposing her long neck and her deep breathing.

I don't waste any time getting off the remainder of my clothes. As I try to help Elsa with her apron she stops me, and just lifts it up and guides my cock in. She is teasing me by hiding the visuals which she knows I enjoy, but it ends up focusing me on the feeling instead. Her hands push my shoulders back into the lounge while her hips ride up and down on my lap. She shows off her muscle control by rhythmically clenching and releasing. My eyes dart to Anna, only to find her eating out Delilah who has climbed onto the lounge beside me. I lose myself. I come.

While Elsa relaxes on my chest we enjoy the show Anna and Delilah are providing. It is different seeing the physical reactions to good oral from this angle. The twitches, the spasms, the little gasps and sighs. And then declaring a numb tongue Anna has to give up within throwing distance of the goal post. Delilah takes over with her fingers, but looks a little disappointed by the turn of events.

As Anna relaxes back onto the floor, Elsa gets off my lap and takes Anna by surprise with some oral of her own. On the one hand I want to watch, but on the other hand I am getting hard again and want to get into Delilah too. I climb onto the couch and nudge Delilah. She doesn't need to be told twice; she gets on her knees and rests her arms onto the armrest, sticking her ass up in the air at me. Although she hadn't quite come yet, she's wet like a river.

After I grab onto her hips and slide inside, she moves one hand back to her clit. I hold on tightly and start thrusting slowly, but quickly realising that I'm still too numb to come again quickly I put a little more force into it. After a while it becomes apparent that Delilah is still not quite getting there, and I'm starting to get some of the rushing sensation back. Taking one hand off her hips I grab her hair and pull her head back slightly but forcefully. Almost immediately she comes loudly and we momentarily lose the rhythm we had fallen into. After she slumps back onto the arm rest, I grab her hips with both my hands again and finish myself and lie down on top of her pressing into the lounge.

Looking down I notice Anna and Elsa looking up at us from the floor. Elsa is resting her head onto Anna's abdomen with a satisfied smile on her face. It occurs to me the loud orgasm of Delilah may in fact have been supported by Anna coming at the same time. My mind goes elsewhere in the midst of bliss. Cars could crash around me and I would not hear.

Rolling over we all enjoy the second half of Eastwick. As the credits roll, Elsa remarks that I haven't taken Anna yet. I suggest that Delilah hasn't given oral yet. Everyone looks at me with various expressions ranging from amusement through astonishment to admonishment. I shrug. Elsa says she'll sit this one out if she gets the best spot in the bed later.

The evening ends with me sitting on the edge of the lounge while Anna rides me facing away, and Delilah alternating between sucking my balls and shaft and licking Anna's clit. The strange sensation of her tongue suddenly appearing and disappearing as she slips from the one of us to the other quickly sets my pulse racing. The mental image of her licking us both combined with the sensation of getting fucked drives me wild. There is something about doing new things that makes me come really easily. It appears Anna agrees with me, since she and I both end up coming almost simultaneously.

After two quick rounds of pairing off in the shower we all end up in bed. Elsa decides to pick the spot between Anna and Delilah. I really don't mind; as I drift to sleep my mind is wrapped in three orgasms instead.

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Giuliana said...

I absolutely LOVE the things you write! Sexy, but not at all vulgar. Just perfect!

Seriously, you should write more fantasies. They're my favourite part of the blog!

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