Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fantasy: Australia Day

This story was originally written to Annabelle. I've tidied it up a bit for posting here with her permission. I think this story is one of her favourites. I hope it works as well for everyone else.

It is a sunny and bright Australia Day and we have decided to see what is up in the city, and what better place than Darling Harbour under the circumstances. For our lunch break we sit down at ground level along the east side of the harbour where we can look at the people passing by enjoying the festivities. As we finish up our lunch we spot a tourist looking lost judging by the little fold-up city map she is consulting while looking around. Feeling that some assistance is called for on this day of all days, we walk over and introduce ourselves, she introduces herself as Mirelle with a slightly exotic accent that I have no hope of placing. She explains that she has only just arrived in Sydney and that the coming week is the last stop on her holiday before she goes back home.

We decide to offer ourselves as tour guides for the next week, promising that she'll see a lot more of the area if she isn't continuously lost. Agreeing that makes sense she explains she was looking for the Opera House because she wants a picture of herself there. We suggest there are much nicer shots than that typical shot, but she insists that it's important she sees the Opera House, so we start off into the city along George Street to Circular Quay. Along the way we show her Town Hall and the QVB and grab some bottles of water since Mirelle seems to have been ill prepared for how hot the weather turned out to be. As the Opera House eventually comes into view she visibly gets excited and picks up her pace.

When we arrive at the Opera House we offer to take the picture for her, but she looks around and says it's too busy around here but we can hold the camera while we find a better spot. As we walk around the building she sticks her thumbs in the front of her shorts and as we round another corner opening onto a quiet stretch she says this looks about right and to get the camera ready when her hands suddenly come up and her top slackens a little and as she spins around for the picture her shorts are slightly open and she pulls open her top fully exposing her breasts for the picture striking a relaxed pose.

After having two shots taken she quickly closes her top again and buttons up her shorts and with a melodious laugh she explains that from the moment she planned her trip she had wanted that shot, but she hadn't quite worked out how to get it yet. Since it is now late in the afternoon we decide to walk on to the Botanic Gardens to have some dinner somewhere and talk about her holiday. We ask where she is staying while here, but apparently she hadn't gotten around to that yet either. A little surprised by how relaxed she seems to be taking her holiday we suggest that accommodation is probably hard to get at the last minute and a little planning ahead might have been a good idea. As she shrugs we offer her a room for the night but explain that we are nowhere near the city itself. She smiles and explains that that's perfectly all right and see how it all worked out anyway even without a booking?

As we head back home that evening she tells stories of her holiday so far, and the last seven weeks appear to have been equally improvised all the way through. We make some quick suggestions about what else we can do, but since she seems totally unconcerned with anything past the here and now we offer her up the spare room after it gets late and suggest making a decision tomorrow morning about what the day looks like.

Waking up on the second day we walk into the kitchen to find Mirelle sitting naked on the steps in the yard, basking in the early morning sunlight with some toast. After having breakfast ourselves she declares that since the sky looks very blue this morning she'd like to go see the Blue Mountains that we mentioned, and after some quick planning we head to the outlook past Blackheath. As we get out onto the outcrop she declares that it looks so nice and quiet out here high over the valley and she'd really like a picture. It hardly surprises us when she strips off naked and stands in front of the vista, but as I get ready to take a picture she shakes her head "Not good enough... this is much more private, so it needs a better challenge". She motions you over and asks you to stand behind her with your head on her shoulder. She artistically drapes your hair over her right shoulder partially obscuring one breast, and then grabs your hands one of which she rests on her stomach, and the other cupping her left breast. Then she declares "This is the picture" and nods as me as if it is a command. After I take a few shots she quickly looks at them on the camera and with a quick nod approves of the final result.

As we get ready to go to bed that night she walks up the hallway to the spare room and then stops as if lost in thought for a moment, after which she faces you and says "I like your hands, they felt nice and warm... I would like you to hold me tonight". After a second she nods as if that is settled, and when you are done brushing your teeth you find she has already slipped into your side of the bed naked, and with some quick maneuvering she gets your arms around herself and quickly and deeply falls asleep as you bemusedly breathe in the floral smell of her hair and drift off shortly after.

The third morning she is still there when we wake up, but she has rolled over to study you. When your eyes meet she starts your morning with "I liked that, but you wear too many clothes in bed... I'll fix that tonight", making it sound like she has seen the unavoidable future. "Today I would like to swim somewhere". Not sure what kind of outfit that entails in her case we decide better safe than sorry and do some quick research to find some secluded coves that are likely to be ours alone for the day. When we get at the cove we have selected after braving a rather inhospitable access path, a small stretch of sand and clear blue water looking out over the trees on the other shore greet us, and not a person in sight. It turns out that Mirelle did bring a bathing suit but it could be mistaken for accidentally covering her rather than purposely by the minimal amount of material in it. Not surprisingly the absence of people makes her quickly reconsider the outfit, and before we have all our gear put down she's off naked into the waves. This time she gets you to take the picture while I pose with my tongue sticking out onto her hip, and it takes a few shots before she is happy with the composition. She looks disapprovingly at our swimsuits but makes no further direct comment at this time. Throughout the day she gets us taking turns applying sunscreen to every inch of her body as she seems to be studying how we apply it.

That night back home she once again is on your side of the bed naked, but as promised she doesn't accept your pajamas as you walk in to get next to her. After you take the pajamas off you try again, but it appears even a singlet and underwear is not up to scratch, and she patiently waits until you are stripped naked too. Amused I get into bed in my boxer shorts but she gives me a quick "you're next buddy" look as I duck under the covers. When you finally are allowed in, she lies on her back with you facing towards her, and she puts your top arm across her abdomen with your hand resting on her side, and she tangles her legs with yours. Apparently satisfied she drifts off quickly, and you end up playing with her stomach for a while before you drift off. Tired from carrying the heaviest items around all day I fall asleep quickly and deeply.

The fourth morning I dream about being on choppy waters bumping and rocking around. When I startle awake I find that Mirelle has woken you some time before and has her head between your legs in the final throes of pushing you over the top. The chop appears to have been played by your leg occasionally getting a bit out of control onto my side of the bed knocking me around. Over breakfast she declares that she has booked a hotel in the Hunter Valley for the night for three and could we please pack what we need for our stay and get ready to go. As we get to the hotel it appears she hasn't spared much expense on a big room with a balcony overlooking the hotel pool and a big king-size bed with crisp white sheets. She dismissively glances at the third bed the staff has made, and as if to emphasise she chucks her backpack onto it. All day we are mildly concerned about where she will decide to want her picture taken and what we'll be made to do, since we want to be able to show her the nice wineries but at the same time we want to be able to show our faces again in the future as well.

The day passes without a picture, and after dinner in the restaurant we sit down on the balcony overlooking the unused but illuminated pool below. Over a glass of wine Mirelle asks if we brought our swim wear along. Shaking our heads she exclaims "Excellent", grabs her camera and starts stripping... cocking her head she looks at us, and shrugging we decide to follow suit. As we get down the metal stairs to the pool level she deftly sets up the camera on timed exposure and poses us all naked on the edge of the pool with our legs dangling into the water but everything else exposed, her in the middle. She checks the picture but the shake of her head indicates it wasn't good enough. She sets up another timed shot, but when she sits back down between us she grabs my cock and balls and strokes them until I am completely hard, as you giggle at my predicament however she turns to you and sucks your nipples till they both stand proud as well. With excellent sense of timing she puts one hand around my cock and the other pinching your nipple just as the camera takes a shot. After a quick check she clearly approves and dashes back up to the room, leaving us confused and lagging behind her.

We find her sprawled on the bed waiting for us to catch up, and once we do she directs us over and guides us through a sequence of positions flowing smoothly from one to the other suggesting she has had some practice at getting this just right. I find myself fucking you while she watches, then with her underneath licking you to orgasm. We find ourselves all in a circle giving oral sex to each other and then turning the other way around so everyone has tasted everyone. She directs me to fuck her in her ass while you are in charge of her pussy, and I find myself on my back eating out first one of you and then the other while the other one rides my cock. I have no idea how we last through, but by the time we all fall asleep tangled together I have literally lost count of my orgasms, probably due to lack of blood flow to my brain.

The fifth day is not much different from the fourth other than the wines being different. Since we spend the evening driving home and the fourth night was pretty exhausting we fall asleep immediately after she arranges a picture of all of us in our bed together back home. She doesn't have to make any further suggestions as we lie there naked with our limbs tangled together in a web.

Since the seventh day she has to fly out in the early afternoon, she decides that she should make the sixth day count, so she drags us into the city and into the best sex shops there... it dawns on us that she appears to be a lot less helpless than she actually looked on that first day, but by this point we really don't care how all this came to be. In the stores she proceeds to buy large quantities of toys causing some of the staff to raise an eyebrow or two to say the least. We get back home just after noon, and she wastes no time in carrying the toys onto the bed and starting to unwrap them all. She gets us to take a picture of her sitting amongst her haul by herself, and for the rest of the day she proceeds to use and abuse these toys on us, getting pictures taken as we go along.

There are half a dozen outfits that seem to rotate between you and her, she uses a small selection of strap-ons on you and gets you to return the favour, giving some tips on hip motion as you go along. Once she feels you sufficiently have the hang of it, she gets us to fuck her at the same time, with me underneath in her pussy and one of the new strap-ons on you sliding its well-lubricated way into her ass at the same time. Various restraints get put onto everyone through the afternoon, and a range of vibrators come out for you and her. By midnight we all feel more than spent and she wraps herself around you before she falls asleep.

When I wake up on the seventh morning you two are still sleeping, but thinking how Mirelle will be gone by this afternoon I decide to go for one more goodbye as I shuffle close behind her, and arouse myself by thinking of all the things we did the day before and what she feels like. Once hard and protected I spread enough saliva to slick up and press my hips close to her ass and find my way inside her. As the first moans escape her lips while she is still dreaming you rouse from sleep slowly, and once you realise what is going in you take the opportunity to kiss her on the lips and put your hands on my ass pulling me rhythmically towards her. After we each have our final orgasms, we pack up to drop her off at the airport and give her a wistful farewell.

When we get home we see that her camera is still on our table. Concerned that we don't have any way to send it back to her we pick it up only to see the note she has left beneath it. "Something to remember me by. Mirelle". Later we find all the toys she bought spread out on the bed with little sticky notes suggesting who should use them and how for "optimum pleasure". One of the strap-ons is labeled "For Annabelle, for use on hot little asses only... keep practicing!"


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